Ashley Greene: Joe Got Us Caught by Airport Security

Ashley Greene: Joe Got Us Caught by Airport Security

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas take pup Marlo for a walk around the block in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 24).

The 23-year-old actress chatted with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight and shared a funny story about being stopped by airport security recently and that Joe was to blame.

Ashley shared, “…I look at Joe, did you leave those knives in your bag? and he’s like ‘Woopsies!’….Joe likes to cook, this was all his fault…”

Ashley Greene – “Lopez Tonight” – 11/13

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Photos: Lopez Tonight, GSI Media
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  • Angie

    I don’t see the pics….it says theres 20+ but all I see is the one. Maybe it’s just my computer.

    They are such an adorable couple! Love them!

  • Anonymous

    where are the pics

  • Lauren

    They r soooooooo cute together

  • Cassidy

    I’m not too found of Joe but I guess if Ashley’s happy it’s for the best ;)

  • Jess

    I love joe adam, I like jashley

  • Laura J

    Joe is making a big mistake, I’m a huge Jonas Brothers fan & don’t know anything about Ashley Greene but it seems to me that she is totally different to Joe. The Jonas family are really religious and have strong moral beliefs & values, Joe seems to be throwing all of this away and she is trying to change him into someone he’s not. We know and love Joe for well being Joe :)

  • Dani

    I love Jashley ♥!!! :)

  • http://justjared Jane

    Ha ha! okay in all fairness who says “woopsies” anymore?
    This guy seriously! ashley you cud do so much better. I’m sure he has a curfew. I doubt it will last long, but whos knows? He’s a big user and he’s using her, even probably hangs with her(guy) friends n everything. Just to get more publicity out of her Twilight fame, thats really low, he is as we Irish say, “Gobshite”. >=/.

  • overallcute

    love the way she made up the story lol

  • aniee:)

    “Just to get more publicity out of her fame Twilight´´


    or my god!
    How funny! more publicity? Seriously?
    you know who he is?
    he does not need more publicity honey
    he can go to the bathroom and everyone took pictures of him
    we all know that the only people that matter in the twilight
    are: Robert, Kristen and Taylor
    and she is a total ghost
    I think that Joe Jonas does not need fame of a movie that just had its “ bom” in Twilight .and we all know that everybody forgot it!

    my god
    you made me laugh a lot

    Joe like always HOT!!!!!!
    Ashley too!!!

    Adorable Couple!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They don’t have to always hold hands.. Real couples are comfortable not touching in public



  • Laura J

    Its more likely that Ashley is using Joe and dating him for the fame I hadn’t heard of her until she started dating him. She’s a known attention seeker I’ve heard and Joe & her are two different people.

  • lilysoocute

    Opinions are like asshole everyone has one..these guys are soo cute together why does everyone care soo much? Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez are like what 46 years old and evey pic of them together they are holding hands but it not ok for 2 people in their early 20′s to hold hands..get over it ..they are having a relationship right now!! let them be..they are having fun and enjoying life..don’t act like they killed someone or they left husbands wives and kids to be is fun to watch that is for sure!

  • nathalia

    they’re soooooooo cute together and ashley’s really amzing

  • ma


  • jeezlousie

    awww :D

  • haley

    Ashley is a super sweet and hella pretty girl. Joe is hot but he’s an asshole. I think ashley could do WAY better and Joe really should be with Demi even though they never will be, they really are right for eachother but hes too big of a dick to realize it but whatever she looks happy so thats good. I dont give a fuck if hes happy though cuz he hurt Demi so FUCK YOU JOE :)

  • Lauren

    U haters r being so mean to Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kary

    cute couple♥

  • melissa

    I am not a hater I actullay like both of them it is I just dont “LIKE” them together something just seems off about this relationship idk why but something just seems off. However they do look cute together and if Joe is happy I am happy for him:)

  • Samantha

    Seriously? You’re an idiot. You know nothing about this man. A curfew? He’s 21 years old and has his own home. I’m fairly sure Ashley lives with him now anyway. He needs no one’s fame. He has more than enough of his own. Just the fact that you would say something so absurd shows how stupid you are. He’s 10000X more famous than she is. They’re a beautiful couple and it looks like they’re going to be together for a long time. They’ve already outlasted everyone’s predictions. So save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a moron next time and STFU.

  • Lauren


    I agree, except for Ashley living with Joe

    He lives with his roommates

  • stacey

    i like them

  • chey

    she’s deff using joe… just sayin’

    she’s all “uhm yeah well uhm like my boyfriend *cough* JOE JONAS *cough*…”

  • Skye

    She looks TOO old for him!! I dislike this couple.. Demi and Joe.. they were actually a CUTE couple.

  • Digi

    Cute BUT Not Jemi

  • SaadGkhan

    A guy says ‘Woopsies!’? now that’s gay.

  • Ella

    So I think, it’s already official. She admitted on national tv that Joe is her boyfriend.. Hmm..good for them!

    hmmm..sorry, the shop is CLOSED! XD

  • lilysoocute

    @Digi: Thank God not Jemi…Joe was way way too good for that Coke Whore Lovato

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    Greene seems nicer that i thought.

  • loloveisintheair

    i think they’r a cute couple. Ashley is beautiful and sweet, Joe seems nice and he’s kinda cute. They look happy, they seem to enjoy spending time with each other and that is all that matters. They are together so deal with it all you haters or whatever you are.

  • michelle

    they are adorable and a cute couple!

  • michelle

    @chey: Did you not watch the clip, she didn’t even say his name. The Host, George Lopez said it! All she said was “My boyfriend was on tour”.

  • demirocks

    It’s nice of Joe to take his two dogs for a walk.

  • ryan

    Wow, I thought she was gonna be on the show to explain her new part in Joe’s life – his personal assistant. Either that or her deal to be spokeswoman for NeuroGasm. Maybe it was both. How anybody cares for Ashley or Joe anymore is beyond me, especially Joe. They’re both doing this for publicity & Joe is making himself out to be the World’s Biggest Douchebag, Hypocrite. He has zero respect for any of the women he dates or their feelings (i.e. see relationship w/ Demi), sees them as nothing more than prizes to be won (i.e. see relationships w/ Camilla & Ashley), & who has others do the breaking up for him (see relationship w/ Taylor).

    Joe doesn’t like public relationships? Well, in the world do you call this deal w/ Ashley? Sure looks public to me, what an idiot! He’s been in 4 of ‘em now, he’s not fooling anybody. Joe & Ashley are one in the same, together for the publicity & attention. Just a word of advice Joe, next time keep your private business & your relationships on the hush. Nobody cares about what you 2 do when you’re together.

    The best woman is the one you let slip away & in turn, lost her friendship & treated her like complete dirt. Hope you’re happy.

  • wow


    I agree.

  • mendomamir

    so glad she confirm it .. I love them (:
    haters ur are jealouus..
    and I am not even a fan

  • ohwell

    I’d like to tell her what she can do with those knives. Trololol.
    Looking forward to their break up.

  • amy

    Haters, STFU and get a life! Joe and Ashley forever!

  • lolololol

    i think she’s like, blaming it on Joe or something