Selena Gomez Spills Season Four Secrets!

Selena Gomez Spills Season Four Secrets!

Selena Gomez is spilling some secrets about Wizards season four!

The 18-year-old actress also caught up with ET about what’s in store, being big on horror films and being young at heart. Check it:

On loving her horror movies: “I am a big horror chick. I saw ‘Paranormal Activity 2′ and I loved it. I am obsessed with watching scary movies and being scared.”

On her journey through Wizards this season: “I expose that we are wizards. It is actually a test that ends up kicking me and my brother out of the wizard competition. So throughout the whole season, you find my character and David Henrie‘s character trying to get back into the competition because that was actually a test.”

On what the future holds for her: “I am definitely interested in being challenged as an actress. I wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. I am 18, but I feel as if I am 15, so I am still really young and my heart is extremely young. I don’t feel as if I would do anything too off the rail at the moment. I just hope that I can grow into those things and do dramas and things that are different, but still stuff that I am comfortable portraying.”

Selena Gomez Spills Season Four Secrets!
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  • everyoneshappy

    a perfect example of someone raised right ; its hard to find someone like this in that industry.

  • Jesse

    she’s the best! <3 love her so much!!!

  • -

    she’s so beautiful

  • Christel

    I have a question, is season 4 still filming? Gregg Sulkin and some of the other cast tweeted recently about being on set, so I was wondering if they are still filming. Does anyone know?

  • Valentinetwin


    They’re still filming.

  • fan

    Vote for selena gomez and the scene at the people’s choice awards.

  • nickj

    i reallly want to be friends with selena lol. she seems so sweet and down to earth :)

  • Chloe

    She is so pretty & wise for her age! Hope she continues doing more films because she is very smart and talented. Disney should be interested in meet the familys of their upcoming stars. Some Disney kids are messed up because they don’t have a good support system, some parents failed in raising their kids so they become a shame for the fans.

  • mistyholm

    hay I love Selena gomez

  • Clarisse

    Selena is beautiful inside and out. :) She’s a really good role model to tweens and teens all over the world.

  • xscdfghj

    Angels, now?

    oh no, 1st a GaGa reference (love her….but really? in a kids show?)

    now its going christianity

  • cam


  • cam

    love you sel

  • Valentinetwin


    It’s a supernatural show, what do you expect?

  • http://Zendaya Abigail

    i love Selena Gomez a lot i have a lot of ideas for her songs and performents.