Zac Efron to 'Die In A Gun Fight'

Zac Efron to 'Die In A Gun Fight'

Zac Efron will be getting shot in an upcoming movie called Die In A Gun Fight.

The 23-year-old actor has attached himself to star in the flick written by NYU grads Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, Deadline reports.

Zac will play a fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man who pursues a romance with the daughter of his father’s enemy.

The film will be produced by Mark Gordon and Jennifer Todd, in association with Zac and Jason Barrett‘s new company, Ninjas Runnin’ Wild.

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  • Lauren lipkin


  • miley sucks

    sounds like a great movie

  • heather

    I’m proud of him and how his career is going, but I honestly think he should slow down with these movies just a bit. Spend some time with family, Vanessa, etc. I just hope he doesn’t go from finishing one movie and filming another the next week or month.

  • maria

    So happy to hear about this one… sounds like a movie I can take my guy to finally!! Yeah!!

  • pop86

    Sounds interesting


    It sound’s interesting, and they proably won’t start filming till next year, they don’t film during holldays. Vanessa will have to go south carolina on January 15 untill feb 12th, to finsh filming journey 2.

  • zacluver

    it sounds like a cool movie!!!
    sorry if i sound dumb, but what is a fight-prone?!
    luv ya zac!

  • weew


  • mike

    sounds good

  • abby14

    AHHHH can’t wait.

    So proud he’s making something of himself after Disney. This guys going places. ;)

  • abby14

    @heather: Yeah but you’ve got to remember this is the life of an actor. Sometimes thay have a few months between filming and other times they have a matter of days between filming movies. Take Vanessa for example, she was done filming Beastly and 2 days later she started filming Sucker Punch. Its just the life of an actor.

  • Chanon

    Can’t he do something more original though? :/

  • Katty

    I am so excited!

  • Bradley Bobst

    So This will be his next movie to Film sounds interesting

  • Miranda

    This sounds sooooo interesting, I’m excited to see this movie. But if I see Zac’s character get shot, I will probably burst into tears. I can’t handle seeing Zac or Vanessa’s characters getting hurt.

  • Nicki313

    @Chanon. Nothing original has come from the movie business since the 70s, but his flim choice sounds good.

  • zacluver

    this sounds so cool!
    sorry if i sound dumb, but was is a fight-prone?!
    luv ya zac!

  • saronah

    Zac Efron at the New Orleans Hornets Game ~ December 8, 2010

  • curiosity

    …romance with the daughter of his father’s enemy… sounds more like a modern Romeo and Juliet…. Need to know more about the movie.

  • joan

    So proud he is the Best

  • muse

    I think Zac is making some pretty good choices with his career, and to see someone so young, be so mature about life, work and love is really amazing. I really respect him and Vanessa for their following their own paths and keeping their relationship to themselves. As much as I love seeing pictures of them, I get why they’re so guarded.

    I cant wait to see and hear more about his works, and I cant wait to see Vanessa in all her movies next year.


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Like I’ve been doing for the past 5 years or so.. I will continue to support him in whatever he does. :) This movie sounds great though. Falling in love with the enemy’s daughter is always intense. XD Lol. I love it.

  • kyle

    Yahoo – another movie for Zac!!!


    he looks so gorgeous….
    he’s so hot… i love u zacxxxx

  • Vanessa

    yayy! he got another movie role. im glad. he will be great in that movie, for sure. but also kind of sad that its another romance movie. he should do some action movies, it would be better than just doing romance movies.

  • http://none vanille

    i hate romance movie

  • pop86


    It’s not a romance movie. It more drama and action than romance. It’s more like a Tarantino movie.

  • Karen

    Anytime some people hear that the male lead will have a love interest they jump to the conclusion the movie is a “romance” and suddenly many get turned off and people think they have something to diss the movie about. But even the first and second Bourne movie there was a “love” interest for Matt Damon’s character. In most cases there is going to be a female love interest for the male lead character even in an action movie—think Transformers with Shia. And lastly, there is nothing wrong with Romance movies. Lots of people like them just like many like Slasher movies. The latter is not MY cup of tea but I have friends who love them.

  • http://lala aiwen

    zac is too busy~
    he has no time to stay with vanessa for long time
    but i am very happy for zac too,cause he is busy for filming,this means that he is a great actor that everyone agree and support,so he choose very right choice in this carreer!!!
    Zac and vanessa still very strong,so i will support them FOREVER
    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • dakota_fan

    this is going to be so bad. fight prone* and death obsessed*?
    zac….you are too cute to be doing cheesy action films!

  • lauren

    @ aiwen
    your comment makes no sense,
    um clearly he has time for vanessa, he spend thanksgiving with her in hawaii.

    so you need to work on your english,

  • Emma Efron

    Maybe this movie won’t be so bad, i’m happy for him making more movies, i think it’s scheduled to hit theaters in 2013. 3 more yrs :( but i’m always happy for Zac!!!!

  • Emma Efron

    I’m happy for Zac!!!! I will be forever!!!!

  • Emma Efron

    Don’t get shot Zac i will cry if he does

  • Emma Efron

    No it’s coming out in 2012 my bad i thought 2013 but i was thinking of a different movie that Zac will be in will come to theaters in 2013. Charlie St. Cloud is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessa

    sounds like a good movie for zac and vanessa to do together. i can just see it now……

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is gonna be really busy next yr filming more movies, he’s gonna star in a few 2012 movies. He only starred in 1 2010 movie & it’s the best movie ever!!!! I watch it a lot cause i love it so much & Zac is so hot & his eyes are more bluer & they crystalize.

  • Emma Efron

    @Bradley Bobst: I wonder when he’ll start filming it maybe early 2011?

  • karla95

    YAY! I’m proud of him.
    He’ll do a great job!
    I can’t wait 4 this movie, sounds awesome.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • maria

    @dakota_fan: I’m not a fan of strictly action flicks, but what about “cheesy” weepy, sappy movies? THAT”s what Zac needs to avoid right now. Two in a row is too many. This movie sounds SOOO much better for him. It’s edgy, and suspenseful. No sap. Ugh. There is NOTHING worse. I LOVE romance movies, but not sappy, weepy ones. There is a HUGE difference.

  • duuumm

    @ maria

    lol the lucky one is a nick sparks book turned movie, but it is by no means a tearjerker at all. shocker, right? but i do have faith in it since scott hicks is directing, so as long as he uncheeses some of the stuff, i think it’ll be a fine movie, not a great one, but a fine one. he’s moving by increments people. he can’t just jump into action flicks and expect everything to go his way…

  • athena

    @Chanon: Girl, no matter what…nothing is original. Zac playing this character may be unique for him as an actor. But not original….even a writer isn’t original…let’s see how it’s produce and directed….that’s where a bit of originality comes in.

  • azina14

    what u guys think if vanessa plays the role of the daughter’s father enemy? i mean they are trying to find a role to act together again right? just suggesting

  • athena

    @saronah: Thanks for the link…he looks great! as always…

  • tina

    Poor, Zac, another dud. He is yesterday’s news.

  • saronah

    @athena: NP

  • saronah

    @athena NP =]

  • pop86


    Please go back to the delusional thread on FF where you can post about someone who clearly old news.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is now starring in romantic movies like Charlie St. Cloud & now this one. I wonder who will play the girl.