Miley Cyrus: Not Dating Mike Posner

Miley Cyrus: Not Dating Mike Posner

Miley Cyrus hangs out with a few friends after a mini-birthday celebration on Tuesday night (November 23) in Los Angeles.

The pop star just turned 18 yesterday! Happy Birthday, Miley!

While she was spotted chatting with ex Liam Hemsworth outside the venue, another guy we can nix from being linked with Miley is Mike Posner.

Mike tells PopEater, “We’re not dating. “She’s a nice girl, but I’m 22 and a half.

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  • ileana

    Of course, she’s not. Everyone by now knows that she’s dating Avan

  • Delia

    Miley’s dating Avan Jogia from Victorious, so of course she’s not dating him.

  • mk

    where are the pics of liam then? she doesnt want anything to do with his sleazy ass

  • skye

    It’s been confirmed more than once that she’s not dating Avan either, My God people,can’t a single girl have a little fun without it being said that she’s dating everyone she’s seen with,she even made a joke about it! She’s dating santa claus how about that!?

  • lb

    I think she’s single. If Avan would be dating Miley he would have been there. Also he wouldn’t have said like 2 weeks ago that he has no idea how they met.

  • blahblahblah

    Not Every Guy You See With Miley Means Shes Dating Him !!!!!!

  • Monkey Man Returns

    Return of the Monkey. I thought Hemsworthless was gone. I guess he came back on her 18th birthday to collect on what he waited over a year for. Here kitty kitty. Meow. Raincoat anyone?

  • Ashley

    No just making out with them. There’s nothing wrong with not being exclusive but she’s taking it to a bit of an extreme.

  • hiha

    2 kids with 2 different husbands before she turns 22, betting starts… NOW… *tick tack*

  • 2bedatcool

    she should dat ava jogia they be good together

  • 2bedatcool

    at least he’s in her age range but at 18 she can do anything now

  • 2bedatcool

    but stil avan is a good guy for her

  • headstrong

    the day people stop complaining about what miley does with HER life, i’ll sing hallelujah ♪

  • good-one

    I guess this is what it means to truly be a “fan”, (derived from fanatic), to want all the juicy details.

  • heyjared

    thats funny what mike posner said…
    im 22 and a half…
    so?….most married couples have like 7 to 10 years difference…and now shes 18…thats only 4 or 5 years….thats barely any difference..
    *not saying that they should or would get married*

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @headstrong: u and me both. The sad part is, whenever another Disney star gets caught doing the same thing MC does. No one says anything about. It’s always Miley who gets the short end of the stick.

  • good-one

    @iTellItLikeItIs: Huh? Britney, no panties, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Lindsay, drugs and alcohol, Demi, cutting and assault? Remember those headlines? Miley is wholesome, I like her image, she’s a great role model.

  • headstrong

    @iTellItLikeItIs: that’s why i hate doble standars.

  • Warren

    What guy says they are 22 and a half? Miley really isn’t too young for him as she goes for older guys, but I’m glad. I didn’t think anyone could resist beautiful Miley. Wish I could marry legal woman Miley or at least give her a birthday kiss.

  • anne

    miley u go baby u go!!!!!

  • Maximum miley fanpage

    Miley has lots of friends..we don’t know who she is really dating..she said she wants to be single for a while. She looks like she is just having fun and she should..she works all the time for many years!
    I love you MIley!! She looks amazing and happy!

  • Digi

    miley is dating liam

  • em


    I liked that idea…… i wish she was still dating liam tho