Chelsea Staub Changes Name to Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Staub Changes Name to Chelsea Kane

Say goodbye to Chelsea Staub and hello to Chelsea Kane!

The 21-year-old actress has officially changed her professional name to Chelsea Kane, JJJ can confirm.

Born Chelsea Kane Staub, she’s been known by her family and friends as just Chelsea Kane. Now, since JONAS L.A. is ending, she felt this is the perfect time to make the switch.

Be sure to catch Chelsea in The Homes, which premieres in January on!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chelsea changing her professional name?

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Libby

    I liked her as Chelsea Staub better

  • hanni

    I think it’s lame.

  • layra

    She should have changed her name before she got famous. Now it will only confuse people.

  • Diana

    Uhmmm Chelsea Staub sounds better =/ the fansites will now be called Kane….¬¬

  • joanne

    that’s what i’m thinking. she’s already known as chelsea staub. maybe she didn’t want to be identified with that reality star with her same last name. lol

  • layra

    @joanne: well yes. maybe. :)

  • kym

    staub sounds a lot better. it sounds cool and like a celebrity. kane just sounds normal….

  • tiger2

    Why change it?

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Good way to confuse people now Chelsea.
    i think Staub sounds a lot more better than Kane, i think it’s best if she changed it before being famous. Keep it as Staub! ;)

  • Yesica

    I agree with everybody else. Chelsea Staub sounds a lot better, js :/

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I wouldn’t exactly call her famous.. But whatever she prefers I guess. This is so manly sounding lol also she’s too skinny now. It’s gross. Jonas LA with her ribs and back bone showing and her short hair.. Yuck. Which is a shame cause she was so cute in the first season of Jonas.

  • headstrong

    I like Staub better

  • ruba(hate new chelsea)

    what ever,,i hate it A LOT..i mean she did this just becz she want to forget JONAS L.A~ that is so lame! and suck

  • talia

    ok i like Staub better personally and y did she change her name?? if its coz she dont wonna be associated with Disney any more thats stupid coz she is the voice of sme1 in fish hooks. dunno y she did it maybe for attention. well whatever the reason was i still like Staub better.

  • mark

    She could have done it like a transition. Go with Chelsea Kane Staub and then drop the Staub later on. Not just do it in one shot. Kind of do what Dwayne Johnson did when transitioning from “The Rock”.

  • hanni

    @mark: Yeah but no one will recognize her now. It will be harder for her to gain jobs and for fans to recognise her. :(

  • steff

    this was so unnecessary!

  • hiha

    it’s just a name. no big deal

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @mark: Makes a lot of sense to me. I was hoping the name change was done after getting married, but that’s clearly not the case.

  • HIH

    Cool XD

  • http://www.twitter.comtiffany_t_j tiffany

    chelsea staub is better than Chelsea Kane!

  • amanda

    i don’t like chelsea kane =/ chelsea staub was so much better!

  • Katie


  • Melissa

    @headstrong: I like Staub better too.

  • Aline

    Staub really does sound a lot better..

  • Em

    I think people should stop critisizing her for it and just roll with it. its her desicion, and im glad she made the desicion that made her happy. i liked staub better as well, but its her choice not mine. it will just take some getting used to.

  • goldengirl

    so dumb and random…!! when i read the recent posts about “chelsea kane” i was like “chelsea who?” THEN i saw her pic… i was shocked! i thought she got married and that she changed her name for that reason… LOL

  • kate

    You guys need to calm down. It’s not your decision.It’s her’s.

  • Xalpacax

    I like it as Staub now its just gonna b too confusing. I mean i was watching tv and it said Chelsea Kane and i was like whos that?!

  • disney#1FAN!!

    When I first heard about her name change when they called her Chelsea Kane on 365, I was all like “????????? Did she get married???Is it legal to change your last name???” I had to find out so I looked here.

    Anyway, I like Staub better, it’s way more original. Plus, this will confuse so many fans (Like me before I looked up what happened).

  • emily kane

    My sisters name is Chelsea Kane so you stole her name! STEALER!

  • Sexylexi

    I was caught off guard. pshhh i thought she was married.
    way to confuse kids…

  • Jennelle

    IK thats sooooo stupid

  • chelsea

    i really think she should have sticked with chelsea staub

  • chelsea

    that’s wat i had thought

  • cassie

    i like chelsea staub better! chelsea kane sounds like is shes a presidents daughter just saying…

  • Teya

    @hanni: I totally agree Chelsea should’ve stayed as Chelsea Staub

  • justin


  • Confused fan

    I really dont like the name change. Chelsea Staub sounds better. If I was a Disney actress, I would be proud. Dude, she did a hit show with the Jo Bros!!! I’m jealous of her. Yeah when I first saw the name change I thought she got married.Then I Googled it and now I understand. I wish she would have kept Staub :(

  • heather

    hey it was her choice and by the way if SHE wants she can alway change it when she gets married or any other time that she wants so deal with it.

  • Emily

    I like Chelsea Staub better, but its her decision. SHE changed her name, not the fans or her publisher or something, and its her life and her choice. I mean yah, Staub is a lot cooler, but just because its cooler doesn’t mean its still not the same girl. I think her true fans will be supportive of her no matter what. But, once again, I’m team Staub.

  • http://Facebook Jamie

    Y do u guys even care it’s her own life so just live with it she wants Kane

  • Jim

    Is she changing it to confuse Disney when she goes off the deep end like Lindsey Lohan and Demi Lovato?

  • KaTielee

    I like it. It sounds more fun so ya. :) yay Chelsea Kane

  • Sam

    Kane sounds like killer kane 4m a movie. Staub sounds all professional and cool

  • Rachel

    Um….. Chelsea Kane……..Chelsea Staub???? Chelsea Staub sounds so much better! Also now everyone is just gonna get confused! It was a stupid choice, and I think that she should’ve changed her name before she was “famous”. :)

  • Sasha424

    I was really confused about Kane/Staub until I came to this website now I am confused on why she would change Chelsea Staub ( which is way better) to Chelsea Kane ( which is way worse) WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unidentified

    I say leave chelsea alone!!! Ya, she changed her last name, so what!?!?!? If she wants to change her last name to Kane, then just let her do it. Its her choice not yours and you cant stop it!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@JBS1ULTIMATEFAN Emma

    Kane is like the resturaunt named RAISIN KANES.Im Tottaly for Team Staub, eventhough when I first heard it I thought they said Snob. Please change it back to your real name Chelsea! and help end the Disney confusion!

  • http://website Alexa

    At first i was curious about her last name but then this gave me the answer i love this site and i like chelsea kane alot better than chelsea staub.