First 'Breaking Dawn' Pic Is OUT!

First 'Breaking Dawn' Pic Is OUT!

Check out a glimpse of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Courtesy of director Bill Condon, he writes on the official Twilight Twitter account: “Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours.” What a Thanksgiving gift!

Be sure to check out all the recent Breaking Dawn filming pics, too!

Can you believe there’s less than a year until the film hits theaters?! The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I opens up November 18, 2011.

Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Summit Entertainment
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  • Taya

    i can’t wait !

  • Cellie

    Ah…..The feather scene, I remember that. May we see more sneak peeks for Breaking Dawn Part 1 please?

  • amy

    twilight is wayyy overrated.

  • Mika

    Twilight is truly overrated. I was a fan of the books mainly due to the romance. After the movies, the crazy obsessed fans, it’s not like it used to be. I bet Kristen and Robert are glad that it’s coming to an end.

    Anyways, Breaking Dawn movies are the ones I want to see the most. It’ll be really interesting how they portray certain parts. Is this photo Bella holding on to some feathers after some fun times with Edward? Haha, I really have no idea. What is this?

  • sahina

    the sex scene obviously. What a start.

  • headstrong

    i thinnk this is the wors adapted movie ever
    but i dont know why i feel like watching this movie

  • ash

    LOL @ ppl saying it’s overrated yet they
    are reading a article about twilight. lol so
    lame. im excited for this movie a lot more
    than i was for the other one’s. there is gonna
    be a BLOOD and lots of sex. hopefully they don’t
    fuck this one up like eclipse. still enjoy the
    movies though i wouldn’t even liked it so much if
    it wasn’t for rob and kristen. they actually make the
    movie worth watching. the books are good but
    not great. still enjoyable though.

  • sahina

    Same here. It may be pretty pointless, splitting it up in 2, but i will probably watch them once. I just hope they don’t put a fight scene in part 2, since it was just a stand-off.

  • nicole

    That’s their teaser? Her arm and some feather from her sexitimez with Edward? Oh, come on. Give me something good, at least.

    I’m keeping my expectations for this movie very, very low. I don’t understand how they can split this book into two films. There isn’t enough plot line for four hours worth of movie. Nothing really happens in the book. It’s like a giant epilogue with a faux-fight.


    Plus, I can only imagine the pedophilia!fail about to happen with the interpretation of Jacob and Renesmee. Personally, I love the idea of Jacob getting his happy ending, but there’s no way the director is going to be able to make this so the critics don’t all instantly pull the “WTF” card on it, especially not after the “Yeah, imprinting is instant romantic love and that’s just how it works so stop asking” explanation failure we got in Eclipse.

  • ksmnj

    i’m not a big fan of twilight but it seems like breaking dawn will be a great movie. is there where they have sex and born a little girl ?

  • lol


    i agree somewhat with ur statement specially abt the making the movie into 2 parts found it unnecessary , just a way to battle with the HP franchise imo

    But abt the Jacob imprinting thing? Only closed minded and perverted ppl are the ones who see it as pedophilia , imprinting is a spiritual connection between two ppl mixed with “love at first sight thing , u should reread Breaking Dawn , maybe most of the little girls in the fandom can be able to understand the book now

  • M

    Pssh, this pic says a lot. I hope its not going to be boring….The only thing exciting in this movie will be the tension. The sexual tension and the almost-but-not-quite-fight-scene tension…Making it into two parts was a mistake too.

  • Teen

    Splitting up the Harry Potter movie and the Breaking Dawn movies are for the fans and people involved in their respective franchises. Critics or casual movie goers will just want to be told a good story in three hours. NOT have to wait half a year/ one year to be told the other half. This move is to appease the fans because they don’t want their beloved franchise to end, NOT to please anyone else. People who want Breaking Dawn to end quickly and Twilight to disappear are not the one that the studio bosses are targeting when they made the decision to split the movie. It is the loyal fans who have embraced and followed the franchise/story since the beginning. Same goes for the Harry Potter naysayers who want that franchise to end. No respectable critic would say that splitting the movie into two was a good decision for the movie and the casual movie goer as a whole. It would be perfect for the fans, however.

    Splitting the movies is for fans and the people who work on the movies. Fans so that more parts in the books will be incorporated into the movies and stay true to the books. For the people who make the movies so that they can keep their job for another year/ half a year/ three months. No matter what people say about ten years/four years is too long, I think anyone would want to keep a stable, well paying, highly successful job for as long as they can as long as it stays highly successful and at the top.

  • Wishuponastar

    @nicole: Guess what i agree with yu..but i think they are splitting it in two movies becuz they hardly portrayed what the public wanted to see from ecipse (the book)….so i hope they put in EVERYTHING since they splitting it up..but the impriting thing is absolutely positively goin to be ridiculous i loved it in the bok..but there is NO way on earth they are goin to get an 18 year old to be falling in love with a 9 year old…..while making it look sane… still looking foward to seeing how it will turn out cuz i love the books…

  • SJO

    Yeah, okay. I’m guessing that this is the scene after they uh, you know… Not the worst teaser they could have done but still.

    The whole JAcob Renesmee thing, I don’t agree with it AT ALL! (infact i cant stand it) but i do have to say this, imprinting is not always a romantic love. it even says so in the book. sure it may grow into it, and if it does that’s his sick problem, but it could also be just pure friendship or a sibling like love. Still critics probably will say something about this.

  • j-ann

    this is when they do it during their honeymoon

  • Hpfanforever

    Twilight sucks. I’ve read the books and seen the movies, thats why i say it sucks. They only split the movie to compete with Harry Potter. Twilight can never win. i don’t know why am i even mentioning Harry Potter with this stupid excuse for a movie twilight.

  • klio

    Why are they braking this movie in two parts???? It`s not Harry Potter where there is so many details you have to make two movies! Braking Down has smaller amount of informations than Order of Phoenix and that was one movie! So stupid, just trying to copy HP! To bad they can`t copy their box office success!

  • melissa

    omg i cant wait!!!

  • annfghj

    I think the movie is going to be amazing, alot better then the other 3, which is surprising since this is the book I hated, alot of high expectations!!!

  • lauren

    what the hell is that?

  • Emma

    @klio: i so agree with you..HP had a lot of things to tell n thats why it was needed to split it up so that the fans are satisfied with the film like the book but i really don’t think there is a need to do that with breaking dawn….

  • circledaybreak

    I love the twilight books cant wait for breaking dawn.

  • Gaby


  • KETie

    wat is the feather scene can u explain plz

  • angel

    Breaking Dawn ~ I can not wait!

  • angel

    I am a Chinese girl ~ I like Rob ~ I like the Twilight

  • http://@francesj143 francesj143

    i love twilight i’m obessed. LMAO

  • chantal

    oh wow *sarcasm* y put a picture of just feathers bella’s holdin? cant they give us more? but anyways im 13 & i bet my mom wont let me watch it cause of the u no wat & blood. i’ve read the book 2 times. i love it. but i really wanted bella & jacob 2gether. yeah my mom thinks i faint from the sight of blood(btw, its not true). i hate wen she says “oh she gets dizzy wen she sees blood.” I DONT!!! ugh but anyways yeah i probably wont b able 2 c it. :( :,(

>>>>>>> staging1