Selena Gomez: Women's Image Network Nominee

Selena Gomez: Women's Image Network Nominee

Congrats, Selena Gomez!

The 18-year-old actress has been nominated alongside Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Aniston at the 2011 Women’s Image Network Awards, via THR.

Presented since 1993, the WIN awards celebrate film, television and advertising artists who “create dimensional female media images which shape positive public opinion about the value of women and girls.” The award ceremony will be broadcast on January 18th.

Selena, who is also nominated with her band The Scene for a People’s Choice Award, fully admitted to MTV that she doesn’t expect to take that award home. She shared, “I’m not going to win that, especially if it’s People’s Choice. I’ve completely accepted the fact that I will not be taking that one home, but I’m very excited to be nominated.”

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  • dude


  • Phoebe Liwai gregorio


  • andy

    Congrats girl! She deserves it!

  • jonnyb

    Well done Selena! Such a great role model <3

  • Heloise

    ok, I agree with her, With Liz Taylor and susan Sarandon, but Jennifer Aniston? no. that must be a joke, because how does JA create dimensional female image? in her interviews, alright, she sound good, but her movies show something so different! look, I love her, but she has to take a different role for a change.

    Angelina would have been a better choice, with all her roles that represented women’s strenght: changeling, tom raider, a mighty heart and so on.

  • prizeesru

    Congrats she totally deserves it. I personally think that she is a good actor and a rolemodel and is finally getting recognized as that.

  • anyone?anyone?

    seriously, i love Selena. she is so classy and accomplished for such a young age. i love what she’s doing with her career: expanding it slowly without flashing her crotch or showing young girls how to pole dance. she’s an EXCELLENT role model. she’s such a talented young lady, she’s the kind of actress that will be here in the long run because of what she brings to the table, not because she fills headlines with crazy antics every week. i LOVE her, keep it up Selena!! keep being who you are!
    p.s.: i love Jennifer Aniston, but I agree with whoever mentioned this: she needs to find some diverse roles and go wild with her movie pics. the rom-com is becoming a habit and she won’t go anywhere with it. But I love her personality, strength, and class, especially when her ordeals are so public. LOVE YOU JEN!!

  • Chloe

    Congrats Selena! She’s one of the BEST teen actress. Can’t wait when she finally ended with Disney Channel and starts a succesful career in the big screen!

  • Havik

    Blah, blah, blah, talent, wholesome, all that stuff, we know all of that……

    but… SHE’s FREAKING HOT! HOLY ****

  • headstrong

    ‘I’m not going to win that, especially if it’s People’s Choice’ lol that made me laugh

  • isabelle

    yh me too! what is she trying to say?? maybe she thinks that because shes with disney she wount be taken seriously “/

  • headstrong

    @anyone?anyone?: its funny how you need to bring miley to make selena look good.

  • meiner

    Hi kids,
    when they are nominated, they will probably make many things right.

    Therefore, I am surprised again and again, like you, who have not done anything in life to make a ruling.

    You should be ashamed

  • peace love

    @headstrong: Can’t you leave her alone seriously you are so osessed that you go on every post and talk bad about her.

  • demi lovesvodka


  • demi lovesvodka

    @anyone?anyone?: amen. i can’t believe she and demi were such close friends. 6 months after demi ditched selena for miley she ends up in rehab. oh well. that’s what happens when your new bff is voted “worst role model.” can anyone imagine selena punching a girl in the face or doing coke or getting kicked out of parties for slutty behavior?

  • headstrong

    @demi lovesvodka: oh come on! demi was mentally sick before miley. When Demi cut herself she was still friend with selena but i guess you wouldnt blame selena since she is a saint. smh

  • freak out

    @headstrong: Why are you even bringing up miley’s name. The post is about selena’s nomination not those two whores.

  • Silentwaiting

    Selena really need to have faith her the power of her fans! As recorded by facebook there are at least 13 million of us, now that is a force to be reckoned with! We all love you Selena, don’t doubt the power of us!

    Hooray for Selena!!! Not a single other young actress in the main stream deserves this more than Selena! True recognition of her kind heart. No-one in Hollywood has a more beautiful soul than Selena! I love you Sel <3

    Seriously people? I don’t particularly like Miley, but i wouldn’t blame Demi’s problems on her. I would blame Demi’s problems on those who have ridiculed/bullied her and Demi herself for letting them truly get to her. I’ve been bullied all my life too and i DON’T have a career that gets me a nice hefty income, yet i’m not cutting myself or doing drugs.

    I suppose i sound like a Demi hater, but i’m not. I support Demi fully as she goes through rehab, i just don’t think we should be over analyzing her situation. Some people can handle the ridicule and pressure, others feel a much heavier burden from being bullied. Demi just needs to get through this. At least she admitted to having a problem and chose to get help on her own accord; i think that shows some class by doing that. Praying for ya and love ya Demi <3

  • i love selena soo much!

    look how humble that girl is.
    she has a heart of GOLD!
    Selena even if you did not win. that doesin’t mean anything.
    i love you better than all of these people who were also nominated.
    i love you i love you!
    i think she is a kind of celeb who will stay for a long time.
    a talented movie star.
    like maybe the new sandra bullock!

  • hiha

    Congrats selena! What a great way to end this year, isn’t it? I love that u made it without acting trashy and all. she is simply herself, down to earth, sincere, adorable, talented and she works hard for her fans. she is a role model for girls and young women!
    btw I loved the movie Ramona and Beezus! <3

  • Mariana

    She deserves to win more than anyone!

  • dakota_fan
    Ramona and Beezus got a lot of nominations! Even sels lil sis Joey King is nominated!

  • Kanani

    Way to go Sel! :) definately well deserved.

  • Kanani

    @demi lovesvodka: Demi never ditched Selena. Selena actually ditched Demi. Selena started hanging out with Taylor Swift more, so she and Demi went their separate ways. And Demi was always friends with Miley. Oh and Demi going to rehab has nothing to do with Miley either. She went there for cutting herself and eating disorder. It’s not like she’s there for alcohol or doing drugs, calm down. Demi was cutting herself since a long time ago, even when she was still friends with Sel. I love Sel, Demi, & Tay, so don’t hate.