Demi Lovato: Thanksgiving Thanks For Fans!

Demi Lovato: Thanksgiving Thanks For Fans!

Demi Lovato sends a happy smile to us in this newly uploaded video for her fan club.

The 18-year-old actress/singer shares in the video to her fans, “Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very, very thankful for all of you and I appreciate all the support you guys give me.”

Demi pre-recorded this message for the club and it’s not from her time spent in treatment.

Demi Lovato: Happy Thanksgiving
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  • Listen to mayday parade

    Now that we all know that her giant smile and overly nice attitude was fake, where do we go from here? Is she still gonna have a career.. I won’t lie – I like her. She has potential. But def should take a few years off. Maybe go to college.

  • Ego

    @Listen to mayday parade

    @Listen to mayday parade: Kind of presumptuous wouldn’t you say? How do you know her attitude was fake? Just because she needed help means that she’s a phony? What a horrible thing to say about anyone. As far as still having a career, you are aware that her show is still on the air right? And Disney made no move to replace her or anything? In fact they worked AROUND her schedule so they can accomidate her treatment stint. Not to mention the fan support alone pretty much tells us that she still has followers.

    But I will agree that taking a few classes wouldn’t be a bad thing. I even suggested on her page.

  • Saira

    She is so nice ! People should lay off about her in rehab she is trying to get better he need our (the fans) support : )

  • Andi

    aww i know this is pre recorded but its still nice to see demi, especially happy.
    love you demi
    peace & love

  • Ella

    We all miss you Dem!! <3

  • ma


    hope you come back soon even stronger! you’re the best!

  • headstrong

    this is old isnt it?

  • peetl

    First off ‘Listen to mayday parade’ I’m not going to listen to that garbage (pretty sure any pack of kids with instruments sounds like them). Second, your comment is just a rouse. You don’t know of anything fake about Demi.

    and headstrong; Thanksgiving just happened before the weekend for Americans. You people make me sad.

  • Erika

    I hope she is getting better XD

  • good-one

    Demi, you’re in our prayers.

  • Katherinejoyce

    I ♥ you Demi and God bless you. #1MonthWithoutDemi


    Oh demi i really miss you… you can imagine how im feeling right now… i miss you… THE ONLY THING THAT I WISH IS THAT YOU ARE OK


  • summerluver123

    I am not a fan of demi but good for her!

  • YAY ME

    I love you soooooooooo much Demi !!!
    Your The Best

  • Miia

    Demi actually surprised me. She’s really brave to ADMIT she needs help. Just because of that, she has my total suport!

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Get Well Soon Demi Lovato

    I’ve made this video just for you and the video link is below.

    I hope you like it because it made me think of you and I added some pictures of cute cats because Cats are totally cute.