Booboo Stewart Goes Shirtless For Charity!

Booboo Stewart Goes Shirtless For Charity!

Booboo Stewart shows off his abs as he sheds his shirt during the 2010 Perth Telethon in Australia last weekend.

With the help of personality Esther Anderson, the 16-year-old actor stripped in front of a live audience to raise monies for children’s hospitals and children in need around the area.

The telethon raised over $9 million, thanks to a mystery family who pledged that they would match dollar for dollar all funds donated from that point onwards.

Such a great cause!

Booboo Stewart – Perth Telethon 2010
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  • sasha

    he was sooooo nice, he was there for the whole 26 hours helping where ever he can, that is a plain example of a good kid not affected by fame! hope he comes back next year hes more than welcome hahah

  • good-one

    good job many thanks

  • aussiegirl

    I’m a Perth girl! He did a wonderful job on Telethon along with many wonderful Australian Stars who gave their time to support PMH!

  • huh?

    This is one the creepiest things I’ve ever seen….

  • Erika

    OMG Charlie from H&A was so lucky to do that!!!!!!! I bet Xavier was looking on jealously!!!!!!!!!!

  • girlfriend

    finally, something his sister can’t do. HAHAHA

  • Mika


    Hahahahaha, omg nice one.

  • Nunya

    I think he is underage and that grown ass woman was all up on him and even wanted him to sit on her lap thats just creepy.

  • Stark5

    That’s one awesome charity:) He is NICE shirtless!!!!!OH< YEAH!

  • Stark5

    That is creepy