Tiffany Giardina at Z100's Jingle Ball: Demand It!

Tiffany Giardina at Z100's Jingle Ball: Demand It!

Want to see Tiffany Giardina perform at the Z100 Jingle Ball this December? DEMAND IT!

The 17-year-old singer has made it to the Hometown Heroes Top Five. Tiffany will get the opportunity to perform at this year’s Z100 Jingle Ball if she receives the most “DEMAND IT” votes by December 2nd.

Tiffany shared with JJJ, “It would be a dream come true for me. Every performer grows up aspiring to perform at Madison Square Garden, and right now that opportunity is in my reach.”

What are you waiting for? DEMAND IT NOW!


Tiffany Giardina – “Love To Hate You”
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  • lucyhale

    The Contest is called Hometown Hero
    I will vote for you Tiffany !
    Good Luck

  • gabyy

    LOVE HER!! I told all my friends to vote for her, she deserves it! love you just jared!!!!


    you are the best maybe post some other music you definitely have my vote! you go girl

  • alllie

    That’s unfair to all the other artists that you guys are advertising her. People know her due to the Jobros and it’s really not fair to the other artists trying to get their big break.

  • gabyy

    @alllie: Tiffany is an UNSIGNED ARTIST! this would be A BIG BREAK for her!!!!! JJJ believes in her and so do her fans. Your obvi jealous :)

  • rocky

    @alllie: the other artists are all bands, all bands break up!!

  • __Gabs__

    You go against all what this contest is for.Now , people will only follow the puppeteer , ending up not knowing why they voted for her or even the other contestants…

  • Labanya

    WOW how exactly is that FAIR to the other artists competing, WHO ARE JUST AS TALENTED? It’s like you’re not even giving them a chance because you’re promoting Tiffany and you KNOW people will vote for just because she KNOWS THE JONAS BROTHERS. I’m not saying she’s NOT talented but that’s not fair to everyone else.

    I usually like you guys better than Oceanup for various reasons but at least Oceanup didn’t show any bias towards any of the artists. -_-

  • Rachel

    Okay seriously? this is not fair at all!
    you’re hosting the contest! you should NOT be telling people who to demand! I see someone is picking favorites….
    The others want this just as bad as she does! how come your not telling anyone about them huh?
    Now she’s going to get all these votes…and you just ruined the others chance of winning. wow….
    I’m sorry If I’m being rude. But I just don’t think it’s right for you to be posting about Tiffany. please be fair….that’s all I ask…

  • jimemcmiln

    no. i dont want to this at jingle ball. really? THIS is what you decide to promote:


  • Julia

    This is really low… Youre making the competition really unfair… Shes the most famous of the bunch and shes the one that needs it the less to get famous yet youre posting about how it will make her dreams come true… Ok…

  • Digi

    No Not Deserving Selena Rocks

  • gabyy

    @jimemcmiln: wowwwwwwwwww. a video from 5 YEARS ago?

  • jeanie

    love her. congrats tiffany. sounds like some other people are really jealous of you :/ keep doing your thing girl. <3 jeanie

  • Jenna A

    @alllie: get off the boards sing sang. we know its you

  • y rinab

    I give Tiffany thumbs up because she works so hard! How many teens do something so amazing because they are driven! She deserves to be acknowledged for her determination. Great luck to you ! Your eyes show your devotion to your craft!

  • alyssa

    i voted for her!
    everyone saying this makes the competition unfair is just jealous, every single person in the competition is promoting themselves and getting friends and such to promote them too, how is tiffany’s fans promoting her any different?

  • gabyy

    @Labanya: Get your facts straight!!! #1 MEADOWLAND has opened for the Jonas Brothers several times! #2 Tiffany has NEVER opened for the JB. #3 Everyone has their own way of getting fans to vote, they all have the same opportunities. #4 Just Jared must consider tiffany an amazing upcoming artist or else he wouldn’t have posted. Finally, name 5 THINGS the JB have done for tiff, i have been apart of her street team for so long and i know their good friends but they have never done anything for her that i’ve seen!

  • Yosilia nursakina

    Yeay! I interviewed her in the past months on my website. She’s soo nice. Her voice is great too! You’re doing great, Tiff! I’m sure you can shining on the world soon… or now?