Selena Gomez: Grove Shopping with Jennifer Stone!

Selena Gomez: Grove Shopping with Jennifer Stone!

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone enjoy an afternoon together at The Grove on Monday (December 13) in Los Angeles.

The Wizards of Waverly Place co-stars were seen walking around the outdoor shopping complex.

The night before, Selena, 18, attended the Hollywood Style Awards with her mom Mandy.

Selena also took some time out of her day to send pal Taylor Swift some b-day wishes.

“Happy birthday @taylorswift13 !!!!!!!! I love you so much!!” she tweeted.

FYI: Selena wore a bobi striped tee and carried the D&G “Lily Twist” handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone shopping at The Grove…

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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • mmbop


  • andy

    She looks beautiful even when she’s dress down!! Love her…
    But she doesn’t seem to be too happy about the pappz!

  • gina

    I do not like paparazzi photos = ( =(

  • nicolee

    :o i was so shocked that was jennifer stone! she looks so different! well she looks reallyy pretty(: & as always Selena looks pretty too :3

  • none

    Jennifer Stone is hot in these pictures. I want to be her bf and make babies with her. She is so sexy.

  • francie

    ive never seen jennifer stone look good.

  • Mika

    Their outfits are really ugly. But Jennifer is looking really good.

  • vanessa

    Selena still looks like shes 12 years old <333

  • Lawrence

    I keep hoping to see her sexy step-dad*lol*.

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    Selena looks TIRED! get some rest girl.. :(
    hate seeing her sad… paparazi back off :(

  • hiha

    soooooo beautiful!

  • YAY ME


  • isabelle

    @YAY ME:

    shut up, your so rude

  • sue

    @yay me seriously dont you tired of being such a loser and a retarded ugly freak??? get some help you creepy idiot!!!! everybody know that you are slow mental, but c´mon dont embarrasing every day is really pathetic!!! btw so funny that someone like you, i mean loser, ugly and pathetic dare to talk bad about gorgeous selena, i know freak, she has everything and you has nothing…. lol sooo sat mad and good luck with your mental problems….

  • sue

    btw a miley fan talking about look ugly and tired’??? lmao!!! soo funny!!!

  • sue

    and i love how selena always always looks soo pretty even when shes casual!!! well obviously cause she has natural beauty ;)

  • headstrong

    selena looks SO tired. surprisingly, she is dressed her age
    jennifer looks hmm…. different.

  • headstrong

    @sue: you sound really dumb saying a miley fan talking about look ugly and tired” everybody has bad days, even selena. And if you didnt know you sound exactly the same as @YAY ME when you talk about miley.

  • Silentwaiting

    @sue: Please don’t antagonize the haters… they will only get meaner if we keep reacting…

    Oh Selena, you looks so tired!! If anyone in Hollywood deserves some R&R it’s you! Selena looks like she’s gonna just collapse… (well i guess there would be plenty of pappz around to call for help if she did pass out ;] ) Just looks so sad and tired… fear not, we all still love you Selena! please don’t be so sad…

    Why can’t the pappz just let her be for a day… she’s had a rough week last week… LEAVE HER BE! I know it’s their job and they gotta pay the bills somehow… but seriously… cut her some slack for a few days!

    and Jen Stone… blam?… since when? to me she was always rather average, surprisingly she looks really good here.

    Funny note: in the pic where Selena was opening her wallet, you can see her drivers license… makes me curious if she shared the same fate of mediocre drivers license pictures that everyone else does… sadly it’s not high res enough to see it clearly enough… but it’s private anyway so it’s not like we should really get to know… And i doubt she does share that same fate… too beautiful for the picture to have been bad. <3

    Get some sleep and enjoy a well deserved Christmas break, love you Sel <3

  • Chloe

    Like Selena’s outfit but Jennifer’s hips are bigger than my mom. Something is not right here. At least they are good friends, Selena is laid back and doesn’t have scandals. Paparazis are annoying.

  • freak the freak out

    Its so funny that i can point out the two miley obsessed haters headstrong and mika. Would you two get a life.

  • headstrong

    @freak the freak out: we cant comment on selena post because we’re miley fans? LMAO i didnt know that was a rule or something. Its so funny you think im a selena hater just because i dont fine EVERYTHING in selena so perfect like you do. Youd didnt read my replies to you, clearly.

  • headstrong

    @freak the freak out: please you need to get a life why do you care so much about what I think about selena? isnt my opinion irrelevant since im supposedly a HATER?

  • ivy

    When she opens her wallet and you can see her driver’s license, you can see it is from the state of California. Thought she always said that she wants her driver’s license from Texas. Well, plans change.

  • Muhkuh

    Jennifer Stone ist the next Christina Hendricks.
    Hot Redheads ftw.

  • khalyn

    i am so happy 4 her ijust luv the # 21 4 some reason!

  • Peetl

    DAMN Jenn. Looking hot, and YAY ME is obviously a 15 year old guy who comes on here to jerk off to Miley Cyrus only.

    P.S. If comments await moderation, how come his is there? and will mine be deleted for the jerking comment?