Emma Watson in 'My Week With Marilyn' -- FIRST PIC!

Emma Watson in 'My Week With Marilyn' -- FIRST PIC!

Emma Watson goes back to the 1950s in this new still from My Week With Marilyn.

The 20-year-old actress will play Lucy, an assistant in the wardrobe department at Pinewood studios, in the biopic based on Colin Clark‘s memoir.

Clark described Lucy as ‘one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen in my life… slim as a wand, curly brown hair, huge brown eyes and a wide cheeky grin.’

My Week With Marilyn will debut sometime in 2011.

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Photos: via Daily Mail
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  • http://http//maldini3.forumcommunity.net/ Ann

    she looks awful here :((

  • Annie

    She gets to kiss Eddie Redmayne. Lucky girl. They would make a perfect couple. I can’t believe women wore those pointy bras in the 50′s.

  • miki

    can’t wait to see new movie of her

  • emily96

    @Annie: how do you know that they kiss?

  • Mika

    Can’t wait. :)

    When did they film this?

  • Annie

    they kiss in the book. Emma’s character is the romantic interest.

  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong

    Emma <3

  • good-one

    love the bangs and the sweater magic.

  • Louise

    I love the fact he describes her as as slim as a wand..trippy..lol

  • emily96

    @Annie: oh, i didn’t know there was a book. interesting. thanks for the information :) should be good :)

  • teen

    These are all the excerpts from the book with Emma’s character Lucy (it’s not a very big role):

    ” In the wardrobe department was one the prettiest little girls I have ever seen i my life. this is very good news indeed since i am going to be working here for four months. slim as a wand curly brown hair, huge brown eyes and a wide cheeky grin. the head of the department is a large motherly lady. She feels that is is her duty to protect her little lamb from prowling 3rd ast directors. But the “wand” was thrilled to bits” page 55

    “who is perfect is the little wardrobe girl. she could not be cuter or more flirtatious, and i have made many more visits to the wardrobe department then were strictly necessary” page 75

    wardrobe girl = wdg

    ” I spent the entire Morning flirting with the little wdg . very exciting! i finally bucked up the courage and ask her on a date.
    ‘not tonight,’ she said sternly
    ‘why not?’
    ‘ I’ve got to wash my hair, of course.’
    i didn’t understand the ‘of course’, but pretty little girls must be allowed their little ways.
    “what about Saturday Night then?’
    “Oh, all right,’ smile and a giggle and wiggle
    she really has the smallest waist and the most enchanting laughing eyes i’ve ever seen . And all those beautiful natural ( I suppose) brown ringlets hanging down to her shoulders. I’m hooked. I wish I could decide where to take her. ” page 82

    this one goes with the other quote from 75
    ” I hope David hasn’t noticed. I didn’t have the nerve to ask her out this weekend, but I stressed that I would be back on Monday and come to see her again then. I definitely need to get my hands on Her!” page 71

    “After lunch I sneaked up to see my Little WDG again-pretty as ever. She is No Einstein, but who cares about that. I just want to get my arms around her tiny waist and squeeze. she doesnt have a boyfriend, so I intend to make my move next weekend.” Page 77
    “I’m going to pick up my little WDG at seven tomorrow night. She was very impressed that I have a car. Havens, how adorable. I haven’t decided where to take her yet and I am a bit nervous. I have no idea what she expects.” Page 83

    “Sunday, 29 July
    What a super weekend. Not much to do with my film career, but all part of my film life, so I can’t resist writing it down. The little WDG is as sweet and tasty as a sugar mouse. I am head over heels with infatuation. I picked her up last night in the faithful Bristol. ( I feat it has a musty leather smell to it but she didn’t seem to notice.) We went to Soho for dinner and I order champagne (!). She had only one tiny glass and I nearly finished the rest. Lots of Smarmy Italians service had a good effect. I didn’t dare take her to a night-club. She might have been frightened by their dark, red, velvet corners. So we drove round the west end for an hour. She is very naïve and all the sights were greeted with oohs and aahs. We chatted and held hands, where traffic allowed across the handbrake. Finally we came back here.(the servants’ quarters of my parents’ flat in the Albany, Piccadilly , which they had loaned to me. The flat now owned by my brother Alan.) It is hard to invite anyone in for purely social reasons since I only have a kitchen and a bedroom, but we were flushed with passion and fell onto the bed immediately. Her figure is picture perfect, she kisses like an angel (so I’m not the first) and she happily allowed me to stroke her all over.
    Neither of us wanted to go the whole way. it is much too soon, and she is a good girl and not a tart. But it was impossible for her to not to see how excited I was. She was curious, I explained, and finally out of kindness she put her little hand where the tension was and I soon was in haven. Actually I think she enjoyed herself too, if not in quite the same explosive manner. When I took her home we were still delirious and spent ages kissing goodbye in the car. Finally a light came on in the house and she fled. Now I can’t wait to see her again.” Page 83- 84

    “I also had to pop up and see my little WDG ( sorry Susan!). Very Sweet and soft and I stole a kiss behind a rack of costumes. The Wardrobe mistress, her boss, has obviously been told the news of our night out together, and gives me looks, which are both fierce and benevolent. “Don’t hurt my baby,’ she implies.” Page 87
    “Bumble Dawson is clearly close to a break down. She has all the costumes to worry about and some aren’t to her liking. My Little WDG, who works for Bumble of course, is too bus to give me anything but a smile. But we have a date for Saturday.” Page 91

  • teen

    This is the rest:

    “My Poor Little WDG is rather heavy going. Not a brain in that pretty little head. Anything that wouldn’t go in a women’s magazine goes straight over it.

    Lack of sophistication can be so attractive, and yet it’s also rather tiring. Last night was delightful but I’m not sure I can keep it going. What she likes is romance. Well, I’m a great romantic, but she sees it only in terms of clichés. One step away from these simple terms and she is startled; one original remark and she suspicious. Alas, one cannot just kiss all evening. It might be different if we were sleeping together-then there is always .something to do – but of course we are not.” Page 92

    “ At least we all have time to explore the set and get to know each other. As usual popped up to see my Little WDG. She is so pretty that I can’t resist her, but she is also so silly that I jolly nearly can. I asked her for a date on Saturday.
    ‘Of Course,’ she giggled. Of course. Already? Hmm. “ Page 101

    “Saturday night was a bit of a failure. Oh, how quickly beautiful bloom can fade. Already the little WDG doesn’t seem quite as charming as I thought, and not even as pretty. It is as if she belongs to the fringe –not really relevant, something I must leave behind.” Page 105

    “Talking of magic, I now have a real problem with my little WDG. She is convinced that I am going to take someone else out this Saturday, and won’t even let me explain. The atmosphere in the WD department is so tense I can’t even go in there. WDG hides behind the racks of costumes, crying, while the Wardrobe boss growls like a tigress. No Sympathy from David when I explained the Problem.
    ‘the first the lesson on any film production is not to shit on your own doorstep. Now you’re stuck with this for another three months. I’m not having you unable to go up; to Wardrobe for the rest of the film, so SORT IT OUT!’
    what a nightmare. The trouble is that you can’t discuss thing logically with my little WDG. I’ll have to find the right Cliché. ( Page 114)

    “In the meantime, We have scheduled a day on the lot for tomorrow. We have order all the ‘Extras’ available- about 500- from the FAA. The costumes are already prepared, which means a lot of visits to the wardrobe department. The atmosphere up there is arctic, but alas, nothing I can do. It is over. Poor little WDG. She’ll probably be married in a few years. Two kids and a family car. WDG heaven.” Page 131

  • http://balconiesandballgowns.blogspot.com/ dreamer

    looking forward to seeing her in more films!

  • Celia

    She looks gorgeous!! The 50s suits her very well.
    I can’t wait to see this film. The cast is amazing: Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Dougary Scott, Dominic Cooper, Judi Dench, etc.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Erika

    Emma is a good actress XD

  • ee

    Beautiful :)