Chris Trousdale Guest Stars on 'Shake It Up' TONIGHT

Chris Trousdale Guest Stars on 'Shake It Up' TONIGHT

Guess what? There’s a special Shake It Up tonight on Disney Channel and Chris Trousdale is guest starring!

In tonight’s episode “Age It Up,” CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya) are super-excited to be picked as back-up dancers during pop idol (and Rocky’s ultimate celeb crush) Justin Starr’s (Trousdale) performance on Shake It Up Chicago! But when they send a picture text to all their friends with Justin in background, they accidentally reveal a monster secret! Eek!

“Age it Up” will premiere TONIGHT, December 9th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Chris, formerly of Dream Street, is also currently in studio recording a self titled, dance/pop album due out in 2011!

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  • tay

    OMG! i remember him! he sung that song “i’m gonna make you love me” with play back in 2000!

  • Lu

    no way. I wondered what ever happened to him

  • stacey

    HAHA, I used to be a huge DreamStreet fan back in the day <3

  • stacey


  • macy

    @stacey: which one is him again ? the blonde guy or the one beside the blonde guy ?

  • j-ann

    @macy the one beside the blonde guy, he had his brown hair spiked up. The main blonde guy was of course jesse mccartney <3

  • CamTeeM

    hahahahahahaha oh chris ;)

  • tristan

    this was so good.

  • Lawrence

    Boy he’s sure grown!, sexy I’d say.

  • Erika

    Nice XD

  • kathyanhthu

    Hello , Chris trousdale !
    I love you . Merry Christmas . How re u today ? I love to watch u on Disney Channel with ‘ the biggest fans ‘ , right now i see u on ‘Shake it up ‘ . Love that . Thanks . See ya soon .
    Love ,

  • lauren

    Last time i saw him was at my sweet 16… gahh i miss him..

  • Ange


    Funny, I recall talking to him on the phone 2 years ago. My has he changed. I didn’t even recognize him, WOW is all I can say.

    I can also say that there are things that I know about Dream Street that not many people would know about, And it’s Sad to say that a lot of issues with that band happened because of Chris.

    I am happy to say that all members have, in fact, grown up, and have awesome careers of their own. Jesse solo career, Frankie Solo career, both Matt and Greg have their own bands (and have opened for each other), and Chris is apparently doing a solo thing too.

    Congrats to them all.