AJ Michalka Joins 'Hellcats!'

AJ Michalka Joins 'Hellcats!'

Looks like wishes do come true!

AJ Michalka will be heading up to Vancouver to join big sister Aly.

According to Zap2It, the 20-year-old actress will be joining the cast of Hellcats as a girl who works at a record store near Lancer University.

AJ once told JJJ, “I would love to be a part of that show one way or another. Whether I’m playing a family member of Marti’s or I’m just a random character in the background. I would love to be a part of it.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see AJ on Hellcats?

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty, The CW
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  • http://alyajthebestintheworld.forumcommunity.net/ Aly&Aj.fan

    What an amazing News <33333
    can’t wait!!

  • joanne

    wow, wonder how she got the job

  • itsmeagain

    is she gonna be added as a regular or as just a guest star?

  • taylor

    What a joke.

    I really like Hellcats, but I feel bad for the actors who actually had to work hard and audition for their roles. Whereas she just gets it handed to her because of her sister.

  • KD

    seriously? Can’t Aly work alone without having to have her sidekick sister there.. dang hope its just one episode and for like a brief second. Guess all the asking and probably begging paid off

  • Samantha

    stuuuupid. the shows not out here. but like, why the hell is she going to be on it? Becaus of her sister? big reason.

  • Soraya

    helloooo don’t be jealous people!
    You would have done the same in her case, and who told you she didn’t work hard to audition?
    Congratulations Amanda!!!

  • http://queenkxoxo.tumblr.com/ xoKel_Belxo

    Awe! yay!! i love that they have such a close sister bond! if i didnt know that AJ was younger i would swear they were twins!! so happy for them!! i would love working with my sister in this business, its crazy so its good to have people close to you, so why not your sister?!

  • zoe

    hell to the no..aj does not deserve that spot. hopefully shes a person in the backround or a guest star.

  • pop86

    AJ needs to get out from under her sister shadow, and find projections that will allow her to shine as an individual.

  • J

    Her and sister are WAY too close. It’s kinda creepy and weird in a way. Anyways, if you were in her also in her position; you would hire family over someone else too.

  • michy

    Eh.. not really a big fan of AJ. I hope it’s just a one time thing. I hope they don’t start singing or something. It’d be better for Aly to do her own thing without her little sister joining in.

  • http://twitter.com/zendayaonline shelby

    i cant wait to see aj on hellcats i love aly and aj and the showwwww!!! its amazinggg im so happy there sisters and sharing the same thing that there passionte about i love seeing them work together they inspire me :)

  • summer

    Eww. dont give me wrong i do like aly and aj, but come on! it’s true the actors auditions and all, and she get a gig because her sister is it it? it’s she’s a regular it’s going to be weird. especially since they are singers in real life so them together in a tv show or movie would be ridiculous.

  • http://ashleytisdale.com Patty

    not really a big fan of AJ…

  • sydney

    just when she thought she was getting away..
    ah whatever. i like them two, as long as she doesn’t become a regular..
    that’ll be annoying.

  • alex

    Yay, nepotism!

  • Karina

    How do any of you even know if she just got handed the role because of her sister, for all you know, she could have auditioned as well.

  • ZJ

    @Karina: Completely agree! Just because her sister is part of the series, doesn’t mean AJ was just given the role like that.
    FYI, she was cast in huge movies last year…
    I’m pretty excited cz she has the talent :)

    Let’s wait and see what they have for her character :)

  • Gossip Girl

    I only watch the series because of Aly and Tisdale. And not to sound mean, but Aly has much more acting potential than Aly. Aly has done 3 Disney DComs, a Disney show, She was in Easy A and Bandslam and she now has another show [Hellcats] so yeah. She’s def more entertaining than AJ.

  • toughlittleprissyknowitall

    Let’s face it@ZJ: And what big movie is that? I don’t hate them, what I hate is having everything you want without working SOOOOO hard for it whereas the others wanting to be star had to crawl first. Let’s face it, you can enter the showbiz world or a project either by who you know, your talent or your face. In AJ’s case, well, it’s more of who you know her sister is a big in hellcats. Maybe the role wasn’t just handed to her and she really did auditioned, but there is no doubt that her sister can do something about it. That’s the reality of showbiz. I must admit she has some talents and the face, but the others are right, she should let her sister do her own thing without her tailing behind.