Selena Gomez: More Christmas Day Parade Pics!

Selena Gomez: More Christmas Day Parade Pics!

Selena Gomez waves to the crowd with host Nick Cannon in these new pics from

The 18-year-old triple threat performs “Winter Wonderland” during the parade, which will be broadcast on Christmas Day (December 25). Check out more pics on JJJ!

Selena is also pictured below at Samantha Droke‘s surprise birthday party. Francia Raisa, Allen Evangelista and Carlos Pena are also in the pic.

JJJ Note: You really can’t hear Selena singing, but you can see her performance.

Selena Gomez Taping at Disneyland
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  • Ashley

    You can’t hear her singing cuz she was lip-syncing.

  • Kellie

    @Ashley: you can’t hear her because of the crowd.

  • kellie

    The artist always lip-syncs these segments in the parade. Watch and you ‘ll see she does a terrible job. Won’t be watching this show.








    love you selenaaa

  • cam

    adorable <3

  • cam

    oh pleaseeeee


    Selena was lip-syncing, She cannot sing, Disney is a shame now

  • Annie

    @BRENDA: go away rude hater . If you don’t love her say it clearly don’t say such ridiculous things about her

  • Samantha

    if you watch from 30secs you can see that she is lip-syncing, she pulls the mic away but her voice can still be heard. and she notices it too, she tries to quickly fix herself up. thats really disappointing :(

  • mistyholm

    I love you Selena Gomez im your biggest fan

  • Jenny

    I was there. She was definitely lip syncing. She sometimes forgot to put the microphone to her mouth.

  • Digi

    cute selena XOXO

  • Chloe

    She looks so pretty and for your information NO artists perform live on The Disney Parade. The same was with the other artists the past years.

  • Chloe

    She looks so pretty and for your information NO artists perform live on The Disney Parade. The same was with the other artists the past years.

  • headstrong

    @Chloe: Miley sang live in 2008. theres a lot of videos, and she was definitely not lip-syncing.

  • fan

    @headstrong: Well go on her post and stop hating. geez….

  • headstrong

    @fan: how is that im hating? did i say something bad about her? No.

  • ness

    lypsyncing! What a crap show

  • Halle

    She isn’t lip-syncing. If you listen to the original track, she sounds a lot different here.

    Anyways, she looks gorgeous.

  • Florpis

    I like her, but she wasn´t singing live. And even though I don´t like Miley very much, I´ve seen the videos from 2008 and she was singing live.

  • wow

    Every artist lip syncs, when they perform at parades. dumb dumbs. get your facts straight before you start talking crap.

  • headstrong

    @Halle: yes, she was

  • Silentwaiting

    Selena looks so beautiful! White, yellow, and purple are definitely her best colors. She’s gorgeous.

    I can’t believe this… I think she actually was lip-syncing… this makes me so sad… Selena ALWAYS sings live. Always.

    This has to have been a Disney thing; they don’t trust her to pull it off. Damn it Disney! She can sing! She may not be perfect, but no-one is and she could have pulled it off just fine! They’d rather throw her reputation on the line than have their stupid parade be slightly less than perfect…

    *Face Palm* Disney, I hate you so damn much right now…

  • ness

    um NO not everyone MIMES in parades! Demi Lovato didn’t and neither did Lea Michele. Get your facts straight! Only people who can’t truly sing, lypsync.

  • erika

    She is so talented XD

  • Izzie

    It sucks that she did lip synch! Hate when singers do that, can’t you just sing live? I’d rather listen to the whole album somewhere else…

  • headstrong

    @ness: IA, i watched a video of Demi and she forgot the words then they started to shoot again. so she wasnt lypsyncing!

  • http://twitter Candice

    @Annie: well said!! (:

  • Anwen

    She was only lip syncing..she didn’t murder any1.You haters are acting as if she murdered or raped anyone..:S..Some people always try to make issues of small things..:S..Whatever,none of you have even 50% of her talent,fame and,get a life and leave her alone.If you think you are better than her then prove it by becoming a bigger celeb than her.


    So here is the deal, because I am blessed enough to know the in’s and out’s of this stuff. Manly because I’ve had the chance to work with bands before, and know how the production goes on some things.

    They are going to release a CD with that song on it. She had already recorded the song. What they do for all the artists, and yes, even those who sing live, is put on a backing track. Its where they play the song already recorded at a lower level, and the artist sings with it. It’s done to bring bulk forward in the show and to make for a better “special” for this parade and such.

    On top of that, they sing it more than once. They actually have a few times, usually 2 at least but not much more, where they come out and do their thing. Afterward it goes to editing, from there, you see what the people at the production company want you to see.
    So, the fact is this. She wasn’t lip syncing but instead singing along with a back up track as well. It’s done time and time again, throughout the year for so many different things.

    So there it is. Haters will always be haters, facts or not. I support Selena, but I don’t like Miley. I will still tell you that she deserves the same credit. I think her voice is horrid live. No, Selena isn’t overly talented, but there are other things that make her gifts that much greater, like her heart. I won’t put down Miley though for things like this because it’s what happens on the production end.

    =0) Thank you to all the haters and non-haters that read this. Keep supporting those you love, and try and walk in the shoes of those you may not favor as much. Everyone deserves respect.

  • Silentwaiting

    @mISSAMERICATPA: Yeah, so um… you’re pretty much my hero right now.

    So if I understand you correctly, the backing track is used to “fill out” the performance in a way? And the only reason she seems to be lipsyncing is because her voice is being muddled by the crowd, but the back track still pierces through…? It’s good to know that Selena wasn’t lip syncing per-say, i already knew she never does.

>>>>>>> staging1