Victoria Justice vs. Debby Ryan: Battle of the Audreys

Victoria Justice vs. Debby Ryan: Battle of the Audreys

Something a bit different from our usual fashion faceoffs…

Both Victoria Justice and Debby Ryan channeled their inner Funny Faces to recreate the famous Audrey Hepburn.

Victoria, 17, recreated most of Audrey‘s most famous pictures during a shoot for the December 2010 cover of Zooey mag.

Debby got dolled up in the same look — with a single strand of pearls — for Halloween while still in Vancouver.

Who do you think pulled it off better?

Who pulled off Audrey Hepburn best?
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  • Stevi Kaye

    i love that Audrey Hupburn picture above my bed. i think Victoria did but it would be better if the pearls werent so small..


    Its a tie! They both look desperate!!!

  • maria

    Both did a good job, but Victoria gets my vote!
    Lovve her!

  • seggler

    That’s so unfair, one was professionally styled with a makeup artist, stylist and professional photographer while the other was a halloween costume. No comparison!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Tough call. I want to say Debby, because I think she’s better looking(Not that I’m hating on Victoria, because I’m not), but since she’s blonde, and really doesn’t look that much like Audrey Hepburn despite the clothes, jewlery, hair, and makeup, I can’t give her the vote. To be honest, I can’t give it to Victoria either.

  • Chanel

    @HEATHFAN: HA amen, neither of them is my thought because Audrey is Audrey, often imitated never duplicated.

  • marissa

    Victoria did better! Debbie looks too cute to be glam like Audrey.

  • lala.

    victoria did a photo shoot and debby did it alone, right?

  • Holly Golightly

    NOBODY can pull off Audrey Hepburn. Victoria and Debby are both great, but there is no comparison when it comes to Audrey.

  • GALL

    No body can’t be Audrey Hepburn!!!

  • David_Rawr

    Victoria anytime! damn she’s hot!

  • shannon :)

    ew debby ryans gross
    even with those horrible bangs victoria justice has, she pulls it off better

  • David_Rawr

    @shannon :): horrible bangs victoria justice??? horrible??? In which universe are you living??

  • good-one

    I’m fooled. Excellent impersonations.

  • Elle

    Victoria, because she has that more sophisticated look. Debby looks sweet and cute, and doesn’t really embody Holly Golightly.

  • Victoria

    I love Debbie but Victoria is my idol so I have to choose her.

  • Victoria

    @shannon :): Are you Crazy Victoria is bUetiful

  • k8ie

    Victoria gets my vote because she has the better outfit, BUT at the same time hers was a photo shoot so it’s not really a fair comparison. So I would just like to say to Debbie… your costume is amazing, you do an amazing job.

  • alex

    I don’t think anyone can pull off Audrey, but I do feel that Victoria has more of her “presence” and youthful/classic appearance in this photo if that makes sense. And if any of you haven’t seen ‘Funny Face,’ do so ASAP!

  • tristan

    debby is really much cuter but victoria looks more the part.

  • rihanne

    DEBBY! I love Victoria too but Debby looks better

  • erika

    I thought Victoria was Audrey XD

  • effy

    both SUCK

  • Laura

    Debby looks so much better =)

  • nathalia

    that’s unfair, one was a photo shoot while the other was a halloween costume.

  • Michael

    Honestly Debby is not an Audrey. Who she really is is a Brigette. As in Bardot. Debby is more voluptuous. She will have more of a sex appeal as she gets older, where as Audrey, who I love, wasn’t sexy. She was princess. She was class. But she wasn’t sexy. Victoria is much more in the Audrey vein.

    Debby had contemplated going as Marylin Monroe I believe before Halloween and she should’ve gone with that or with Jane Fonda as Barbarella or Cat Ballou. Just my opinion.

  • tiara

    They borh did a good job at the costume (except for Victoria’s pearls), but no one can compare to Audrey Hepburn.

  • Emilie

    ok, i follow both of them on twitter.
    Victoria did this with a photoshoot with a stylist and hair and makeup and everything
    Debby said she put it together with things she already had and did her own hair and everything

    soooooo not fairr!!!!

    i would say debby because she pulled it off by herself, and she looks a lot like her with the pale skin and round eyes and everything

  • Jackie

    I would have to agree with some of the comments made in regards to Audrey Hepburn not being duplicated. She was the embodiment of class. In saying that i don’t think either one of these ladies did her justice. But if i had to vote, i would have to say Victoria Justice, only because she’s more suited to her look. She has the same coloring, and build that Audrey had. Where as Debby although cute, isn’t exactly in the same league. She should have dressed up as Marilyn at least they have more in common. And by that i mean her look is better suited to the late star. :)

  • http://yahoo cheska

    debby looks fat, victoria looks sexy, but AUDREY IS A GODDESS and all the desperate imitators BACK OFF!

  • joe

    Deb is beautiful no matter what she wears she was having fun on halloween not trying to win a contest

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire 1984

    Debby Ryan is so goregous

  • http://trena1 brad

    debby was out for a fun halloween night not for a contest she is beautiful no matter who she dresses like.