Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Dog Walker Duo

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Dog Walker Duo

Holding onto a couple of leashes, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene takes their pups, Marlo and Winston, out for a walk around the neighborhood in Los Angeles on Friday morning (November 26).

The twosome celebrated Thanksgiving together yesterday with Ashley‘s family.

Ashley tweeted, “I’m thankful for this yummy yummy Thanksgiving Dinner with my loved ones. Annnnd I’m thankful for all my amazing fans! You guys deserve your own separate tweet :) Cant wait to read all your Turkey Day stories! Xo.”

UPDATE: After walking their pups, Joe headed out to Trader Joe’s for a few groceries while Ashley headed back to her apartment.


20+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM Images
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  • taylor

    looks like ashley and joe swapped outfits from yesterday

  • cindy92xo

    Joe finally got that dog he wanted!!! :)

    Winston Jonas<3

  • K

    no, they didn’t spend thanksgiving together.

    Joe was at Ashley’s house.

    Nick, Kevin, Danielle, Maya, Denise and Papa Jonas were together. Joe was not there.

  • lilysoocute

    Ashley is wearing Joe’s shirt I love them together!

  • Zippy

    I thought Joe was with Ash and her family? He wasn’t in the pic Mama Jonas tweeted but everyone else was :/

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They live together <333

  • J.

    Joe & Ashley did not spend thanksgiving with Joe, Kevin… but with her family!

  • Jonaslove

    Winston is TOO cute!! I don’t usually like these sorts of dogs I prefer like Ashley Tisdale’s pup and those mixes but Winston is most definitely an exeption, and then again the whole Jonas family is adorable even their dogs!!

  • ashley.rose

    Did they just like attach at the hip?
    I mean we get it you two are together.
    Now give each other some space, if you want to make it work.

  • lol

    ok this is a PR stunt , id rather have celebrity couples who lead a very private lifestyle instead of this , i prefer Robert and Kristen cause they dont sell their relationship , they want to be seen a serious actors , not the next Heidi Montague and Spencer Pratt which Ashley and Joe are turning into if they keep this crap up

  • k

    Tired of seeing them together. Doesn’t look like he spent time with his family for Thanksgiving. And a dog? Who’s going to take care of it when he’s working. Oh wait. They don’t work these days. Too busy spending time together in places where they can get there picture taken. More impressed if they kept if private.

  • lilysoocute

    @lol: What how are they turning is it PR they can’t even walk their dogs together with dumb ass people call it PR..I’m sorry I guess they should hide out in a basement somewhere so that when they rarely seen together its a way bigger deal.and everyone sworms them(ala Kstew and Rpattz) no they shouldn’t go about their lives as usually that would be dumb! Oh and Ash and Joe spent Thanksgiving in LA they probably had to dinners one with her folks and one with most couples have to do!

  • Anonymous

    @lol no you’re just bitter that you don’t get as much Robsten pics
    Back in September we were flooded with pics of them and no one of you complained
    Ashley and Joe aren’t the hiding type not every couple has to be hermits
    like Robsten. People are different. Ashley and Joe are happy together and comfortable about being seen together they even confirmed it officially so that the media and fans would stop speculating, that’s a legit couple for you there.
    It’s as if Robsten enjoy the media speculation they don’t want it to stop by just coming out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be the PR couple.

  • Anonymous

    especially how paps always happen to spot Robsten when there’s a new movie coming out or we are close to filming. Ashley and Joe has nothing to promote right now.

  • Not funny

    @ lol
    Please leave your dumb comments to yourself. Joe and Ashley are a real couple unlike Pattinson and Stewart who are all about keeping the public guessing. People in love are attached at the hip. You should try it sometime.

  • abby14

    Jared, Joe did NOT spend Thanksgiving with his family. His family was in TX (his mom tweeted a pic). Joe on the other hand was in LA with Ashley (both of them tweeted a pic of the same dining room).

  • alice

    @ k
    So basically what you’re saying is, you prefer PR couples like Robsten instead of the real deal like Jashley. Well, then, enjoy the fake and unnatural romance that is Robsten.

  • Soni

    I love these two together. I think they are perfect. And I love it when couples can share clothes, within reason of course.

  • Lauren

    Winston is soooooooo adorable

    Btw, Joe must’ve had two dinners with Ashley & his family

    That picture Mrs Jonas tweeted must’ve been taken before stoped by their house

  • amy

    why would they want to give each other space? They love each other. They should be together.

  • abby14

    @Lauren: I’m pretty sure the Jonas family was in TX where as Joe was in LA.

  • Samantha

    The Jonas family spent Thanksgiving in their LA home, not in Texas. Don’t you remember the pics of Kevin and Danielle landing at LAX a couple days ago? They wouldn’t just fly into LAX then to Dallas a day or two later! That was the front window of their LA home in the picture.

  • Lauren


    how do u know, your not even a JB fan & I can tell cause u don’t follow them on twitter

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    Pretty sure that the Jonas family spent Thanksgiving in LA. Nick is back at work in the studio both Wednesday and today. Even though Joe wasn’t in the photo Mrs. Jonas tweeted yesterday, I’m sure that he spent some of Thanksgiving Day with his family. My question is: who gets a dog on Thanksgiving Day?! That’s such bad timing with the holidays coming up! And the food!

  • gabrielle

    jashley may look in love but they’re making it look alot like a PR stunt cause they are always with eachother. they’re gonna get tired of eachother if they’re always with eachother, which will have all the gossip sites saying a break up. they weren’t with the jonas family on thanksgiving, they were with ashley’s.

  • Lauren


    U r 100% wrong & stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abby14

    @Lauren: Look again sweetheart, I do infact follow NICK JONAS therefore how would you know if I’m a jonas fan or no? Maybe I don’t like them as a whole but like each of them on their own. Plus the twitter your seeing is the twitter for my site, NOT my personal twitter. :)

  • Emma alyson

    when will they marry? xP

  • fan

    No problem for these two as a couple, but maybe the fans of Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas might want to change the couple’s monker name of “Jashley” to something else. Because the couple’s monker name of “Jashley” has been used before in years 2007, 2008 & early part of 2009 to represent the couple, Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo. Each time when a fan post comments using the monker “Jashley”, there maybe some Ashley’s fans or HSM fans might think of Ashley and Jared, eventho, their relationship has ended.

    Other websites like Eonline, and other gossip sites uses “Gronas” as the couple monker’s name for Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas. Maybe Joashley, Joshley, Ashjoe, or plan Ashley & Joe.

  • janiece

    @lol: im with you on this. they come off as both being very clingy. im all for being in love (lust in this situation) and wanting to spend time with each, but not even married couples are up each others a** like these two are. yes your together we get it, but you do have friends right? dont get me wrong, i think their actually cute together, but the relationship seems kind of obsessive

  • daleeah

    Just shut up and stop comparing joe and ashley to other couples joe was with ashley in la the jons family had dinner without them joe had dinner with ashley papa j was no where to be found. joe is a grown man he can have dinner with whoever he wants and if that’s ashley let it be it’s his life not yours

  • daleeah

    joe a grown man doesn’t matter where he spent thanksgiving at it’s his life .jashley is not a stunt it’s real love and if you are hating you have no life

  • melissa

    i seriously cnt stand these 2 together something just seems so off about this relationship and they do seem a little too clingy however if they r both happy i am happy for both of them:)

  • shaggy

    he should go out with sunny because ”she is a good Girl”

  • shaggy

    he should go out with sunny because” SUNNY IS A GOOD GIRL”

  • steffani

    them getting photographed so much is not really that unusual for joe’s relationships. so that doesn’t make them pr. also how doe’s anyone know wether or not joe and ashley did or did not spend thanksgiving at both her family and his you can spend it at more than one place. plus stop hating on a couple who have pretty much shown that they do not care what the fans think about there relationship and get your own to worry about

  • Ella

    What’s up with Ashley wearing Joe’s jacket?! :\

    I love Winston a lot!! JoeHoes (like me) already have a new baby courtesy of Winston!! If he only knew that Joe is his master.. :D

    I hope, Joe still celebrated a late Thanksgiving celebration with his OWN family.

  • chang

    Robsten fans are angry that Jashley is a happier couple and comfortable showing their affection in public. Kstew hates everything…her life theme songs is ‘I hate life” and “Everything sucks”

  • Amy

    Is It me or do they never seem to be smiling when there together, but when he was with demi he would at least smiling (even though it might have been fake — not sure). TBH he always seems to be happier without a girlfriend, but if they are happy then it’s fne, but they could at least smile once in a while.

  • Bard

    Oh Look, Joe Jonas is walking his dog… yeah take that as you will.

  • joyce

    anyone know what sweater ashleys wearing? like what brand..