Alyson Stoner Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Alyson Stoner Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Ever wanted to ask Alyson Stoner a question?

Now here’s your chance! JJJ will be talking to the 17-year-old actress very soon and we’d love to know what’s on your mind.

Send us your questions in the comments below and, in the meantime, don’t forget to tune into Alyson‘s new web series Talk It Out on Monday (December 13).

The series will debut on and aims to empower teen girls to feel proud of who they are.

Also, check out Alyson busting some moves on the Camp Rock 2 tour!

Alyson Stoner – Camp Rock 2 Tour
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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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    Ask her how was work with Hugh Laurie on House M.d?

  • Matthias

    Will you come to Europe (especially Germany) any time soon now that the CR tour is obviously completely cancelled for Europe?

  • olivialauren

    What advice would you give to aspiring actresses who have recently moved to Los Angeles?!


  • Kiki

    My question is

    1). when can we expect more music released from you?

    2). are there any new upcoming projects?

    3). will you come to NY again to teach camp rock 2 dances? ;)

  • good-one

    I’ve loved you since Sally, don’t you ever grow weary of safety dancing?

  • wondergirl

    what are your favourite bands, singers?

  • kellyn

    do you want to be a professional dancer/actor/singer for the rest of your life?

  • http://@addsm Addison

    1 – What are your new projects?
    2 – you will release a CD?
    3 – What country would you like to visit?
    4 – Whose disney you are more friendly?
    5 – you’re in a movie for 2011?

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    my question for alyson is will nick jonas read and respond to my fan letter if i mailed it to his texas home. and what’s it like going on tour with the jonas brothers, demi lovato and the cast of camp rock. i love both camp rock movies. and i think that you were awesome on the suite life of zack and cody and cheaper by the dozen movies too.

  • http://noga_venus Noga

    1. do you read your fan mail?
    2. have you ever been in Israel?
    3. will there be a Camp Rock 3?
    4. is there something that you are working on now beside your music?
    5. will there be any music videos to your songs?

  • lerner

    Wow! Her nose looks so much better.

  • nika

    1. Did she ever vistit germany ?
    2. Does she still keep in touch with monica parales ?
    3. How ‘s living on a bus for such a long time ?

  • joanslade

    Alyson I’ve been a fan since you were on Suite Life & in Missy Elliot’s music video. My question is what was your favorite thing to work on?
    -Missy Elliot’s music video
    -Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
    -Eminem’s music video
    -Cheaper By The Dozen 1 &2
    -Camp Rock 1 & 2
    -Jonas Brothers/Demi Tour


    Ask her what she thinks about the brazilians fans?
    Ask her if she wants to marrie with me?

  • jmdancerrr

    I’m a HUGE fan of Alyson. I met her at the CR2 Premiere, as press. My question is, “How was it like working on Step Up 3D? You were just STUNNING and the movie was AMAZING. I love you so much and I also wanted to know about any new up-comping projects.” Thanksss!

  • David

    What’s it like working on Phineas and Ferb?

  • Monica d.p.

    Please ask alyson when she will be releasing more music and if she will ever come to iowa because i would LUV to meet her and i have been her BIGGEST fan since she was on suite life as max! :) ♥♥♥

  • Erica

    I’m from the same area as she is, and I was wondering how it feels to come from a city like the one she did and make it so big. Ohio isn’t known for spawning a lot of famous people, so props to her!

  • pup

    Will she be doing another “step up” film?

  • http://love_jonas15 paula

    what is your favorite demi, miley, selena and jonas song???

    atte: Paula from CHILEE

    ps. CHILE MISSS YOU!!!

  • http://love_jonas15 paula

    What is your favorite song???

    my faavorite is MAKE HISTORY!!! the best song ever!!!

    kisses from CHILE!!!

    PS: chile miss you!!

  • Christine

    Ask her how was work with Hugh Laurie on House M.d?
    I second this. Also, what she most enjoyed about the Camp Rock 2 tour.

  • korinaJ

    my question is :

    1. what is the most favorite moments in the set of camp rock?

  • lauren

    who is your all time biggest fan?

  • kenya

    I would ask Alyson:
    1.Which does she enjoy doing the most: dancing, singing, or acting?
    2.What are her thoughts on Demi Lovato?
    3.What is one childhood moment that she will never forget?

  • Mistyk

    Hi Alyson.

    This is not a question, but I want say it.
    The first time I see you was in The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, I loved your dancing skills since that. I wish you keep dancing forever.

  • Isabel

    My question is: what is like to work with Disney in most of your career? Don’t you feel suffocated, like the other stars do? I just want you to know that I’m such a fan of your job, congrats!

  • sangeeth Sivan

    Hi Alyson, always been a huge fan! Loved your performance in Step Up 3D! Can i expect more music from you? Will you ever release an album or EP? Could you tell more about the upcoming episodes of Phineas and Ferb? What do you have to say about Emily Osment? Have you heard any news from Demi Lovato? Is she doing fine? i’m so worried! Can there be a Camp Rock 3?

  • josh

    1 – will there be a camp rock 3 ?

    2 – will there be a chepaer by the dozen 3 ?

  • Luiza

    I’m from Brazil, and I would like to know when are you coming here.

  • http://@FIONA00098 FIONA



    when do you come to Portugal ?
    what’s your favorite food ever ?

    love you so much my aly <33
    you’re an inspiration, you’re my lifeee

  • Rachel


    Who is your best friend?

  • Jaqui

    1. will there be a Camp Rock 3?
    2. will you come to germany? (alone or with the camp rock 2 tour?)

  • Damien

    Do you feel like an underground celebrity sometimes, due to the lack of commercial promos that you get from time to time?

  • FRAN

    What was the Highlight of the Latin & South American tour you had with the Jonas Brothers and the CR2 Cast’

  • Carol

    Have you ever met Justin Bieber, and if so, what do you think of him?
    If not, would you like to meet him?

    You’re awsome Alyson!!! And Justin Bieber!!!!

  • http://Eu1997njj Eugenia

    Please, please beg her to come to NICARAGUA:)

  • http://Eu1997njj Eugenia

    She is so awesome! love her!!!!

  • http://BieberaflowerCj ChelseaJulia

    What does she thinks of the fight between demi lovato and alex (idontknowhername)?

  • marcia

    have u ever wanted to be an actress ?

    have u ever been star strucked

  • marcia

    have u always wanted to be an actress

    have u been star strucked before

  • Dave Alves

    You’ve worked with the superstar Hilary Duff, what it feels like?

  • http://yahoo darth phobos

    you think your gonna the new disney channel shake it up i mean it’d be great for ur such a talented dancer

  • http://yahoo darth phobos

    will you star in shake it up

  • Monica d.p.

    Will you be releasing a cd soon? you are a great singer and i luv make history! i also want to say that i LUVED alice upside down because when it came out i was in 6th grade and you played the part so well i could really relate to alice.


    Are you taking part in any initiatives that help the environment/human population? If so, which ones?

    What is true love to you? Is there a difference between that and attraction?

    What is your hope for the future on an idealistic and realistic scale?


    Is there any advice that you would like to give your fans in terms of the future, college, life, etc.?


    @mod The interview isn’t finished yet, right?

  • Agustin

    Did you like Argentina?