UnNatural History Cancelled

UnNatural History Cancelled


After just one season, Cartoon Network’s UnNatural History has been cancelled, according to Deadline.

The series, starring Kevin Schmidt, Jordan Gavaris and Italia Ricci, followed Griffin, the skilled son of globetrotting anthropologists solving the postmodern mysteries of high school.

Premiering in June, the show opened with 1.4 million viewers on Sunday nights before moving to Tuesday nights. UnNatural History was Cartoon Network’s first live-action series.

ARE YOU SAD about UnNatural History‘s cancellation?

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  • laurenm

    BOOOOOO!! i blame Tower Prep.

  • Ella

    I loved this show it was one of my favortie american shows on television. I liked how it was like blake holse high but instead of science it was history i hate history yet i found theirs to be awsome.

  • Anisha

    NOOOOOO I loveeeeee that show :( UGH that show was sooo good<3

  • good-one

    I watched it.

  • mrsdestinyhope


  • itsmeagain

    MAN this sucks so BADLY ! It was like one of the ONLY shows worth watching on that Network. At least Tower Prep and Generator Rex are still around. Those shows are amazing as well. But WHY CARTOON NETWORK ? WHY! I kind of fiigured that it had been canceled though since the first season was SO SHORT. Oh well, I wish the best of luck to the cast. They are really talented actors.

  • simon

    Great show! I cant believe it got canceled. It was so fun and interesting. Smart writing. CN seems to be going down with its programming.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @simon: that’s because kids of today dpn’t know a great show when they see one. They’re too busy watching crappy shows like “Adult Swim”, “Chowder”, “Total Drama Action”, and ” Dude, “What Would Happen”. People should be watching shows like this, Tower Prep, Generator Rex, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • 2bedatcool

    i like tower prep bettter its more fun

  • Yesica

    I loved this show, why would they cancel it? It was the only show really worth watching on that network, all their cartoons suck. It had drama, action, mystery, you name it. Bad call in my opinion.

  • catystorres

    i love that the best cast member on the show was excluded from this article. wtf?

  • Jaz

    It’s worth watching. It’s, fun, interesting, and thrilling! I’m not sure why they put it on cartoon net work. This really sucks!
    Come on! I hope some other net work picks up this show.

  • SJ

    I blame the fact that it was moved to Tuesdays. Seriously now! At least on Sundays people could watch the show. When it was moved to Tuesdays, many people are at school or working. It was a stupid move >.< I really liked it. I actually liked it more than Tower Prep.

  • natattack

    this is bullshit. this show was amazing. i miss kevin, jordan and italia already<3

  • http://www.twitter.com/btrnumber1fans maria

    why is it over i loved that show it was the best thing on cartoon network!

  • http://musicgil199798 Alexandra

    This was one of my favorite shows!!! why???

  • Edie

    Why? I loved that show! They need to cancel Destroy Build Destroy, and Dude What Would Happen; those shows are crap! Unnatural History was a great show, it’s not even fair. :/

  • Dez

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im so upset! When I found out, my heart just dropped. And hello? where the f*** is Jordan Gavaris (Jasper) on this article?

  • stopscreaming

    of course i’m sad! it was so good!

  • stopscreaming

    of course i’m sad. it was such a good show.

  • Erin

    This was one of my favorite shows also, It had everything for the imagination, history and alot of fun. To Cancel it would be a great disservice to all the viewers who loved it.

  • jeff

    I am 53 my son is 9. This was one of the best shows the two of us could sit down and watch. Cartoon Network you should be ashamed of yourself. The mighty buck you are seeking has caused alot of sadness………….

  • willa

    AWW MAN!! that was the only show i actually liked watching on tv and looked forward too. man. :/ i wish there was a season two. *sadness* DX why’d they cancel it?! IT WAS BRILLIANT!! ……………..

  • Kristen

    It`s a nice show! This show makes history more interesting, you know! Why cancel? :(

  • natalie

    SOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE TOWER PREP BUT UNNATURAL HISTORY IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jT


    The picture for “Unnatural History” shows three people, how could you completely ignor the fact Jordan Gavaris (Jasper) is a key component of the cast?

    I think you owe his fans and Jordan a huge apology. Someday his star may shine very bright and you will be remembered as the guy who was too blind to even acknowledge his presence in a studio photo. This is an a example of very poor reporting on your part.

    To be cool, JJJ you need to make right.

  • Henry4ever

    Ahhh!! WHY DID THEY CANCEL THIS!?? IT WAS THE BEST SHOW ON CABLE!! I mean, I understand 90 % of the people who watched it weren’t smart enough to like it, but why cancel it!??

    …..Oh. -_-”

  • Thetruth

    Your right those are LAME shows!!!!!!!!!! This was one of the good ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was one of the ones that my whole family would watch together! Then they had to cancel it even though it got more views than Tower Prep though Tower Prep is still a good show. To CN- get your heads on straight ya STUPID ya NITWITS

  • Thetruth


  • Bjacks

    I think that is complete bs! I loved this show! It WAS the best show on TV (although tower prep is amazing too). I will never stop petitioning to cancel shows like Chowder and Dudes What Would Happen and re-establishing this one and continuing TP.

  • EH

    ahh man!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t start watching the show until the 6th episode but it was still amazing. I really loved all historical mysteries in the series. It made history more fun to learn. At least they still have Tower Prep, but I heard that after the second season or even the first season, they’ll cancel the show!

  • kys

    WtF!! why is this show cancelled…..Even though I can’t stand history..It was great see someone put a spin on it. Thats what made the show amazing to watch every week…i guess its back to hating history again

  • http://facebook.com zero745

    this suck

  • http://facebook.com zero745

    this sucks i loved unnatural history it was my favorite show why did they cancel it anyway i like tower prep to but unnatural history was so much cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandy

    aw man i loved that so why did they cancel it, was the only good show on cartoon network cause the only cartoons i watch is pink panther, tom and jerry and the original scooby doo all the other cartoons suck! but at least tower prep came on soon afterward and i loved that too i hope that wont be cancelled also the guys on those shows are so hot

  • Gina Reynolds

    Unnatural history is amazing! dont cancel! bring it back

  • RH

    This show was smart and entertaining I don’t think it was tower prep fault really I think the network just made a bad decision hopefully the realize it and bring it back for present and future fans

  • Alli

    OH MY FRIG!!! Wat da hell is wrong wit those idiots?!? I am so pissed thy they cancelled unnatural history! Grrrrrrr……….tht was the only show on cartoon network worth watching!!! I mean, I like Tower Prep but unnatural history is WAY FREAKIN BETTER!!!!

  • chey

    really!? y would they cancel such an awesome show! i never even got 2 c the finale darn well hope i hve it recorded

  • cuyler

    hell yea im mad about it. that show was awesome

  • Ben

    I seriously loved this show, can anyone confirm. I mean no more parkour and ending up all over. That would be terrible.

  • http://Website arly

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was the abolute best show ever how could they cancel it?????????????????????????


    Tower prep was a good show too… BUT I WANT TO SEE MORE UN-NATURAL HISTORY!!

  • Tim

    It is a real shame that a show like UnNatural History has been cancelled. This was an extremly good show with very good acting. In todays TV market we have for youngsters shows like ICarly, Sponge Bob, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. which clearly shows characters showing disrespect for autority, parents and other adults. UnNatural History showed three young people solving mysteries along with history, and more importantly showing respect for the older generations. A great show, great cast and a series that was intellegent and interesting to watch.
    Cartoon Network shame on you.

  • a.e


    – BOO YOU CN

  • Jhon

    Nooo, why , why it was my inspiration now that you have taken it away i will just never whatch cartoon network

  • whyCNwhy

    i love this show!!!!!!! its horrible that they left it on a “to be continiued” thing. I hate this…

  • ron

    I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far and it’s already my favourite show on tv. I mean this has everything, great screenplay, acting, mystery, and fun history. But I mean take most of it away and you have 3 funny and charming teen actors who you just want to watch bicker and jest all day long. So naturally CN goes and cancels it? What a shame. RIP Unnaturally History, alongside so many others before you…

  • Brandon

    I’m sad, I can’t believe they would cancel the show, it was my favorite show on cartoon network until they cancelled it. At least they still kept generator rex, who knows how long that’ll last. WHY!!!!!!!?????

  • Morganne Ardwan

    This was the only show my entire family could agree on :’(
    I think Tower prep got cancelled too :(

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