Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Beso Dinner Date

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Beso Dinner Date

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene leave Beso after having dinner together on Friday (November 26) in Hollywood.

The couple held hands as they made their way into and out of the Mexican eatery and even stopped to pose for pics with some fans!

For lunch, Joe, 21, and Ashley, 23, went to Cheebo for some Italian food.

Earlier in the day, the two were spotted taking their dogs for a walk.

Joe also picked up some groceries from Trader Joe’s while Ashley headed back to her apartment.

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  • Cassidy

    Those are some fierce looking boots. Wished the papz backed off though.

  • ivory

    overrated couple

  • Carrie

    I think that demi and joe where the best couple

  • caro

    joe, ashley y denise jonas together in restaurant

  • Vicky V.

    them again…

  • melissa

    after like a few days,i dont think they r really dating.i think they r just dating so they can b more famous or sumthing cuz it seems like every time they r going sum where ppl always c them leaving!!! i hope im right tho!!! haha

  • Rome

    If it bothers some of you so much, why do you click on the link to read the news. I mean the title of the article is simple enough >.>

  • pandora

    Cute couple but wow she must be short since most of his ex’s have been much taller than Joe apart from Demi. Hope that young girl is getting well and that the haters will back of her a bit.

  • Lauren


    u r 100% wrong

  • Ashley

    I don’t like the flannel and leather look but I think they make a cute couple.

  • Lawrence



    joe jonas is always dating pretty girls and then when he gets over them he dumps them like taylor,demi then her wait in a few weeks she will get dump and be sad or angry hes a player good thing i never be dating him

  • Inna

    oh god. i reallly try not to mind them, but no. can’t take it anymore.

    i find it really uncanny that theres paps surrounding them 24/7.

  • Storm

    i hope joe doesn’t break her heart like he broke taylor swift and demi lovato’s

  • ness

    right so they go to Beso.. a place known be swarmed by papz!!! They love the attention.

  • Lauren



    I hate when the papz have to bother when they r just having some dinner, but they r getting used to it

  • daaa

    has joe jonas dated every female in Hollywood yet?

  • jj17

    Hate them!

  • chang

    demi fans should just not clicked on jashley post, u guys sound like an idiot hating on this couple

  • Ella


  • well well well



  • melissa

    Now I am givin u all my opioion about how i feel about these two going out so like dont hate on me ok: i think it is a PR Stunt we all know that Joe is a player and that he has NEVER been in a serious relationship and rebound girls dont usually last as long so I am givin this couple like a few more months and Joe will b with some other grl also i like both of them but i just dont like both of them together something just seems so off about this relationship idk why something just seems off about these two going out however as long as they r BOTH happy I will b happy for BOTH of them:)

  • meizziTax

    que le ve de bn a esa chica

>>>>>>> staging1