Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez is clarifying rumors she and Justin Bieber are more than just friends.

“It was pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancakes?” the 18-year-old singer and actress told MTV News about recently grabbing a bite to eat with Justin.

The two stars were spotted leaving a local restaurant arm-in-arm but Selena says they’re not in a relationship.

“We were both performing in the same place so we went and had pancakes together,” she said. “That’s all it is. All innocent.”

And there you have it!

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Credit: Angela Weiss, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • andy

    Good! She is too hot for this kid!

    They do have a cute friendship tho!

  • good-one

    Then I take it she must not have been wearing that particular shade of red lipstick at the time.

  • David_Rawr

    She can do so much better

  • smellofvanilla

    i think selena should date with david henrie.

  • Me

    Ya ya. We’ve heard it all before, Selena. *cough* nick jonas *cough*

  • davis

    dam! stop asking the girl the same stupid question over and over why would a gorgeous 18yr old date sum skinny little 16yr old who still plays laser tag

  • thisguyoverhere

    Dude, Justin looks more like a woman than she does in that picture O.o

  • nicolee

    Hahaha ew if they were together they would be a horrible couple! i mean look at her? he can do so much better than her , i mean come on! he needs someone his own age!


    @nicolee: amen! :)

  • jonnyb

    Good! That would be so creepy if they were dating – he looks about 12, but she’s 18 (and way, way, way out of his league). Justin looks more like Jaden Smith’s age lol.

  • Caroline

    I’m surprised people really thought they were dating. The “holding hands” picture looks pretty innocent. That’s how she walks with her

  • Halle

    She is to good for him. Honestly. She is gorgeous, and he is just a kid that thinks he can get whatever girl he wants. Please.

  • Gossip Girl

    Selena is WAY TOO GORGEOUS for this kid anyway. Plus, she’s WAY older than him, so that would be weird. Doesn’t Bieber ever hang out with girls his own age?

  • good-one

    Hey, the ladies love him, from Suri to Betty White

  • good-one

    Selena, on the other hand, (judging from her comments about love for the genre), might well be most at home here:

  • Yamunah

    ewww, if they’re dating, i’ll say…WHAT IS SHE???NUTS??…anyways, she’s lyk 5 feet n he’s lyk 4 feet tall….

  • nadramli

    No way!!!!!

  • Jay

    Selena is gorgeous and a goddess. She can do soooooooooooo much better than him.

    Justin seems to be gay! Aren’t his 15 minutes over already?

  • hiha

    hahahaha! now who ever believed they were dating?
    Oh Hollywood, u’re killing me LOL

  • Ella

    Good to know! Sel is just really sweet with her guy friends..

  • lulu

    ew, if there are that’s just gross. wouldn’t surprise me though, she makes her way around hollywood.

  • cam

    It is so obvious that obviously are friends. Why do these media outlets keep trying to make up stories? And why do so many people want to believe these stories. People need to get their own lives and stop trying to live their lives through celebrities. And as far as who looks good with who, wtc. Both Selena and Justin are nice looking, why bash them?

  • kitty

    Selena’s pretty ,but I can clearly see her extensions :)

  • freak out

    They weren’t even holding hands just linking them and you could see that their just friends.

  • Naomi


    THANK YOU!!! I totally agree with you. Finally, someone that has some sense.

  • anybody?anybody?

    I will never in a million years believe Selena Gomez, poised, well-spoken, intelligent, classy Selena Gomez, is dating a 16-year-old mop that speaks like fake imitation of every rapper out there. She is WAY too good for him. She’s just too friendly that nasty-minded people can’t comprehend she’s just nice to her friends. When she does start dating (and some idiot on here posted that she “gets around Hollywood”— no, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about every other young actress BUT Selena Gomez, you piece or turd), I’m sure it’ll be with someone worth her time— not a teeny-bopper.

  • Anabelle

    Yeah and I have a pet unicorn named Pancho, it’s all innocent.

  • Silentwaiting

    oh, how shocking [/sarcasm]

  • Ana

    thank god there not dating..selena can do so much better then justin

  • alexandra bieber hehe

    tank god der not datein i h8 selena


    I believe that they are just friends and that’s what others should believe as well if that’s what Selena says. I mean just becasue they wern’t in a crowd and they were alone that dosen’t mean anything. A BOY and a GIRL can just be friends you know. All I have to say is Selena has been my celebrity crush for a while, and Justin he’s cool. Thier just close………. but no one really knows Justin’s intensions. I say God Bless Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and may they make wise choices concerning thier careers and the relationships of those around them, whether it be celeb friends, fans, or family. May GOD keep them ! From Se’Ray Page of the 7Pages

  • Sidni Goodman

    woww its jst pancakz huh?? ive seen picz of them 2gethr n they look “more than friendz” (if u knww watt i mean) but they dnt makk a good couplee

  • glammergirl

    i love how she takes control and puts down the rumors! Girl Power Gomez! We need more of that.

  • lulu

    @anybody?anybody?: haha you called me a piece of s*** haha that’s hilarious :’)

  • krakkenberry

    He is 5ft 8 now, almost 17. These guys would definitely have similiar experiences of life under the limelight, that more than makes up for the age gap. Besides, if they say they are friends then either they are, or they don’t want Selena to recieve as much backlash as the joke with Kim Kardashian faced.
    Meh, every single one of Bieber’s loyal subjects will hate whoever he’s with… They all want him to be with their beloved “Caitlin”.

  • L0la:)

    There b0th nuts they d0nt make a c0uple selena am latina n u c0uld d0 much better . And justin y0u 2.

  • bob

    come on, seriously? they stayed in a HOTEL ROOM together!

  • inawuhb

    justin is gay.

  • rosie

    selena could do way better.i mean look at the guy!even my cousin who’s 13 is taller than justin.

  • Alexa

    whoa it is so strange how auch an possible pear can look so good as just friends