Tom Felton & Emma Watson Talk 'American'

Tom Felton & Emma Watson Talk 'American'

Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe are testing out their American accents!

The four Harry Potter actors sat down with MTV to show off their skills at saying some choice American phrases like “Justin Bieber is the man,” “Twilight blows,” and “Boo Yah!” — the last which Tom liked the most.

Check out the video below!

2 DAYS UNTIL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!

Harry Potter Stars: “American Talk”
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  • CamTeeM

    this soooo made my night. i love them all!!!! so excited for friday!!! =)

  • Patry

    Ahahah! So funny!

  • liz

    yay for dan not mentioning the last 2. you rock.

  • nickj

    hahha omg tom felton is adorable ! hes gooood at it also rupert! emma is adorable, and daniel is hilarious, “i am just following whats on the paper..” lol

  • Emma


  • Meliza

    Americans are awesome :-) So, they are

  • erika

    “Justin Bieber is the man!”, yeah he is XD

  • Crystal

    why isnt it opening for me :(

  • gal

    that was great!!

  • headstrong

    that was so funny hahaa
    ‘Oh this is controversial! this is a trick! you were trying to trick me!’ emma is so adorable!

  • Mimi

    Deahtly Hallow is definitely the best HP movie so far! But it was very dark and sad but there was also a few funny moments! Can’t wait until part 2!

  • Laz Girl

    That was funny! It made my day. All of them was just adorable!

  • ana

    they are amaizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them sooo mcuh ahhahah

  • Kellie

    <3 Them all! So can’t wait for tomorrow!!! :D

  • wapik

    the thing with twilight was lame

  • Susan

    Tom Felton did the best American accent. :-)

  • fruity

    Watched the movie today FIRST SHOW
    U have to go watch it thats for the NON HP FANS
    u all will love it no matter what :D absolutely AMAZING!! <3
    its all we fans expected…
    so proud of them :-)
    they have done such an incredible job :D Love Tom btw i have had such a huge crush on him since i was 14 i still do :(
    i m in love wid him <3 the guy i had a crush on in high school looked like Tom :)

  • Mika

    This is GOLD. And Tom Felton … man you are hilarious!

  • swiftfan

    Awesome!…Tom Felton really tried his best haha =D

  • Chanon

    I love this! I watched it so many times already. I especially like the parts where Tom used the phrase, “BOO YAH!” :D

  • Celia

    Lol. Love this!! Absolutely hilarious!! Tom’s got a great American accent and I like Dan’s as well.

    I love how Dan and Emma refused to say the last phrase. lol. Emma’s like, “this is controversial.” She should definitely know.

  • j-ann

    Tom Felton: “What the hell are these places, they’re restaurants?” LMAO made my night, i love him :)

    oh and it also funny at the end when the interviewer says “American…it’s the freedom language.” LOL

  • Sara


  • Crystal

    the video isnt playing for me…:( anybody know if i can find it on youtube pr something??

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I love Dan And Emma!!! The movie is fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Can this cast get any cuter? seriously… SO ADORABLE, BOO YAH. “you guys actually say that?” hhahaha cutiess

  • jamie

    This is hilarious!! XDDDDD
    I love these guys so much. Omg they are amazing. Tom got really into it hahahahahaha <3

  • Adriana

    Haha I love how hesitant Dan and Emma are to saying it, but Tom says it really easily like: “TWILIGHT blows!”

  • http://tommyboyNL tom

    lmfao twilight blows.

    no its the freedom language

    tom felton does the best

  • Boo yah

    Strange foreigners, indeed!