Emily Browning & Vanessa Hudgens: Total Film Cover Girls!

Emily Browning & Vanessa Hudgens: Total Film Cover Girls!

Emily Browning stands front and center in front of her Sucker Punch costars on the January 2011 cover of Total Film magazine.

Inside the issue the stars — Emily, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Jamie Chung — open up about working with Zack Snyder.

Vanessa shared, “He’s [Zack's] a collaborator, you know — he has this vision, he tells you what it is and he wants you to put your ideas out on the table. He really gave us room to play and explore. This movie takes you places I feel no other movie has taken you. We go from one extreme to another, from brothels to WWI. What Zack has done is going to be crazy ridiculous. It’s just unlike anything else.”

Wife and producing partner Deborah added, “All of our other films have so much testosterone in them. It’s great to have these strong female characters, especially in this kind of fantasy/action genre where I don’t think there are really meaty roles for women. You think it’s going to go one way and then, all of a sudden, something else hits you out of nowhere. That’s the sucker punch, right?”

Sucker Punch hits theaters in March 2011.

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  • Amy

    loove it :))

  • sunny

    I can’t wait for this movie. The action looks amazing and I look forward to seeing all these actresses kick some rear.

  • http://GOOGLE Barbara

    The cover look’s great, Vanessa has really grown up in this movie, i’m excited for her, as Zac is so proud of her. God bless her and Zac always.

  • pop86

    Cover looks great

  • http://@MMBris Megz B

    Oh I can’t wait!!!

  • mil


  • mil

    I love the little Q&A with Vanessa

  • teamhudgens

    Can’t wait ..!

  • Mariam

    @mil,me to I love it! 2011will be amazing ,you rock vanessa and the girls of suckerpunch!

  • http://www.twitter.com/mikehLA mike

    its going to be so amazing love the pic and Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://IHavenoWordsToSomeone,thatInspireme,ThatsisaGreatArtist,ThatwaspartofHSM,SomeonethathavetheBestGirlfriendandDESERVEDIT,SomeonethatwillhaveGreatsAwardsbutmostImportantthatAllHavetheMostLoyalFans joan

    This Movie it Will be Epic

  • Tata

    can’t wait to watch this movie!!! woohoo!!!

  • sky10

    I’m soo excited to watch all Vanessa’s Movie!!!GOD bless to her and Zac together,I mssd them.

  • suzy

    looks good.

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is unique BEAUTY among them all.. A girl power movie!!! can’t wait to see it.. V Rules…

  • vanessaFAN

    I feel bad that vanessa is not the protagonist of this movie

  • Emilybrowningfan

    Lmao. One film Vanessa isn’t the lead character in and you feel bad?? I would feel bad for Emily because Vanessa is stealing all her limelight, if anything.

  • ana

    can not wait, Vanessa beautiful as always love you

  • daniel

    WOW ¡¡¡EPIC¡¡¡¡

  • 3niefronhudgie



    why are u so bad with Vanessa?
    don’t worry babe
    WE, the Vanessa’s fans, are so proud of her
    though she is not the principal character… DUH!

    :D Vanessa i love u baby!!
    the 2011 is your year!
    Beastly, Sucker punch and Journey 2!

  • Chanon

    I really look forward to seeing this movie and not because Vanessa is in it. Well, partly because of the reason. ;) BUTTTT all the action looks so damn cool!

  • Katty

    Can’t wait for it… and Beastly!

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • birdie

    The cover is amazing. I’m so excited for this film. As far as Vanessa
    creating buzz, it’s all good. The more buzz , the more tickets that will be sold and all the actors will benefit. I think that anyone who has taken the time to read the synopsis of the story knows that the story
    revolves around the Babydoll character. Vanessa has said it herself
    she is just proud and honored to be part of this film, no matter the size of her role. She can’t help the fact that she recognized more than
    some of the other actors.

  • nathalia

    vanessa is amazing
    but I can not wait to see this film

  • mil


  • http://www.facebook.com/anibalex Anibal

    Sucker Punch <3 Beastly

  • mykamicks

    I agree w/ Birdie. I believe everyone in the film involved has given part which deserve to portray. Vanessa went out for the role and not just being handed. Which only means the producer believes her so on her talent even if she’s not the the main Character. But the mere fact SHE is IN on that movie, everybody’s name plays an important part.

    And on the buzz thing, it is given already that Vanessa Hudgen among the lead stars has the most popular name. So limelight thing, for sure it is acceptable.

    Hope that since promotional materials has started coming out., expect more that these girls will do the same exerted effort for promotions & for the success of this film…

  • kyle

    Empowerment of women – go, go, go Vanessa & co-stars.

  • Diamond

    I cannot wait for SUCKERPUNCH!!! Lol I jus love how Vanessa is doin this cool epic action flick with all these other great actresses it’s amazing!!! Suckerpunch will be amazing!


    cant wait for SP


    im really excited for this movie

  • maria

    This movie is going to be amazing!! I love Emily as Babydoll, and her costars will each have an important piece to the story. I think they ALL look great, but I’m especially excited for Vanessa. Getting past the Disney stigma is not an easy thing, and I think she’s done quite well doing so. One step at a time, but this movie is a HUGE step. LOVE that. She’s patiently taken great little roles in ensemble movies, and is working hard making a name for herself. I’m so happy for her that she was chosen for this role, and got to work with these amazing girls and Zach Snyder!!

  • kami

    ♥ awesome picture. can’t wait to see this movie. ♥

  • annie1st

    all the girls look amazing in their own way, i could believe it, they all look stunning, and emily look sooooo beautiful she look really like a doll, : P

    and vanessa oooooooooh my God, i love blondy, i love thats expression, she look total badass he he, i really love that from the sweet little gabriella, to awkward Sa5m and now sexy badass Blondy, i will gonna love blondy aaaaaaaaaa she’s awesome (but i will still love gabriella though hehe )

    BLONDY RULEEEES !!!!! ^_____^

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    All the girls look hot. We all know that Emily’s the lead character but VANESSA is my favourite personality and I will be biased. She looks kickass hot sexy here.

  • LES

    Okay…so when is this issue on stands? LOL It says January 2011 but does it come out the month before? Cause I want this issue NOW!! LOL

  • Mariam

    Ha….ha…ha….girls you soooopopoo right blondie is the total badass all of them,you didn’t see how unique she is from heads to toe,I love blondie not cuz she is vanessa but her character is total badass she smart for all of them and strong that’s could be the best character ,ha…ha,I can’t wait 2011,will be amazing for vanessa and to all her fan in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ BEASTLY………..SUCKERPUNCH …………JOURNEY………..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy.

  • cam


  • cam

    cant wait

  • Angie

    Very gorgeous cover I love it! I know it seems Vanessa is taking the credit but it’s not true. Emily is the main one we know that she is going to be huge I like her too if V wasn’t in it I would still watch it because I like Emily as well. It is like with Bandslam people saw Vanessa’s name and got their attention even though Galeon was the main character still. Or another example when Zac did Hairspray Nikki was the lead but you Zac’s name and how many buzzes came around I assume.

    Emily is going to do great she is talented actress and Vanessa if you act seriously different and shock me I’ll love you even more. Gooo SuckerPunch!!!!!!

  • Lesley

    @Emilybrowningfan: jealous much

  • lil

    finally at least emily brownings name is mentioned!!

  • http://yahoo cheska

    yeah ive been thinking if vanessa is really stealing the lime light.

    well i think half of it is she have the right cause she’s
    the foremost original actor who is chosen to be blondie which by the way is the role she wanted (she isnt aiming to be the protagonist)
    the one who should take the role of baby doll is amanda seyfried
    who back out thats why emily browning took the role, the originally picked actors is amanda seyfried,emma stone,vanessa hudgens.
    the others were just chosen because almost all of the actors back out.

    that means that without them backing out emily and the others will not be in the film while vanessa will be in it.

    and half of it. she doesnt have the right cause she isnt the protagonist and EMILY BROWNING is great in her acting more expert than vanessa i think. because she’s been acting already when vanessa is just a studying.

    but i think she doesnt really wants to steal the lime light beacause she’s just excited to be the part of it because she’s new to this that’s why she keeps babbling about it. which isnt bad by the way. AS LONG AS SHE’S IN IT.

    BUT WHO THE HELL CARES I LIKE EMILY AND VANESSA SO MUCH OK. theyre both beautiful and sexy. thats all that matters!!!!!

  • jess!

    cant f*** wait!!!

  • belen


  • belen

    cant wait for this!

  • belen

    so proud of my girl! <3


    sexy sexy vanessa we love you

  • musicgirl

    I hope we get to see vanessa in a new photoshoot soon :D<3

>>>>>>> staging1