Gregg Sulkin Wants To Be Married By 25!

Gregg Sulkin Wants To Be Married By 25!

Girls, start lining up!

Gregg Sulkin admitted on Goom Radio‘s Zach Sang and the Student Body radio show that he definitely wants to be married by 25!

The 18-year-old British actor admitted to hosts Zach and Shelley about finding the right girl, “I’m definitely old-fashioned in the way that I really do want to fall in love and find the right girl to look after and protect. I sound weird, but I’m romantic like that. When I find the right girl, then life will be perfect.”

Gregg added, “I definitely want to be married by 25. I want to have kids young and be the young dad. I’m a family guy.”

Gregg Sulkin – Goom Radio, 11/17
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Credit: David Mushegain; Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • jazzy

    oh yeahhhhhh l0l

  • Caroline

    I find that so attractive in a guy! Kudos to him. :)

  • maria

    OMG………….I don’t have a clue who this cutie is, but WOW!!! How refreshing to find such sweet, traditional values in a guy these days. GOOD FOR HIM!!!! There is NOTHING to be learned or gained from sleeping around, hooking up, and generally being promiscuous. You don’t learn about relationships being self-centered. So happy to hear there are a few great young men still out there………

  • luna

    omg no way :D i love him hes so cute XD

  • lia

    Good luck finding a girl who will marry and have kids at 25! ahahha

  • Michelle

    That’s gonna be awesome if the girl is Ariana Grande, LOLs

  • Caroline

    I completely second that!!!

  • Xitlaly

    no he cant get married i love him and im just 13 hes 18 he needs 7 more years to 25 ill be 20 thats so not fair.

  • Emily

    Wow he seems like such a nice well rounded guy. Funny, kind, confident, attractive, fun, BRITISH! :P, helpful, smart, wants kids and to be married young and has a good set of morals and beliefs. Hes like practically perfect :) Wish NY had guys that were like that <3

  • Madison

    Hi Gregg!
    You are totally hot!
    I’m been interested in British boys for my whole life!
    I love you sooooooooooo much!
    You are cute,hot,awesome,smart,amazing,and lots more!

    xoxoxoxoxoxo Madison

    P.s if you want my e-mail her it is:

  • abby14

    @maria: I’m SUPER late with this but I 150% agree with you. I have no idea who he is but the fact that he clearly don’t want to sleep around, party, ect is very attractive to me. I myself am also 18 and for sure don’t want to get married or have kids anytime soon but the fact that he knows that is what he wants I think is great. You don’t hear about this a lot with young guys in hollywood anymore.

  • Sakura

    Woah 25… It’s against my culture that I have to be married around 30 or 40′s x.x

  • Cindy

    I’m willing to get married at 21 Gregg! I’ve always wanted to get married young. Especially if it’s to and attractive and charming british man. A 4 year age different isn’t that bad.

  • Kennedy

    wow u r smexy!!!!!! (snoking sexy) haha iu would deff marry u at 25 im 18 an i wnna have kids at a young age to but not to young an i always wanted a old-fashioned yet romantic guy!

  • Melissa

    OMG I didn’t know there were still old-fashioned, decent, caring, attractive, and respectful young men in hollywood! He sounds like such a sweetheart I think 25 is the perfect age to get married. Luv u Gregg I’m sure you’ll be an amazing husband someday:D

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