Taylor Swift: CMT Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift: CMT Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift goes glamorous in a black lace Jenny Packham dress as she arrives at the CMT Artists of the Year held at The Factory in Franklin, Tenn., on Tuesday night (November 30).

The 20-year-old singer, along with her band, were honored at the event along with the Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, and Jason Aldean.

Taylor shared on stage, “I want to thank Maroon 5 for coming out here and taking on such a wordy, girlie song.” They sang Taylor’s “Mine” for the event.

Hayley Williams of Paramore, also tweeted, “Just left the CMT Artists of the Year Awards! They made me feel right at home. & I got to present my gal pal @taylorswift13 with an award!”

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  • Evie

    She needs to stop winning the awards that other artists who are MUCH more talented than her deserve. The fairytale love songs are getting old, she can’t play guitar, and she can’t sing live. So how does she beat out Carrie Underwood, Zac Brown Band, and Lady Antebellum? Seriously . . .

  • robyn

    @Evie: amen girl

  • KM

    They were ALL honored. Get the facts straight before you bash. Actually, there’s no room for bashing at all. Uncalled for.

  • linz


  • sarah

    maybe she’s winning the awards because she has a large fan base, you may not like her music but there are clearly many people who do so stop slating her, shes earned this, shes a hard worker

  • good-one

    ↑ What @KM and @linz said. ↑

    How long can she keep it up? How long will she hold that lead?

  • http://www.twitter.com/theKevinLong Kevin


    How long can any artist keep it up? With today’s ever changing tastes in music and a time when fads come and go no artist is really safe from falling off the music radar. In fairness to her she’s making good progress so far for someone so young and despite your opinion on her music she still has a ridiculously solid fanbase. The proof is in the pudding. Half a million sales of Fearless in its first week. Two years later over a million sales for Speak Now in its first week. Regardless of your thoughts she is one of the rare artists around the may have a good, long career ahead of her. Critics agree. Speak Now got pretty great reviews. A four star review from Rolling Stone is nothing to dismiss easily. And for the person who claimed Carrie Underwood deserves awards more, think of this: Taylor Swift landed her own record deal by writing her own songs at a young age. Underwood relied on American Idol to score a mass-produced, factory made career from the Cowell machine. Again, Swift deserves credit for her writing ability and her ability to secure a career the way real artists have!

  • KM

    Well she’s keeping it up a lot better than many other acts whether you want to believe it or not. The facts are there and are very clear. She may not have this kind of power her whole career, but trust me, she’ll be around for a LONG time based on one simple aspect–she’s a writer. Say what you want, but longevity calls for something specific to keep you around. Most of the “hot acts” only have their 15 minutes because of their “attractiveness” and “crying-fan girl bases.” Yes, they may be extremely talented. Yes, they may have great songs. But that can easily be overshadowed by the tons of other people out there who are talented and can release good songs. Taylor has this now, but she’s also got the writing factor that will keep her relative until SHE decides to step back. Take it or leave it, but it’s the truth.

  • good-one

    @KM: Great assessment. Thanks.

  • good-one

    @Kevin: Um, “despite your opinion on her music”….

    I am sincerely sorry if I sent the impression that I don’t hold Taylor Swift in awe and wonderment. She is headed into a whirlwind tour. She will hone her chops and polish her pipes additionally, with that schedule. Her Muse sure has attended her talent without pause.

    I’m thrilled for her and delighted to hear her wonderful songs. I’m glad she continues to find inspiration. Yet it is the nature of salients to, of necessity, occasionally drop back, regroup and then forge once again ahead.

    I didn’t mean to sound like I perceive her career to be as like some kind of auto or pony race. It’s just that she already seems to have lapped her peers, several times over.

  • http://www.twitter.com/theKevinLong Kevin


    No, excuse me. Everyone’s at liberty to like whomever they desire. There is no problem if you do not like her as an artist. I wasn’t criticizing that. I was merely responding to the whole idea of longevity and its rarity in modern day music. Of course there is no doubt in my mind that Taylor Swift could disappear of the map in five or ten years time but for now she seems to have built up a pretty steady career for herself. Referring back to the Underwood comment, that was meant for Evie. I’ve no problem with Carrie Underwood only I feel there is no justification in someone from the Simon Cowell machine being awarded with “Artist of the Year”.

  • zacfan

    @evie: And you should stop being bitter. First of all, she only has TWO Fairytale songs. And second of all, you don’t even know why she’s fascinated by “Fairytales”. So stop judging an artist which you don’t know anything about. Maybe she isn’t the best guitar player and live singer but at least she always play the instrument, sing live and doesn’t use autotune. It’s funny how people always complain about Taylor while she’s one of the most real artists out there. Girl plays the guitar, piano, ukulele, write her own songs and co-produced all her albums. Plus she didn’t need American Idol or Disney to get famous. Her lyrics are real and all based from real life experiences.

  • sarsh skimmerzan

    @ Evie


  • Bob

    Where are the 30+pics? I’m not seeing even one. Have tried page with shields lowered and raised.

  • amy


    Thank you, Kevin. I love everything you said (4:10 pm comment) & it is all true. Taylor bashers be dammed. Taylor is amazing and deserves her awards. She is probably the hardest working girl in music and it pays off.

    Amazing how many jealous people are out there always looking to put someone who works hard and makes good down.

  • http://www.twitter.com/freakingbel Mila


  • LOST

    @Evie: You said it all <3

  • celebtoday

    Taylor Swift is the best. Her songs is great, and I don’t like ppl hateing on her… she is a great singer/songwriter and I hope she continues with it!

  • tanya

    here here loooooool!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/katherinejoyce4 Katherinejoyce

    YEAH!! Taylor Swift deserves thi award because She’s an awsome talented singer !!!!! ♥

  • Ashley

    I love when idiots say she steals awards. Like industry people don’t vote to give them to her.