Ashley Tisdale & Maui: Pier 1 Pals

Ashley Tisdale & Maui: Pier 1 Pals

Ashley Tisdale‘s pup Maui pokes her head out of a bag as they head back to their car after a shopping trip to Pier 1 Imports in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 24).

The 25-year-old actress is back in town for the holidays to spend with her family — this will be niece Mikayla‘s first Thanksgiving!

Ashley was spotted out earlier this week headed to the recording studio for some voiceovers.

Did you know that Ashley will be appearing on Glenn Martin DDS Tuesday, December 14th @10PM ET/PT on Nick at Nite. The episode she’s on is called “Dad News Bears.”

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • heather

    Whatever happened to Blondie?

  • Serene

    She looks great!!
    She brought her puppy shopping !!!

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    Love Her¡¡ Greetings from Colombia

  • Taylor

    Whoa, uhmm…..she looks….natural?
    But wow. she looks much older here.
    I think shes sleepy. But shes still pretty

  • abby14

    I get that Ash loves her dog but really the dog doesn’t need to go with you when you go shopping at the darn mall.

    Poor dog gets tragged along everyplace with Ash. :(

  • abby14

    ^I meant dragged not tragged. ;)

  • abby14

    @heather: Blondie now belongs to her parents. She left to go film the first HSM movie and left Blondie with her parents. Ashley then came back after filming and Blondie didn’t want anything to do with her. She had become attached to Ashley’s father therefore Ashley desided to give Blondie to her parents. I can’t rememeber where but in an interview Ashley told this story.

  • Tomas

    Without makeup … looks quite gray

  • Sonja

    Ashley looks very tired. She needs a few days off to recover. In any case I wish her a Happy Thanksgiving with her bf Scott, her family and friends.

  • douche22222

    LOLOLOL WOW. She looks hella ugly and tired without all that makeup on.

  • Meghan

    I’m sure she is exhausted. I’d still love to look as pretty as her. It’s just a bad shot. Her dog is so cute. ;D

  • 111

    @abby14: Because Ashley really love her:)
    This is real animal love=)Other celebrities miley,selena and vanessa has a dong or dogs but I cant see them with their animals=)

  • Sarash

    @abby14: Wow thanks for the story! i didn’t know before! ;)

  • Carolina


  • Mika

    She looks SO different without the make up.

  • xax

    That’s just a bad photo. JJ puts the ugliests pic to get attention while he kisses everyones asses lol make up your mind

  • Daniela

    agree!! She looks ugly

  • teamtizz101

    i agree with @abby14 i mean really does she have to take maui everywhere, i get she loves her and before it was cute taking her everywhere but now it’s tiring and maybe she can take her neice mikayla or her sis jen sometime i mean she said on twitter that she loves her neice soooo much i am afraid when mikayla gets older she will feel left out and think her own aunt doesn’t love her anymore and i am not a hater by the way

  • Taylor

    @Daniela AGree

  • zoe

    Uggs, sweats, hoodie, no makeup… yuck.

  • lauren

    What happened to her.

  • hande

    @lauren: nothing
    she look gorgeous all of celebrities like ashley?
    what do you think about miley,selena,vanessa’s without make-up?
    They are so beautiful wth make up
    and without make up they are just pretty