Taylor Swift: Top Hat Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor Swift: Top Hat Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor Swift tips her hat on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The 20-year-old musician was chosen by the mag as their 2010 Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor shared, “Sometimes I would laugh because I would see it in print and it would say, ‘This song, which is written about her ex, so-and-so…’ And they would write about it as if it was fact. The fact is, I haven’t ever confirmed that any song is about any particular person. There’s something kind of freeing about that. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all still up in the air.”

The 2010 Entertainers of the Year issue hits stands TOMORROW, Friday, December 3rd.

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  • Byce

    Taylor Swift have confirmed who forever and always is about this article is wrong.

  • e

    Congrats T! You really deserve it!

  • Bob

    I understand it all. Taylor is going to name names in “Speak Now”… but she hasn’t confirmed… but she will point a finger… but she will not claim her ex so and so, yet she will come out and speak now… about whatever she did or did not do…….

    When Chelsea Handler asked how tall you were and you said, “they told me I’m 5′ 11″ and Handler gasped, “THEY TOLD YOU???’

    You crushed me kid. Welcome to the machine.

  • lisa

    Liar! She said on Ellen that Forever & Always is about Joe Jonas.

  • wow


    Boo Hoo poor Joe Jonas the man h0e. He deserved that & worse, she was too knid to him. I hope Demi writes a song & puts him in his place.

  • http://www.curtainsandwindowstreatments.com/ Amie Barrientos

    I love this girl, she is the best role-models for all young females out there…she deserves it…I hope she will continue to be as wholesome and as talented as she is.

  • BlackWaterGal

    duh she’s the Top Hat Entertainer of the Year!

    lOve Taylor:) 4ever & Aways >3

  • Brittany

    I think by that, she means the songs on her new album. And to be fair, on her newest album, she hasn’t named a name, people only speculate.

  • little prissy

    @Amie Barrientos: Wholesome image (or what she makes us try to see), may be, but as in the real taylor swift not in front of the cameras??? wholemsome my a**