Miranda Cosgrove is 'Dancing Crazy' -- LISTEN HERE!

Miranda Cosgrove is 'Dancing Crazy' -- LISTEN HERE!

Check it out — we just got our hands on Miranda Cosgrove‘s new single, “Dancing Crazy!”

The new track was produced by Max Martin, and written by Martin, Shellback, and Avril Lavigne.

Avril also wrote “Daydream” which is on Miranda‘s album, Sparks Fly.

Did you miss the Dancing Crazy Tour dates? Greyson Chance will be on the tour too!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miranda’s “Dancing Crazy” song?

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Miranda Cosgrove – “Dancing Crazy”

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: WireImage
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  • http://chelsgirl16 Chels :)

    It has a funky sound!!!

  • http://nickwardDM nickwardDM

    Thus is a good song

  • http://www.twitter.com/alejandro_esva Alejandro Escamilla


  • Raquel

    I actually like it, it sounds different at first but it grows on ya! :)

  • reggery

    finnaly miranda you found your sound cant wait for the video

  • ashley

    why does she say dancing like that ?

    i think i would love this song if ANYONE else was singing it.

  • alex

    I Love this SONG! Miranda Rocks!

  • jende

    It’s ok, i checked itunes its not there yet. and her voice is too high for the song

  • Frankie M

    Cool song!

  • Nicole

    I really like it :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheCharlesMoore Charles

    Whoa! this is really good! Very Cool Song! Can’t wait to jam to this on the radio!!

  • Laura

    Aaaahhhh! Love this song! It’s just as good as her album Sparks Fly! Or even better :D

  • EyORE

    Fabulous melody on the chorus!!!! Great vibe and groove :D

  • alex

    When can I get it on itunes?

  • http://www.twitter.com/16Fashionista 16Fashionista

    Miranda’s voice is kinda nice to listen to. But it still has like a childisch edge… That’s my opinion.

    This song will catch on, I know for sure.

  • Ryan Ciani

    I love Miranda Cosgrove. This song rocks. Great job Miranda.

  • steve

    I listened to it a couple times last night and I have to say, I like it. It’s catchy an similar to some of the stuff that has been successful in the last year. I hope it becomes a big hit because it is a catchy song.

  • jt

    love it!

  • Galinda

    Go Miranda! This song rocks and the tour will probably be awesome.Hope I can go!!!

  • http://google lindsey greenlew

    Dear, miranda cosgrove
    I like your crazy dance it was amzingthing in the world that I saw in my intierlife so geart to see that crazy dance

  • Yseult

    i love it!

  • james



    I really like it!!!!!!! Miranda roxxxx!!!!!!

  • Averle’

    Why is this not on every radio station right now?? I LOVE THIS SONG! More Avril and Miranda!!! #MoreAvrilandMiranda!

  • http://twitter.com/SeddieFreak Kayla

    She sounds so much like Ke$ha, I think that’s what she was goin for…this is her sound, ilike is so much better than Kissin U.

  • Ron

    No, I did not miss the dates. And I listened to “Broken Hearts.” I think the song is wrong, even though Miranda says that thing about right and wrong in the song. I suppose that means no one cares. But, I do. Hearts never break. I think Greysen can learn something about that from Miranda. Someone needs to learn from her.

    “With the Beatles,” by Lewis Lapham, was written about the Beatles’ trip to an ashram in India. A trip taken before Dr. Luke and Max Martin were born. I lived through that collapse of dreams. I have no desire to go back. Strange thing, though, is that you need to do something. And most everyone settled for some form of sleep. Mr. Lapham, himself, did not. Nevertheless, I do not know it he could see Miranda Cosgrove the way I do. If he did, he would devote an issue of “Lapham’s Quarterly” to women, and he would have something to say about Miranda Cosgrove.

    Something about love without dreams. Love that is awake. Love that knows the odds are against it, but cares nothing about the odds, and continues loving because that is all it can do. Love that can speak to the dreamer, without falling back to sleep itself.

    I listened to Avril, I think, before her first album was released. Ke$ha reminded me that I had quit listening, just when Avril became popular. Ke$ha knows the rest of the story, and knows how I think about it. It is an interesting story, from my perspective.

    Oh, yeah, cool song, Miranda.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • Jc


  • Maria

    goshhh i hate her voice -.-

  • purplish_me

    Can’t stop listening to it! Great Job, Miranda! Hope you make a music video for this! :)

  • http://www.NarniaFans.com David Sutton

    This is terrible. It sound like an auto tuned piece of Radio Disney garbage.

  • tiara

    Reminds me of Ke$ha.

  • auders

    amazing song!!! im addicted!!!

  • Erica Louise Black Lance

    heehee hi=)
    i lyke this sonq dancinq crazy
    it iz sooo kewl

  • katy

    love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!