Bella Thorne Opens Up About Her Dyslexia

Bella Thorne Opens Up About Her Dyslexia

In this Sunday’s episode of Shake It Up, you’ll see Bella Thorne battle on-screen with dyslexia — but did you know this is something that she battles everyday?

The 13-year-old actress chatted with JJJ about her confusion about the learning disability and learning how to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Bella shared, “Dyslexia has affected my life in a big way. At first, I was really afraid and self conscious because I didn’t feel like I was as smart as other kids and couldn’t read the way they did. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do so many things as well as other kids, and why I was learning so much slower. After I found out I had dyslexia, I was confused about how I felt.”

She continued, “In a way, I was happy to know that it was something that affects other people and that I wasn’t alone, but I also felt bad because I knew I had a big struggle ahead of me and that it may affect me my whole life. Now, I feel proud. I really work hard at reading and accept that sometimes I might get confused and that it is ok. I’m not alone. Dyslexia has taught me that if you work really hard, you can overcome great challenges.”

Add It Up” premieres THIS Sunday, November 28 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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  • Erika

    Oh, I didn’t know that!

  • http://linzie line

    This means so much to me, cause I have Dyslexia and I have been bullet for 9 years because of it, and its good to see that everyone can get it…

  • Rachel

    Poor her!!!!!!

  • good-one

    Reading is so important. It is one of the principal modes of breakout from the mind control. Surmounting dyslexia is a godsend wherever it is achieved. That deserves kudos and recognition.

    The social pressures in past ages to prevent commoners, females and then minorities from learning to read, should speak volumes as to its equalizing power.

    Just like modern social pressures on straight A students to dumb down, we have organized campaigns today against kids texting, and against spending long hours on-line, as if communication and learning are bad things. The Internet, in other words, “alternative media” is a threat to the mind control waged upon society by the powers that be. It is no wonder that one example of this new alarmism, so-called “” has direct ties to NBC.

  • mike

    What a little sweetie. She has had so much sad stuff in her life and keeps fighting. She’s so lovely inside out.

  • Keli

    ok having dyslexia is not super sad stuff but its nice to see people overcome a challenge and end up on top

  • http://twitter Zendaya coleman

    I love you Bella . I’m Zendaya :)

  • tristan

    i watched this tonight and was crying a little. bella is soo good an actress. she can do so many good things in the future. i love u bella.

  • Lopez

    It’s ok Bella if you are dyslexic every body has gone thew something like that all of my friends are dyslexic but they are cool so just chill k

  • missjazz10

    Bella it is okay because 1 of my cosuin have it and i have to help her to in the same things

  • missjazz10

    @Lopez: kklol

  • missjazz10

    Bella it’s okay cause my cousin has it two but things are happening by the lord

  • missjazz10

    merry christmas bella

  • missjazz10

    Bella it’s ok to have Dylexia god bless you

  • missjazz10

    @Lopez: okay i know that god will bless her cause my baby cousin has it

  • http://Ykniwz Tyler Harper

    Omg I did not know this that makes me sad for you Bella

  • missjazz10

    bella it really makes me fell super sad

  • Ringo 1313

    I see what she is gong through it is really hard
    It isn’t fair that some People have to life there life like that

  • Chidera

    She is so pretty and talented and has a lot of patential for a young girl.
    She deserves the best for coming this far so quickly. Dislexia is a serious disorder that makes it diffucult to get the education you need.
    But apperently this young girl doesn’t let anything get in her way.
    She knows that they are no excuses. She has a very long road ahead.

  • Want2b famous

    I kind of have dyslexia; All my reading assignments get fuzzy, I can’t read the promethean board, and words seem to disappear. I can write perfectly fine, but I wake up terrified I may have to read a section in class. I stutter with words, and people snicker. People can be mean a lot more then you think: our Lord created us to be unique and for people to accept each other, not to be snickered at. If someone has an issue like me and Bella, then people have to accept that we have to work harder and concentrate more. I think people like me and Bella should be proud of ourselves; which we are! I am even in the highest math and spelling because I fight it so much!

  • http://@nile97 rachel barnhart

    bella, ur an amazing person. l thought that just because u were famous and on t.v. that u never had a sad time or struggled like we do or did, but now l know. l don’t have dyslexia, but l have suffered peer abuse in school for 5 years. l’ll try not 2 let it effect me :) :)

  • http://CHLOE161099 CHLOE

    She is a really great role model to dyslexic people.
    She`s overcame alot of things and I don`t think people realise what it is like.
    I personally don`t have dyslexia but my 10 year old cousin has it, and he struggles alot and I feel sorry for both of them.

    Go Bella, you`re amazing (: xxx

  • fotini

    bella δεν πειράζει έχω και εγώ απλά μην το σκέφτεσαι I love you!!!!!!!!

  • fotini

    νομίζω οτι οι δισλεκτικοι πρεπει να ειναι γενικα ηρεμοι. Το καλυτερο γι αυτους νομιζω οτι ειναι να πανε σε καποιο ιδικο γιατρο για να τους προτινει μια θεραπια το ξερω επιδη εχω και εγω δισλεξια οταν πηγα στον γιατρο μου εδωσε θεραπια. Ισως πρεπει να το δοκιμασεις. I love you Bella (***)

  • blah

    @Zendaya coleman: ya right! anyone can say they are zendaya coleman!

  • skittles

    omg bella i am so sorry! you never realize how hard some peoples lives are until you hear about them! you are so amazing and a wonderful role model for not just dyslexics but everyone! i love you! u r so amazing and i didnt know you really had it until now! filming that episode must have been really hard for you im so sorry!!!!!!! C: you sre truly amazing

  • rachel barnhart

    Hey it’s me again! I still feel bad and sad for bella! :* I cried a little and teared up when I saw Shake It Up when I found out she had Dyslexia. I didn’t really suffer peer abuse like you did, I just wanted to make you feel better. I suffered emotional abuse… In the 2nd grade and for 5 years just like you! I feel kinda better now I’m not bullied! :)

  • http://twitter babywritethisdown

    I understand Bella i have it too..

  • Kami

    @Zendaya coleman:

    Zendaya, Ur not the real Zendaya. Ok? Shouldn’t we all know that? But if you are the real Zandaya I love you!!!

  • courtney

    I saw that episode of Shake It Up only I didn’t think she really had it

  • keely thomas

    ur probley lieing i bet

  • Manderz550

    Hey bella, I think God made people special for a reason. And he let you have dislexia. and he knew you could over come it! Thats why you are on the show shake it up! He knew nothing would stand in your way of letting you have your dream. Keep up the great work! you are a beautiful girl and a TERRIFIC actress!!! I look up to you! You are my idol! I love you!! (:

  • http://ayyoo_ashlee ashlee

    i didn’t know she had dyslexia in real life…well guess wat! THIS IS 4 ALL THE DYSLEXIC KIDS PLZ READ!! if u think dyslexia is a “weird disorder” than your wrong….dyslexia is NOT a weird disorder..million’s of ppl have it and if u cry sometimes or everyday u should stop because guess wat? u know wat dyslexia say’s about?? that your TWICE as hard as ppl think u r :) u know EVERY1 has some kind of bagage that they have 2 carry around there WHOLE LIFE!!! and your’s is dyslexia :)….my kind of bagage is my ENORMOUS FEET!!!! just like zendaya’s!!!!! ;D but anyway this message was 4 ALL of the dyslexic kids so plz read and i hope this makes u feel MUCH better in life!!!!!! :)

  • http://d alethea

    i love you bella you rock and you are like my idol i am going to follow my dreams just like you did and belive that my dream can happen.and i wach shake it up every single night.I LOVE YOU BELLA

  • http://d alethea

    i love you bella

  • Nellie

    Bella i don’t have any family thats dyslexic but i have a friend that is and i knew you were dyslexic and you’re really supportive to everybody and you stand out to everybody and i’m really sorry for when you were a kid because bullies would tease you and pick on you because you did’nt speak english you spoke spanish and they teased you for being dyslexic and they called you stupid and dumb well i would’nt have, and you really try to stand up to bullies and i know why because their mean and they hurt people,Bella you’re one of a kind and you should appreciate that, and i know you do i love you Bella have fun learning spanish again.

  • 9252mg

    wow, i did not no this i bet it is hard for her. how do you learn bella

  • Mabeline

    Hey Bellla this is your biggest fan!!!! POor U people say tht do not have do U really hve it or not

  • http://twitt Chyna

    I real look up to as a roumodel.And a good person I feel the same way. your story is great most people would laugh at the fact that you were below grade level some asme in math Iamproud of you for staying srong and not giving up.

  • Carlos

    Nobody’s perfect. We all have one flaw maybe even more. I have a disorder although it’s not to serious. Your right Bella your not alone. Neither am I. Non of us are.

  • someone

    bella i it to and i know how you feel

  • Zoey

    It’s bad that she has that and all but I really really reeeaaallly hate her so much.I know there are other people like me and that makes me happy.Also I want to fill this whole message thingy out so I am just typing this.Hope I get to the end soon…

    hate her

    dislike her

    omg so many characters to fill out

    halfway there


    its almost midnight when im posting this

    im gettin there…



  • http://yahoo Nadya newby

    Hey!!! Its ok if you have dyslexia, everybody has somthing about then that they dont like or think that they have something wroung with them, so its ok.I have A.D.D and i can not focous in school but i’ve over come that and u can to!!!

  • Lexy

    I also have Dyslexia and it is very hard for me. p’s are q’s b’s are d’s v’s are u’s and I feel so dumb. You are my inspiration. I admire you and I can relate to you. I also have ADHD and it makes it 100x harder. You’ve helped me stay strong and keep my head up high (:

  • http://facebook meimei

    bell thorn is a great dancer my sister wants to be just like here.she has battle a bunch of things that has been really hard but there”s nothing that she can not cuz i have a problem to

  • diamondshore369

    i feel sooo sorry 4 u bella. i hope god blesses your heart! also hi zendaya i liked what u said about bella

  • http://gmail diamondshore369

    may gob bless ou art iliked what zendaya said about you

  • prj

    Hi Bella, i am 13 and i am a dyslexic too and i had the same problems as you with your dyslexia. i was diagnosed with dyslexia three years ago and i had allot of troubled with all of my subjects in school and no one liked me because i was different, but after i was diagnosed i transferred school and went to another school and i was going into 5th grade reading at a 1st grade reading level. i was at that school for 2 years and then went to Jackson creek middle school and worked really hard and i am going into 8th grade and i am reading at a 9th grade reading level.

  • Kasmae Adams

    <3 I been new she had that <3

  • http://Jssmssk Kylie

    Its not a sob story. Tons of people have dyslexia. Tons of people overcome it. She’s only getting attention for it because she’s famous. Maybe she should work on improving her dancing (which sucks) and her acting (which is worst) instead of complaining about a reading problem. People go through worst. Like cancer.