Jesse McCartney - "Shake" Music Video!!!

Jesse McCartney -

Check out Jesse McCartney‘s new music video for “Shake!”

The 23-year-old musician shared with JJJ about the single recently, “[It's] most reminiscent of my last album, Departure. It’s a record I did with two writers who work under Dr. Luke‘s camp and we wrote it in a matter of hours. ‘Shake’ can mean whatever you want it to mean. It’s a pretty loose term (laughs).

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Jesse McCartney – “Shake”
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  • kimberly

    One Word: SEXY

    This music video was great! The way he moved, those shadow scenes, it was pure eye candy.

    This was a fun sexy song, and the video shocks just like his Leavin’ video. It will get people talking…and that’s exactly what he wants!

    Can’t wait for Have It All!

  • jEM

    Handsome guy, but those girls shakinn……..ew.

  • http://@allisonweigle Allison

    Im thinking its time to move all reports on JMac to Just Jared :) This video is sexy!! almost too sexy for just jared JR!! lol I love it! It will definitely get people’s attention just like leavin did! Good Job Jesse

  • headstrong

    i just die

  • headstrong

    OMG this is amazing!
    so sexy, he is so hot aaaaaaaah <3

  • knock nok

    he’s hot, he always brings out catchy songs but he’s a douchbag. but i like him

  • adriannnnnna.

    I LOVE IT!!!!1!
    jesse mccartney’s amaaazzing <333333.

  • erika

    Finally! I love it XD

  • kate

    Ummm…love the song. Not quite sure about the music video. Question: when did it become acceptable in our society to have women be portrayed as sex odjects? And when did women start accepting this? I realize that this is for entertainment purposes, but it kind of makes me sick. call me a feminist, but I’d prefer to be respected than objectified.

  • kate

    but i still love jesse, just would’ve prefered a different video :)

  • Solita

    love the video..
    I was waiting for it..I already loved the song and the video is amazing too!

  • 2bedatcool

    women do that to themsleves so dont blame jesse
    but this msuic video is strnage for him i know hes 23 and when im 23 im gonna want that too but that not gonnna make gilrs buy his album it looks like a rap video actually but i stilllove the song

  • :)

    SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! its amazing! :))

  • nicole


  • Kristina

    I’m a HUGE fan of Jesse loved the video can’t wait for Have it all (:

  • Kristina

    I’m a HUGE fan of Jesse loved the video can’t wait for Have it all(:

  • http://@selmanmumdzhu sel

    too much shakin’ … Girls don’t like watching other girl’s butts shaking so I’m guessing only men should watch that…. the song is great though..and so is Jesse

  • http://@careyltaylor Carey Lynn

    @KATE no one is objectifying you, he’s objectifying them Lmao Jk.

    To everyone else “bashing” the video this is the entertainment industry and he’s just playing into it. He’s a 23 year old Hollywood man i’m sure girls are shakin’ it for him every night after the club. Also the song is called Shake did you think it was about him shaking hands? :)

    It’s a good video i personally didn’t even pay attention to the ladies as i was too busy watching Jesse’s gorgeous face but i actually thought the girls weren’t that good i think the girl in the green was the only one who could shake. Great Job though Jesse!


    i couldnt take my eyes off jesse <333333333333333

  • 2bedatcool

    i hope he can rise up onm the charts now

  • headstrong

    @sel: lol i thought the same i wanted to see more jesse.

  • Mika

    He’s still a cutie (:

    But I do agree, too much butt shaking .. especially the green panty girl. She got right on him, haha.

  • natasha

    He is sexy and I absolutely love this song!
    But the music video is kinda disappointing.
    Could have been really cute but it was just girls dancing around. Didn’t like it too much but I still love Jesse. (:

  • Jacki

    @kate: You must be young, What else do you expect form Hollywood; Sex Sells


    totally agree!!!!!!!

  • Katy Gor

    Wow! My boy come back! Its coooool!!!

  • Gaby

    He just gets hotter and hotter. And him in a suit. Yummy

  • Marie

    I love the song not feeling the video tho sadly…just somehting missing from it.

  • Dane

    Yeah the music video is really well made. I just saw an awesome cover of Shake though on YouTube as well that I though should be shared.

  • dakota anderson

    if i had the chance to met him i migh die in his arm he is so hot:) i am in love with him

  • dakota anderson

    @JESSICA AAAAAAAAA: i agree with you i love all he’s songs

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