Madison High: Disney's New 'High School Musical' Series?

Madison High: Disney's New 'High School Musical' Series?

Would you watch a song-and-dance series on Disney Channel?

Deadline is reporting that Disney is looking to start working on a new series, tentatively called Madison High.

The pilot, if greenlit, is a single-camera comedy just like HSM and employs the break-into-song-and-dance format to tell the stories about 11-16 year-olds navigating the school social hierarchy. The series will be set at the title school, which is trying to build a revolutionary theatre program, and follows a pool of students who, by the end of the year, will have produced an original piece based on their lives.

But the difference between MH and FOX’s Glee? MH will have all-original music.

The Office alum Lester Lewis is writing Madison High, and executive producing with alongside Paul Hoen.

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  • Hilfan

    Nope wont waste my time watching that at all!

  • miranda

    Nothing can replace HSM. Thats why people liked it, because HSM was original for its time. HSM is epic and cannot be replaced :)

  • Alyssa

    Hsm is epic.
    Glee dominates.
    Nuff said.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @miranda: true nothing can replace it that’s right big waste of time. HSM is nothing without the original characters.

  • Ellie

    no no no. First of all nothing can replace High School Musical and the Disney coorporation knows that. Also I think everyone ha shad enough with Disney musicals.

  • Christine

    Disney needs to get over their obsession with HSM. No matter how many times they try they’ll never be able to recreate that movie’s magic. It was good because it was unexpected and surprising. The actors were good, the chemistry was good and the message was good. But it’s been years. People have moved on.

    Every show on their channel these days is either about music or being famous. Glad I grew up before this crap they’re passing for entertainment became the norm.

  • CrazeeKiwi

    @miranda: I totally agree with you!!!! Disney should just stop. HSM worked bc it was original. disney needs to stop milking the success of hsm and just let it be. High School Musical stand alone is one the most succesful movies to come out of Disney. I Dont undrstand y disney feels the need to make something like hsm? HSM3 was a great ending. You can’t do whats already been done.

  • Anibal


  • brandi

    It’s going to be Disney’s rip-off of Glee…as soon as i saw this, I was like “They’re ripping off Glee.”

  • Kellie

    @Christine: I agree. I mean I LOVE HSM. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace that. The originality of the movie is what made people attracted to it in the first place. By trying to create a new show, like HSM, it just won’t turn out right and they’re wasting their time. Nothing can compare to HSM.

    I grew up watching Disney Channel when Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Phil of the Future was on. Now they’re coming up with new shows, like Fish Hooks and now Shake it Up and it’s just one thing after another with fame. I miss the old Disney Channel.

  • abby14

    Why won’t Disney just STOPPPPPPP with this? Its pretty clear there is no going to be another hit like HSM. ITs just not going to happen so Disney should just stop when their ahead. This is just so stupid.


  • abby14

    @Christine: I agree. I’m so glad I grew up with HSM and not all these crappy shows/movies they have on Disney channel now. There will never be another HSM so Disney just NEEDS to stop.

  • abby14

    @CrazeeKiwi: Infact, I think it was the #1 most succesful movie to come from the Disney Channel. I think I remember reading no other movie/show has brought in as much money as HSM did for Disney Channel.


    this and the sharpay movie are sssshiiiiittt….!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Christine: way to take the words right of my mouth! LOL! Let’s be BFFS :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @AMELIE: at least Sharpy’s Fabulous Adventure is more original than THIS. [The pilot .] Does Disney think they can really get a way with ripping off GLEE and Victorious?

  • itsmeagain

    @abby14: except fot Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie . That one came close, but it didn’t top it. Over 11 Million views its premiere night

  • heyimbored

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! disney needs to seriously stop with this..

  • joanne

    Nothing is ever going to replace HSM. but i don’t think people should take it that personally. Kids love music and dance, so why not make a show about that. A new generation will experience this. i don’t think it’s a bad thing

  • Lu

    whatever happened to HSM 4? the east vs west one. supposedly that one was gonna come out before the sharpay one. not that I was really excited about it, I’m just curious about what happened with those plans.

  • abby14

    @Lu: I think Disney realized kids didn’t want to see that (or atleasts thats what I heard).

  • Blah

    HSM is too original, nothing will ever top it. I mean come on, HSM has been viewed over 225 million and HSM 2 is Disney Channel’s movie of all time! If anything were to beat that, then the idea would have to be pretty damn good. And I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people!

  • Becki

    Not that I even care about this show, but since when are 11 year olds in HS??? 13-18 is the usual range

  • Disn

    Cant wait to not watch it!
    High School Musical will always be the best!

  • Disn


    agreed Camp Rock sucks

    and Disney needs to stop with the music oriented shows im so tired of it why not an animated show based on disney film! i’d love to see finding nemo series or something!

  • Christine


    I used to love all those shows! And Even Stevens and Kim Possible. And before that, Sister Sister and Boy Meets World. Back when shows weren’t exact copies of each other. There’s pretty much no difference between shows like HM, Jonas LA, Shake It Up, SWAC and now this Madison High.

    HSM was one of the last really good, unique thing on Disney. I miss those days too.

  • Gwen

    OH HELL TO THE NO! HSM WAS EPIC. its time has past now and that era is long gone! HSM was the start of SO many musicals being redone! Making a lame ass series would be such a DISGRACE to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! and duuude, no way in hell will it be able to compete with GLEE!

  • Olivearrow

    Seriously? How many completely unoriginally lame HSM rooted ideas has Disney come up with by now?

  • Em

    @Christine: I agree with you about the similarities between those shows. They don’t anything real anymore. The shows pre-HM now those were the real deal – original and unique.They went to “down-to-earth” concepts ( maybe nothing we see in real life often but it came pretty close) instead of glorifying stardom – b/c obviously there’s huge consequences for that ( demi lovato anyone?)

  • Em

    Oh i forgot that they made Good Luck Charlie – which is a really funny show ( and Wizards but it’s ending soon :( ) other than that I stand by what I asid

  • abby14

    @Em: I agree. Aside from “Good luck Charlie” and “WOWP” most of the shows on Disney are about fame/being on TV/singing, ect………and parents wonder why their young children are so all up on celebs and fame.

  • buuuu

    i agree with all of you who think that nothing will repleace it. i crazy about HSM and i’ll always will but this is not gonna be disney “original” movie so i dont think that this is gonna be popular like HSM!

  • patty -.-

    they should just stop with the musicals period -.-

  • maria

    I agree with what you’re all saying, except I think Glee is the rip-off of HSM. They took that formula of teens, arts programs, and music and made it more adult and less Disney. NOTHING beats the original HSM!t

  • tina1

    Glee and Victorious came about because of the success HSM, so really Disney had the idea first. However, if Disney wanted a series, they should have made it before other station started to make musicals. This just sounds like Disney is getting desperate because its loosing all it’s shows.(Miley ,the Jonas brother and Demi taking a break). They should take time to come up with something better. Thius is their reward for riding the Miley and Jonas train for so long.

  • Vale

    Seriously, i think there’s more differences than just the original songs!, and i think the most important is the age group they’re made for, and in consecuence of that, the topics the shows pick in every episode.
    But i think is a nono for this series on the DC.

  • emily

    Will someone please get an original idea? HSM can never be re-done in any way shape or form. It kinda makes me mad.

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    Really Disney? Really?!
    First ‘Prom’ and now this?
    It’s so obvious that you’re depressed over HSM but get over it.
    Nothing can replace High School Musical..NOTHING!
    Why can’t you just let it go and come up with other ideas?
    We all have. We all have let it go. Why can’t you?
    Yes, we miss the cast together. We miss the movies. We miss Kenny Ortega and his choreography staff but we learned to let the movies go and understand that there will not be a movie like it again. So why try? You need to let go like we all did.

  • Natasha

    Hsm is the Best!!!!
    Disney tried the Camp Rock the next High School Musical and fail..

  • Ownedbyzaccyrus

    High School Musical was, is & will ever be unique!
    Nothing’s gonna top High School Musical.
    I mean High School Musical is Cult. ;)

  • dcstarinthemaking

    ehhh sounds like a cheap imitation of glee to me original music or not.

  • miranda

    I think we all can agree that this is just a copy of HSM and Glee, and nothing can ever compare to the epicness of HSM or Glee.

  • ally

    WOW!!!! HSM will never be replaced !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stacey

    Umm…not to be negative, but no thanks! I loved the HSM movies, & I feel like ever since that was put into play a whole lot of other things started heading towards the same dirrection. I’m saying it’s a bad thing, but ANOTHER musical show? But don’t get me wrong, Glee’s my absolute #1 favorite TV show on this planet swear. I think things should be left as is.

  • Gossip Girl

    @maria: That’s the way I feel. Glee is just an adult High School Musical. I have seen a couple of episodes and it’s WAY cheesy. But sometimes surprising. I’m not a big fan of musicals though. And frankly, I am about tired of watching Hollywood remake classic films and doing so with mediocore actors . I especially hate when Hollywood makes a sequel to a successful film, but dose it without the original cast that made the movie a hit. [For instance, Spider Man 4]

  • justine


  • Ciana

    One day we’re gonna all look back on these pathetic shows and laugh. ALOT

  • Inna

    oh EW. NO.
    Disney why can’t you get it through you thick, sugar-coated skull? DO NOT MESS WITH THE LEGEND. High School Musical was a epic. There’s no more you can squeeze out of it. I loved the entire HSM franchise, but it’s just simply done. Don’t ruin what good you have left.

    It does suck that all the good shows on DC are ending this year/next year. But you attempt to make for them are just not working. I miss the good ‘ol disney.

    *Btw the new DCOMS suck too.

  • lauren

    disney in general needs to stop making crappy shows,
    also they need to stop doing more ”high school related musical crap.

    the high school musicals 1,2 and 3 were good enough and made a shit load of money from it and brought alot of people together and made zac and vanessa and ashley, corbin, and monquie rich and there careers.

    also before hsm, the only thing disney was good for was boy meets world, and lizzie mcguire.

  • lauren

    oh yea, i forgot to add lucus,
    but either way,,, disney needs to stop.