Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Laughing at LAX

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Laughing at LAX

With pup Marlo in her arms, Ashley Greene is all smiles as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles with boyfriend Joe Jonas on Sunday afternoon (November 21).

The duo just returned from a trip to NYC where they saw Elf on Broadway. Earlier, Ashley also hosted “Inside the mark Studio.” Ashley is a brand ambassador.

Ashley and Joe also stopped by Starbucks before getting their luggage and heading home.

10+ pics inside of Ashley and Joe

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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • jblover130193

    UGH!!! I hate her so much! Just break up with him already!


  • zoe


  • Nash

    I Love Jashley!

  • janey

    These 2 srsly make me sick.

  • diane

    gosh… they’re so cute!

  • lilysoocute

    I love them..they look so happy all the time! I love her style too she is way casual but still looks she doesn’t even have to try!!! wow this has lasted so much longer than people thought leave them alone already by happy Joe finally met his match!!

  • lilysoocute

    What is Joe doing to Marlo’s nose in the first picture?

  • cheeky

    they are so adorable, i can’t handle it. i’m glad they’re still going strong!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They are always holding hands and actually seem legit and happy. Let’s all embrace!

  • jj17

    They disgust me!

  • Christine

    It’s interesting. I’m not really a fan of either of them, but when you compare Joe’s relationship with Ashley to his relationship with Demi, there’s a huge difference. He seems more comfortable showing Ashley off as his girlfriend, when with Demi he always looked like he was trying to get away. I wonder if Demi noticed that too. I wonder if that was part of the reason she broke down…

  • Curtis

    Well when a couple have a lot of haters saying they don’t belong together I think they tend to get/feel closer cause they feel like its them against the world.
    “We’re going to prove them wrong” mentality.
    It’s human nature. Even if you dont’ feel completely right about something or even if you feel completely right about something any time you have others saying “NO” and what your doing or feeling is not bad you do tend to stick with whattever it is longer than if people had ignored you and not commented.
    Joe and Ashley is having their fun, feeling closer than normal cause of all the hate against them soo let them live in their little enclosed world.

  • Lauren

    @jblover130193 @zoe @jj17

    Joe can date whoever he wants too & he is happy with her

    If they r happy, u 3 should be happy

  • Curtis

    @Christine: Honey No. When there were pics/vids of Joe with Demi in public he was alwys holding on to her, relaxed. Hands, waist, etc..
    The only pic he looked awkward in was in the yogurt shop kiss picture. Joe was friends with Demi first before dating so he was more comfortable with her, relaxed and felt free to have fun,giving a big laugh/smile in public
    He and Ashley act like him and Camilla did in public. More adult, mature, conscious of their actions, and on their guard.
    THATs’ the big diffenrece betweeen the Demi and Ashley/Camilla relationship with Joe.

  • Dani

    They look sooooo cute together!!! :) I love Jashley! ♥ idk why the people hate her! if her makes him happy!! she’s a beautiful person! and is happy with Joe!! say again I LOVE JASHLEY!!! :)♥♥♥

  • lilysoocute

    @Curtis: whatever its better than Joe being stuck in the enclosed world of Disney..and when you fly all over the world to be with somone for what like 5 months now they have be doing can’t deny they have a real spark between them..Joe has never traveled this much with a girl b-4. Yep and Joe finally found a girl who is isn’t filled with drama..she doesn’t let the constant fan and media following bother her..if they are up for all this scrutiny then hey I say more power to them. GO Jashley tell the haters to F*ck off!

  • Dani

    @Christine: Totally AGREE with you!! :) Sorry but Joe didn’t love Demi! more than a FRIEND! and now is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! He looks sooo happy! :D

  • lilysoocute

    @Curtis: LMFAO he never looked comfortable with Demi he was never smiling with her..if even denied her a kiss in public..the candids of Joe and Ash people caught of him and her in the CPK have never ever seen that with any previous girl he went out with period..Sorry he was never into Demi like that and it was painfully obvious!

  • pandora

    They look really happy together so given them a break. With Camilla he looked like a love struck kid and with Demi she looked like the love struck teenager this relationship seems more even and balanced. Good luck to them – hope Ashley can deal with the hate and the crazies that is heaped on each and every Jonas girlfriend.

  • caw

    Well that is because Joe was using Demi and was never sincere about a relationship with her. He must be so proud of himself. Bot Joe & Ashley are tow of the biggest phonies in the world & so full of themselves. They are disgusting people. When she breaks upm with him he will be crying all over himself like he did when Camilla dumped him.

  • gabrielle

    i love joe but i hate jashley

  • jaime

    aw he took off his ring. sad lol

  • lol

    Two of the biggest phonies ever & so full of themselves. Can’t wait for her to break up with him & he’ll cry all over the place like he did when Camilla dumped him. Smart girl that Camilla.

  • http://iAMthatflipkid Mary

    i hope that jonas dies for whatever happened with lovato. ashley fine though

  • Anonymous

    Bless their hearts. They are so adorable. It’s too much.
    Haters are forever irrelevant.

  • caro


  • Lauren


    YOU HAVE NO HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    No Joe has NO heart for what he did to Demi – using her to promote himself as a solo away from his brothers. He thought he could dump her like he did with all the others (except Camilla) & get away with it by saying they are good friends & that he loved her as a friend blah blah blah. & where is that friendship & support for Demi now – it is nill. He only comes out to the magazines to defend himself – and say that there is no drama with them – all he & his PR team are worried about is his image. He should have thought about that before he used his “friend”. Joe the JERK!

  • j-ann

    I love Demi, but come on she’s 18, a teenager! Joe is 21 and shouldn’t be dating teenagers even if they are legal to date him. He’s legal to drink. And to all those haters, leave them alone! Dontcha think he wasn’t really into the relationship he had with Demi cause of all the pressure Jemi fans put on him. All u Jemi fans were pressuring them to go out so much even if he wasn’t 100% into it. Again u can’t control his love life ok, let him do it. He’s happy with Ashley so be happy for them!

  • rachel

    i love joe but hate jashley. sorry to say i just hate the couple.

  • shannon :)



  • S

    They are so annoying together and so fake. He needs to shave and stop wearing that beanie. She has changed him and anyone who doesnt see that is blind!!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle

    @lol: PLEASE. you don’t know joe or demi. or how or why they broke up. joe’s not jerk and is not the reason why demi’s in rehab. if you hate him then why are you on this post about him same with ashley.

  • michelle

    @Christine: who really cares? celebrity’s are not lab rats their humanbegins.

  • nickj

    i may say that they look very cute in these pics and very happy. very happy for them but still not a super fan

  • michelle

    @Mary: fuck u bitch for wishing death on anybody. and you don’t know what he did to demi

  • michelle

    @jj17: then GTFO

  • michelle

    @Lauren: i know right she dumb as shit. why is she looking at someone she hates.

  • Anonymous

    @S why? because he looks so much of a man right now, you can’t accept he’s shedding the virginal teenies idol image for good? Well then you better learn to accept it because he’s never going back to that again.

  • Ella
  • bobo ak

    he tray to copy zac efron on every thing his bag his hat and he cut his hair as zac efron now he date grl to tray make new zanessa idiot

  • http://shanenaval shanenaval

    i know they won’t last that long :)

  • Cassidy

    @shanenaval: They’ve been dating since at least July. Try again ;)
    Just let them be already, they obviously don’t give two shits what people think about them.

  • nina

    I can’t wait for the day that my girl drops this lame @ss queer!

  • galeoid

    why is she dressed like kstew?!

  • yahitsme

    About his empty finger. I don’t know Joe, I don’t know Ashley, I’m not gonna judge but I used to have a LOT of respect from this Jonas. He WAS my favorite! not only cuz of his looks (lol) but because I thought he was one of the people who would stop the low expectations of the people in hollywood,along with his brothers though. I don’t know if anything “happened” between these two but if ever there did, then there is nothing we could do. Why hate? It’s not like they care? whatever happens, happens. Please don’t call me a fake fan, cuz I still am a fan, I just lost a lot of respect from this “one”.

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    . How could Joe be using Demi? If you think it’s because of Demi’s fame, i hope you realize that the only ultimate fame she ever had was when she entered rehab

  • Mary

    in the beginning i use to not like them as a couple because at first it felt like it was all for show. but now that some time has passed and they are still really close and getting closer and seem very, very happy together – i am starting to like them and it looks like the real deal to me. this is the first time i have really seen joe happy and taken with a relationship – his relationship with ashley is very different from all his past relationships, even the one with camilla. ashley just fits joe so well – the two of them seem to be very compatible – they both are nice and laid back and you can tell that from these pics. just like with kevin and danielle – with the two of them danielle was made for kevin, she’s his perfect match. and the more i see joe and ashley together it seems like she just might have been made for him – they are a really good fit.

  • Mary

    to all the people hating on joe and ashley because of demi – it’s like wake up relationships end. would you much rather have him continue dating her and cheat on the side? i mean come on. and face the facts joe isn’t dating to date, he’s looking for a wife. i definitely couldn’t see him marrying demi, but i think him and ashley have some potential!!

    and anyone with eyes could see that joe and demi dating was just weird. i always saw him more as a big brother to her. people just wanted to see them together because their characters in the movie camp rock were love interests but in real life the two of them didn’t fit at all. as someone mentioned earlier demi is 18 and joe is 21, even though he can legally date her, it doesn’t mean he should. joe can get into bars and do things demi can’t because he’s 21 and joe is definitely a bit more mature – well let’s face it all the jobros – kevin, joe, and nick, are light years ahead of people their age on the maturity scale so it doesn’t surprise me that they date/marry females a little older than them.

  • toot

    HAHAHAHA! He’s not wearing his “purity” ring. I knew he would be the first, cause like no adolescent guy would actually… you know, last! Good for him xP