Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' in Spanish!

Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' in Spanish!

Selena Gomez and The Scene hang out backstage before their performance on Lopez Tonight on Tuesday night (November 16).

The band had a stellar performance on the show, singing “A Year Without Rain” in Spanish. Check it out below!

Selena also shared with host George Lopez about one day recording a whole album in Spanish: “I have her album, and exactly what she [Shakira] did is my dream. I feel that, for my family, it would make them really proud but since I’m doing so many things, I can’t really sit down in the studio; I want to perfect it. I would want my dad to come out and make sure I’m doing it right. I want to take my time with it.”

Selena & The Scene – “A Year Without Rain” in Spanish, “Lopez Tonight” 11/16

Selena Gomez Interview, 11/16
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  • a

    Selena looks realy pretty but she needs to hit those high notes!!

  • Sahina

    the performance was good but seriously, i wish she would just hit those high notes!

  • headstrong

    she can only hit those high notes, using falsetto, wich is weird because in the studio version she can hit the hight notes with her head voice.

  • andy

    Beautiful… And really funny interview!

  • mmbop

    I loved her interview. She’s so cute.

  • 3niefronhudgie

    al menos piensas en todas tus fans y no solo
    las que son de lengua inglesa ¬¬’


  • stasiia

    If you listen at 2:33 and 2:56 I’m pretty sure she’s using her head voice. Or maybe it’s just backup vocals? I don’t know but if I’m right then she can hit those high notes, just not all the time.

  • Denise

    I love the song but find her singing rather boring.

  • Tiffany

    Love her Spanish!

  • Mika

    Wow, that performance sucked. So much BREATHING. And it sounded off key. At least, her dress was pretty.

  • headstrong

    @Mika: i hate when she breathes into the mic, its annoying. Its like she was struggling to breathe or something. But i dont think she sucked at all. It was ok.

  • nicolee

    wow how can people think she is amazing at singing? she totally sucks! all of her songs are autotuned.sorry to say but she cant sing worth beans!! i think shes really pretty but she really needs to work on the singing and not let the her voice be autotuned

  • sue

    @mika can you please just go away, stop hating, say bs about selena doesnt make you any better or popular you fuck!ing moron!!!

  • sue

    @nicolee you fail!!! cause clearly she CAN sing and this performance was amazing!!! she did a pretty good job, sooo stop to make and excuse for hating!!!

  • sue

    btw im in totally in love with her shoes, goshhh soooo amazing!!! and the dress woowww really gorgeous!!!

  • jj

    the more she sings the more she improves so she just needs to keep working on it if she’s really serious about it. she is pretty and seems down to earth so i like her for that.

  • MissyMoo

    shes looks stunning her singing was awesome and she sang a little in spanish was cool i think her performance was all round great

  • jj17

    I like the girl but dang she can’t sing!

  • crystal

    Actually that was PRETTY GOOD!, i’m mexican and i can tell you, that is a great performance! :D Love her spanish ^^

  • sahina


    you’re one who can talk, hater.

    so she didn’t like the performance. not everyone has to.

  • erika

    She is going to go far XD

  • pfft.

    hahaha. oh yeaah. she sounds AMAZING. xD (i hope you felt my sarcasm) and I viewed this cuz I THOUGHT she finally does! but I guess we all think things that aren’t true. and I just had to say what my mind said. STICK TO ACTING.

  • headstrong

    @sue: everybody has an different opinion, claudia. when you’re gonna undertand that?

  • leal

    i like this performance! they did a great job together!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Mika: MTE

  • sana

    She did great! like always! i love how she dresses in the performens and i love the a year without rain version in english and spanish:)

  • goldengirl

    woahh so cool!!! the only thing is her breathing i think is normal cuz its not that easy to control it so dont bash her… i loooooooooooooooooooooooveed the dress *—-*! the spanish part la amé ojala y otros siguieran su ejemplo – i hope other artists would follow her example *uhummm JONASS BROTHERS? i love them soo much and its time for a spanish song guys… u.u* :)

  • prizeesru

    @headstrong: @Mika: Everyone has their opinion but you two are straight up selena haters that clearly don’t have a life and are always bashing her. Please if you don’t like her then why are you here. Then you can spend your time on your idol miley.

  • nicolee

    dude stop singing in spanish. were not in MEXCIO!

  • Silentwaiting

    To the people saying that her breathing is bad, you quite simply are wrong. Many musical instructors TEACH to take strong breaths and this is all she’s doing. Strong breath = better air support = powerful and steady notes. You can’t hear this breathing on the studio mix because of the way it’s all layered together and also because of the special mic that’s used in studio.

    It’s true that she jumps into falsetto to hit the high notes but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad singer. Those notes are on the bitter edge of her natural range. In the studio she can push herself to reach them naturally, but this likely takes a lot of preparation for her and she would need a full breath just to do the one phrase. They can mix it nicely in the studio, but on stage for her to do that without ruining the song would be almost impossible. Her lack of range here is not an indication that she’s a bad singer, many singers have limited range and use falsetto to achieve new heights.

    Selena’s raw talent resides in her acting, but she’s made phenomenal strides in singing. When she first started singing I would have said it was Disney just using her as yet another cash cow and that she’s got no real value to the music industry; but now, after tonnes of coaching and practice, her live performances have become much more professional and she’s actually worth calling a singer. Not to mention a few chart topping dance hits being played in clubs all over the world, that alone is enough to differentiate from the many other more forgettable Disney singers. No, she’s not the best singer out there, but her musical niche is electronic dance, which is different from most other stars in her age range and the fact that she has succeeded in having her songs played in dance clubs and has actually been among the top in those dance lists says she’s got something better than just bubble gum for the ears of tweenage girls.

    I don’t see a very affluent future for her in music, but even so, what she is doing with her music is actually showing to be a legitimate entry in the music industry. I still prefer her as an actress and always will; acting is where she has a shot to prove herself to the adult world of Hollywood; if she sticks with her music, it will likely remain something just for the lovers of dance music and of course her fans. Acting is the only place i could see her overcoming her current child centric image and being accepted as a respectable celebrity.

    She’s just gotta ditch the Disney channel movies. The moment she starts doing more mature movies (no, not adults only content) with more intelligently written scripts; that’s when there will be nothing to stop her from obliterating her association with the “Disney Star” stereotype.

  • Mika


    Wow, impressive and very informative. Thanks.

  • annie

    I didn’t know that she has a lot of haters why do you criticize her a lot .she can sing but I admit that she can’t sing as well as miley but even miley can’t sing perfect

  • meiner

    she sings because she likes music.
    Therefore, it also has several cover songs.
    And this is fun you want to share with their fans

  • bigbang

    im not a fan of hers and i dont really like her but i gotta admit that she’s cute and good at acting its just that she should QUIT SINGING

    the place where i live when i said selena gomez people would be like ???..??
    but if i said that girl on disney show who has a magic and kinda a big head..(im sorry but its true) people would be like ooohh..that girl!..=o

  • Silentwaiting

    @Mika: OK, i don’t mean to be rude, but i’m not sure if your patronizing me or being serious…

  • rikki

    she’s my role model and she’s barely older than me. i seriously wish i had her personality… she’s so charming and sweet x

  • selenatico

    te amoooooo selenaaaa eres hermosaaa y amo tu cancion a year without rain en español y en ingles eres la mejor i love you!

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