Debby, Bella & Zendaya: Minnie Muse Mates

Debby, Bella & Zendaya: Minnie Muse Mates

Disney darlings Debby Ryan, Bella Thorne and Zendaya show off their sparkling Minnie ears at the Minnie Muse Collection Launch at the Forever 21 in Hollywood on Tuesday night (November 16).

The talented trio browsed the new collection which was filled with necklaces, fun sweaters, Minnie sweats and trapper caps. They also enjoyed a fully stoked candy bar full of gummy bears, red velvet cake balls and white M&M’s — all red and white, just like Minnie Mouse!

Bella even caught up with JJJ at the event to dish on some of her favorite pieces. Check it out below!

15+ pics inside…

Bella Thorne: Minnie Muse Launch

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Mika

    How old is this girl? Why does she look/act like she’s 20?

  • seddiemania

    @Mika: ikr and she’s 13

  • Chris

    Thank you! She’s cute and all, but she acts like she’s a diva! Why are you posing like that??

  • CamTeeM

    aaww bella is a sweetie. love that girl! i want that sweater!!!

  • jasper

    I totally agree with all you guys.She needs to start acting her age.

  • mike

    I loveeeeeee bella. She gets prettier everyday!!!! Shake it up is my fave new show because Bella is on it.

  • tristan

    The most beautiful girls on Disney especially Bella. Bella and Debby look alike in the pictures. I think Bella is in Debby’s video too. Are they friends?

  • Joboots


    Let’em be kids for the moment……………..the last they need at this point
    is crass hang-ups by some of you posters,to be honest!!!!

  • ahh

    Bella is beautiful, but she should really stop acting like she’s 18. Honestly, it’s scary seeing kids not being kids anymore.

  • Team piper

    Bella is one of the best actresses and most articulate young adults (let alone 13 year olds) we’ve met. Don’t worry about what age she’s acting when she’s on camera…just watch and take notes for the next time you’re doing any kind of public speaking. Sooo talented.

  • Emma

    Bella Thorne is absoulutly gorgeous, she knows her angles and everything.
    which is slightly offputting at time i admit haha. TOO perfect including her PR speeches.
    I really like Zendaya from what I’ve seen so far.
    She looks really outgoing and REAL.
    I think shes definetly got some sort of miley potential.
    because miley was mainly so popular because shes so real and relateble, same goes for taylor swift, raven symoné etc.

  • Jacey

    Zendaya is SO cool on this show and is such a good actress. BEllllllllllll]a needs 2 chill and not try so hard to be sexy…. i feel sry 4 her . i wld love 4 her 2 just try and be a kid whoever is pushing her need 2 get a life……………….. Zendaya is def da STAR on their show but the writing is horrible

  • bb

    debby rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benia

    tbh, bella is the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. i think she is more real cuz she is just her and doesn’t try and be the “perfect” disney girl with the fake smile and i’m soooo gooody attitude. she is just her the way miley was just her. i like both cece and rocky but to me cece/bella is more real. she messes up and doesn’t try and be perfect even though her looks are perfect. really all any one talks about is bella bad or good. there are other characters on the show that are sooo good. where are they on this site?

  • tristan


    haha u think zendaya is more friendly and outgoing….try and get an autograph in person, tweet or write her, she won’t respond.

  • Starl96

    i like bella but she seems to act like 18 in this pic! now i like zendaya better :)

  • lisa

    I really don’t understand the constant emphasis on Bella’s attractiveness. She’s not an eyesore, but she’s not exactly an eye candy either. Or is it because she’s petite and has blonde hair? Is that it?

    Either way, based on the way she acts I do not think this kid will turn out well.

  • xbrokenx

    you guys are just old and i think she was acting like a kid as far as i know kids laugh and joke around and have fun not old people like you guys im hoping she doesnt turn out like miley and the other stars out there selena gomez and demi so far are the ones who are great!

  • sabrina

    bella is the best! i like her s0 much better than zendaya!!!! shez s0 stunning and such a gr8 actress!!!!!!!!! TEAM BELLA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trina sparks

    @Jacey Bella doesn’t try to be sexy! She’s just herself and you shouldn’t be negative towards someone you don’t know! Why do people judge celebrities when they don’t know them? I think the show is great! Bella is great and so is the rest of the cast! Let’s all love one another and enjoy the show! Bella is awesome!!!

  • kitty

    i LUV bella thorne! she is s0oo0o00ooo0o pretty! she is the realist person ever i would know cuz i met her. so all of you that think she acts like she is old are so wrong!!!!!! I LUV YOU BELLA THORNE!

  • Madison

    I love them both! I love the show! Bella is definitely my favorite though. She’s just so cute and sweet. OMG i wish i could meet her. I would pass out!!! I want to dance like her! I’m going to watch the show over and over so i can learn her moves. GO BELLA!!!

  • lindsey

    stop hating on bella!!!! she’s better than zendaya get over it!~ team bella for sure!

  • jenna

    how can you say these mean things about bella when she is such a sweet person?!?!??!?! she is a super star! hugs and kisses for bella thorne XOXOXOXO

  • jj

    not acting your age is common. many people tend to act more mature or immature than they actually are, so i don’t think it’s bad that bella seems older than she really is. she’s adorable!

  • Alli

    I love me some Bella! just becasue she’s composed and articulate doesn’t mean she’s stuck up and rude! I love that she can have fun but still speak her mind!! Plus, She made shake it up for me! 5 stars and two thumbs! Do your thing girlie!

  • katrina

    bella is the prettiest on disney!!!!!!!! *by FAR!!*

  • lilsammie

    shes looks amazing! bella is a really pretty girl…quit hatin!

  • judy

    quit hatin…get a job

  • jamie

    Bella seems like she would be a great model and a nice girl. She is just having a good time and enjoying her new show.

  • morgan

    omg leave bella alone!!! :-( shes only 13! shes definately one of the best on disney channel stop hating!

  • puppy

    look i dont think bela is a super star and shes not perfect but she is pretty good so all f yall saying maen things and all of yall saying nice things like oohh bella is nice remember she gets paid to act what if she was mean acting nice the truth is we all dont know her but herself

  • puppy

    bella is not the only one on the show so it not “her” show its called shake it up not bella thorne and she is not the best on disney channel you only say that cause she is so called pretty well it dosent matter you dont even know her so if yoyu tell other people to get a life you should damn have on first because sitting here praising some1 else when you should praise your self aint gonna cut it

  • MN

    Bella is younger than me. my birthday is in august hers is after that. we are both 13 and she looks to old for our age.

  • ????

    Zendaya is way better 2 me. She looks Way better(when she doesn’t make them werid faces) and she acts better and more real. she acts her age unlike bella. but i have nothing against bella shes cute 2 just not as much as Zendaya. TEAM ZENDAYA 4EVER. but best looking disney girl is Selena Gomez So Team Selena 2.

  • Eliana

    hello bella thorne … not acting your age is common . many people tend to act more mautere or immature than they actually are , so i don ` t think it `s bad that bella seems older than she really is . she `s adorable !

  • Cara

    I can’ t believe no one talked about debby ryan. I don’t anyone ofyhem is bad but personally I like Debby Ryan the best. She is pretty and sweet. Debby is a great role model and she doesn’t bring a bad influence. SO GO DEBBY RYAN! You ROCK!

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