Joe Jonas' Solo Album Will Have a 'Little Edge'

Joe Jonas' Solo Album Will Have a 'Little Edge'

One of Joe Jonas‘ songwriters for his upcoming solo album is giving a little hint at what to expect!

“We’re just trying to give him a little edge,” Kevin Cossom, who’s also releasing his own album sometime next year, tells YRB.

“[Joe is] getting a little older now and I’m just giving him a little edge, but giving him a lane,” he adds. “It’s definitely something that’s coming together.”

Also on board to help Joe, 21, with some new solo tracks: Super producer Danja, who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Pink.

We can’t wait to hear the album!!

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  • Lilo

    I can’t wait for his new album. I think it’ll be something I’ll enjoy. I love the Jonas Brothers and I think Joe’s a pretty decent singer. I just hope people don’t hate his music just because he’s Joe Jonas.

  • Linda

    don’t think he should do this lol none of guys can sing girls just love cause cute

  • Sarah

    I cant wait to hear joe’s new album!!!

  • katta

    i love joe jonas and I can’t wait for his new album

  • J

    Theres no way it’ll be better than Nicks!

  • Halle

    I like Joe, but I have a feeling there will be bad lyrics and awkward beats. Sort of like the music in Jonas.

  • buckaroo

    Not even wanting to hear this album. Of course Kevin’s going to say this. He wants it to sell. Joe really isn’t a songwriter. The type of music he’s describing is autotune material. I agree it will have poor lyrics, awkward beats. And Joe really can’t carry it alone.

  • SJS

    @J: That’ll probably hold true for you because you’re obviously a huge Nick fan, but it’s not necessarily true for others. I think Nick’s a great songwriter & I liked a few songs on his album. I honestly didn’t like most of it though cause I don’t like his voice very much. I happen to like Joe’s voice better. As long as he doesn’t do something cheesy or try to go too hard in an opposite direction then I think there’s a good chance that a lot of people will like it better.

    But really, there was no need to bring Nick up. Respect them both for what they have to offer, not what they don’t have in comparison to each other.

  • Bethany


    You’ve got to be kidding? Joe is brought up in every Nick post. Nice novel :P

  • joejonaslover

    he has a much better voice thn nick!! i LUVVV HIMMMMMM

  • Maryam
  • Maryam

    I cant wait to hear joe’s new album!!!

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    I can’t wait!!!

  • q8yGirl

    where you from ??!

  • gabyyy

    can’t wait Joe :)
    Support you :):):)
    And ofcourse Love you :):):):):))

  • Janelle

    I love kevin cossom! :)

  • kym

    wow I already hate it. first, write ur own damn songs. second, its gonna be all commercial like the crap out now a days. the jonas brothers are so dead now. they are just trying to keep up with justin beiber

  • cassie:)

    you write your own songs! i write mine, its not something that comes so easily….
    also, you just told a million Jonas Brothers Fans that the Jonas Brothers are dead… not smart cause right now, we’re wishing you were dead.
    and another thing, Justin Bieber is way worse than the Jonas Brothers so i have no idea what you were trying to point out there.
    thats all for now… unless you have any other stupid comments to make ;)
    I cant wait for Joe’s album! it’s gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JB stants for JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!)

  • Belieeveinme

    @kym: LOL @ your comment. The JonasBros dead? Obviously u dont have idea of how many ppl still like them so STFU. Just because a teenie came out & is having his “moment” doesnt mean nobody likes the JB

  • Isabelle

    i like how every disney artist claims that their album has “Edge”. WHAT IS EDGE TO THEM?

  • Miranda

    @kym: Jealousy is very ugly. Justin Bieber is not that great; Justin doesn’t even write his own songs.

  • Mel

    How can he write his own songs when he doesn’t even know how to spell? Hahaha!
    I lost any of the respect I had left for Joe when he made his own Twitter, because there were spelling mistakes in almost EVERY tweet he posted!! X___X

  • Steve

    Sureee! Maybe he will make a song about neuroGASM and how sex with ashlee is so great that is kee`ng him away to be a Gay man like Ricky Martin!

  • aniee:)


    You are too stupid for my taste…if you lost any of the respect I had left for Joe…PLEASE STOP LOOKING FOR NEWS OF HIM. IS NOT YOUR FUCK1NG PROBLEM WHAT HE DOES WITH HIS LIFE!…


  • FLO

    It’s gonna be amazing, I know. Can’t waitttttttttttttttttttttt! <3

  • suzie

    L.O.V.E. levels of various emotions i hope it will be a little more edgier and sexier

  • Maryam



  • Cierra

    I can’t wait to hear Joe’s new album I love Joe Jonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taylorswiftfan

    @J: You are so right, i think that he should write his songs himself… that way he can prove if he has or has NOT talent …

  • taylorswiftfan

    JOE! WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS MAN! I liked him until that T-Swift thing, and it made me realize, that i only liked him, because i thought he was cute. If he cant write an album on his own, then he is nothing. I really hate him. But Nick has an amazing album, its not at least only about girls and stuff. It actually HAD SOME LYRICS he wrote!

  • http://Lol Arabic

    Guys guys what I Len to it are you stupid who tell u that Justin bieber hAve fans so much than Jonas????? Jonas brothers they are so famous and they start 2006 and everyone like Jonas brothers they are the world but Justin bieber is starts 2009 so no go out and say Justin .. Justin want Jonas out with they and call they but Jonas is not give a face for Justin bieber cuz Jonas is not crazy to out with Justin but now maybe Jonas and Justin is friend s dude don’t out shawty Jonas is have a fans so much than Justin . Aniee fuck u … But didn’t mean say that biz I love Jonas ? no idont love them but they are so famous .. I just may e like them but Justin bier sorry everyone hate his.. I can’t wait for the album ;)

  • aniez

    I don’t think that joe can sell the solo album more than what he did with the brothers (jonas brothers), people like them together, it a challenge for joe, but in my opinion, joe can sell a lot of the album but not much as nick and of course DEMI LOVATO… sorry to say…