Kevin & Danielle Jonas: LAX Lovers

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: LAX Lovers

Kevin Jonas puts his hand on the small of wife Danielle‘s back as they walk through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (November 23).

The newlyweds must be heading home for the holidays — are you excited for Thanksgiving?

Kevin and Danielle just returned from a trip abroad after touring with Kevin‘s brothers Joe and Nick and Camp Rock 2 cast mates in South America.

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  • menna

    does she do anything productive? not trying to be rude….just wondering….

  • michelle

    rude, much?

  • Bethany

    They are a flawless couple who are perfect for each other. I love them both

  • Mary

    i love kevin and danielle!! they are the perfect couple :-)

  • marimadness

    idk y but to me they (or she) seems bothered or sumn in the pics. Or like shes bored….hmmm….and probably not. Shes a jonas’ wife, he treats her “like a princess” she wont lift a finger til shes 90..(or at least til the money runs out) not trying to be rude, im just bored and got nothing to say…night. :) love the world not urself :)

  • ?

    how is that not rude

  • Ella

    Adorable couple as ever! Baby Jonas soon please!!!!!!!

  • Lawrence

    Kevin’s a cutie!, he’s also got very sexy hands!*heh*.

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    Danielle doesn’t look very happy. Probably just tired.

  • KD

    She always has the same look on her face. It wouldn’t hurt to smile sweetie

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    Danielle has worked for the Change for the Children Foundation. Not sure if she still does, though. Were they coming into LA or leaving LA? Just wondering whether they are spending Thanksgiving with Kevin’s family or hers.

  • Jenny

    I’m so happy for them! they’ve lasted longer than anyone thought and I’m sure they’re going to be together forever. whoo for true love! lol.

  • ?

    there spending it with kevins family because mama jonas tweeted that on thanksgiving the jonas family would all be together the first time in 5 weeks

  • _lovejonas_

    @Bethany: yeah youo are right

  • http://deleted _lovejonas_

    they are very cute couple

  • Ginah baby

    I love kevin jonas i think he iz hot mwah

  • Debi

    Pretty sure if I was married to Kevin I would be smiling all the time!
    I’m a hater…Danielle always lookes annoyed and/or bored.
    Hope Kevin is happier than she seems.

  • Brittnee

    I Love Kevin And Danielle Jonas.They are such a cute couple.And i look up to them as my idols.And, Danielle Jonas is doing fine give her a break she is human and take her place and would you like people following you around and taking pictures of you every single day.Sometimes but i would get tired of it sometimes.And Danielle Jonas is way better Woman then Ashley Greene true that.