Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson Want To Work Together Again

Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson Want To Work Together Again

Although Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are almost done with their stints as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, they’re looking forward to a future project together.

Daniel, 21, opened up to the Japan Times about working with Emma again in the future.

He shared, “It would depend (on) the project. But of course I’d want to see Emma again and work with her. She’s very talented — she was to begin with. We’ve all really grown, in creative and emotional terms, through each of the films. It’s been like an incredible and elite and . . . tremendously rewarding school to go through and learn from. I could say it’s Hogwarts and then some.”

TELL JJJ: What type of project would you like to see Daniel and Emma reunite in?

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  • ruby

    They should totally do a comedy!! lol
    Hey anyone have a link to demis recent video from rehab?!

  • ana

    of course!!!!!!!!!! they have such an amaizing chemistry!!!!! i really wnat them to work togheter again!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    i would love to see them in a comedy also but a romantic comedy.i really think these Daniel and Emma have feelings for each other. If not emma than Daniel does. He does say they have grown in emotional terms.

  • mackenzie farrell

    I think they should do an action spy film together just a thought

  • lol

    DREW FOREVER !!!! (FYI DREW means Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson ) LOL!!

  • Ericka

    They should do a romantic movie together. That would be amazing.

  • Lea

    What about Rupert?! The three of them should reunite for another project :)

  • Nicole

    A romantic movie, ftw! They have such chemistry… it can’t be wasted!

  • Emmy

    Aww! I totally love them as a couple, so a rom com would be good.

    Or anything with those two together. I always loved Harmony, and I always love anything with Dan and Emma.

    Good Luck to the two of you! <333

  • Lisa

    They should be a romance movie or a thriller with a side of romance in it or maybe a period piece ( Like Pride and Prejudice). As long as they end up together.. I grieve for Harry and Hermione the couple that should have been.

  • Heloise

    NO, it’d have to be something in which they hated each other tremendously.
    but that’s unlikely to happen for at least another ten hears (see titanic)
    it’d be just too close to hermione and harry seeing them together on screen so soon after the franchise
    they have to grow apart and then grow together again

  • Malia

    To be honest, I wouldn’t want to see them alongside eachother as anyone other than Harry and Hermione. At least, not anytime soon. Maybe in a decade or so… It’s hard enough for me to deal with the fact that they’re no longer filming ‘Potter’, I can’t handle them taking on new co-starring roles :( And, to be honest, I’m not sure that I’d find any other fictional interaction between them believable. They ARE Harry and Hermione, in a way.

  • Erika

    They should do a Romance movie together. They have such great chemistry. It would turn out great! Whatever it is, I hope to see them in another movie together in the future.

  • http://twitter.com/suupitstracy tn

    They should do a romantic comedy :)

  • Mika


    So true, so true.

    But if it were to happen, I’d love a sweet, simple romance movie. :)

  • Celia

    I have a feeling a lot of the HP actors will be working together again down the road…considering…every single UK actor/actress has been in the HP movies.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I love Dan and Emma!!!!!!! They are a cute couple!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com gabyyy

    Sex scene…. i joke :d
    They are amazing and talented actors :):):):)
    Love them

  • unnie_Sophia


  • http://twitter.com/vaCiLikiJMacJB jonas4life

    another harry potter film with tom felton and rupert grint please?????:P
    jk :P
    maybe a comedy would be a good one!!

  • HPfan

    Wow! So great! I’m always hope Daniel & Emma to work together again in another project.
    I’ve just watched Harry Potter 7. So amazing & a little funny. Love HP now & forever.

  • Lisa

    Okay, no offence but I don’t think they should do a “simple romantic movie” or comedy :p They’re both amazing actors, so them doing a SIMPLE movie would be … corny and it wouldn’t success like HP-movies.

  • miki

    My favorite scene’s Harry Hermione Dance there’re a lot of chemistry

  • circledaybreak

    An action adventure romantic comedy love to see them together again.

  • Jackie

    I would love to see them do a romantic comedy or a great suspense story. Espeically Emma she kicks butt. But definitly whatever the project is it will be a treat to see them working together again, and throw in Rupert and i’ll be the first in line for a ticket.

    In my opinion all three have great chemistry as a group but also are very talented in their own right. So whatever projects they feel like taking on in the future i know they will be amazing. :)

  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong

    a romantic movie!!
    i love the chemistry between dan and emma!! <3

  • http://twitter.com/ratihdewi05 caramelite

    No offense, but I’m more hoping that Tom and Emma will work together again in another movie project. A romantic comedy perhaps? Oh yum. :D

  • Miia

    I prefer Emma and Rupert, but maybe it’s because they have an awesome chemistry as Hermione and Ron.

    But I would definitly love to see Emma, Dan and Rupert together again!

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    They’re the best!!!!!!!!!! HP Cast Forever!!!

  • Barbiecakes


  • sheryl

    i sure do… so love them both… if not with hp, then il look for their new movie together,,, they’l be a perfect couple:)

  • lisa

    Yes they have mad chem. something romantic + comedic.

  • http://dkdiluvio diana

    of course, they’re great actors, they can do anything! romantic comedy and action will do! :)

  • http://dkdiluvio diana

    of course! they’d make a cute couple! they’re great actors obviously so a romantic comedy and action will do! but it depends, Dan and Emma could actually pull it off! :)

  • Maria

    i would love to see them do a romantic comedy together.
    they have such a great chemistry.
    i Bet dan has some feeling for her xD

  • http://twitter.com/ingridsheena Ingrid

    Romantic comedy :) love them both!

  • luna

    logico q romance’ comno elle diz:qui tem uma forte quimica então romance vei” e nos filmes do harry potter elles diviam ficar junto ella tem nada a ver com o rony na minha opnião:)

  • lily frog

    I would love to see them together in a film, but it’s so confused that harry potter wont be the film! I think there wont be no film like HP series, I cant imagine that they’re kissing in a love film? OMG it sucks.
    If they can do it, I think it will be curious like seeing Emma in Ballet Shoes film. Suck IT!

  • hania

    i hope and i pray that they will get marry as soon i love u so so so so so much dan and emm and rupert also luv u

  • ryx

    a romantic comedy or a period film…

    like us on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daniel-Radcliffe-Emma-Watson-Movie-Campaign/167342669973736 :)

  • evee

    Something romantic.. maybe a little bit of drama. They have chemistry. I love it!

  • flo

    another Romeo and Juliet remake? Maybe a modern version. They do have incredible chemistry, it was evident from the first movie.

  • Lilly8888

    They should either do a Rom-com now e.g (Juno) or romantic/drama in about 10 years e.g (Revolutionary Road). I love Dan + Emma’s friendship and I hope they do work together again.

  • Abbas

    My favorite scene’s harry hermion dance there’re alot of chemistry

  • Abbas