Zac Efron: New Orleans Sports Games Guy!

Zac Efron: New Orleans Sports Games Guy!

Zac Efron snaps a pic with New Orleans Saints Defensive End Alex Brown‘s wife, Karimar, their kids and Kellan Lutz at the New Orleans Saints vs. St. Louis Rams game over the weekend in New Orleans.

The 23-year-old actor, who is in town filming The Lucky One, also checked out the New Orleans Hornets game against the Detroit Pistons earlier last week.

It was just announced earlier today that Zac had split from his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

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Credit: Chris Graythen; Photos: Getty, Karimar Brown
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  • abby14

    Seeing him happy makes me think this “break” truly won’t last one. AFter being with someone for 5 years you don’t just get over it in a day, it just doesn’t happen.

    Only an amount of time until we see these two together again I think.

  • Lalala

    OMG! I luv u zac!
    Oh ya just sayin this was before the break up. I think?

  • mara

    @abby14: i agree with you

  • http://Ajlanzanessafan ajlanxoxo

    ZACHARY ALEXANDER DAVID eFRON u better get back with Vanessa I’m still in shock that they realy broke up :(

  • abby14

    @ajlanxoxo: didn’t break up. Their taking a break which is different then breaking up.

  • mara

    @abby14: which then?

  • http://Ajlanzanessafan ajlanxoxo

    But then I kind of dont belive that they broke up

  • abby14

    @mara: His rep said they are “taking a break” which is different then breaking up all together/

  • abby14

    Posting this here as well (I also posted it in the break up post):

    One of Zac and Vanessa’s friends tells HL it would be shocking if Zanessa isn’t reunited before too long! There’s hope!

    Rejoice, Zanessa fans — we have good news! spoke to a source very close to Zac Efron, 23, and Vanessa Hudgens, 22, who told us the longtime couple isn’t over forever!

    “They have officially called it quits, but my source believes that there is a great chance they will get back together,” our insider says. “They have hung out with each other as recently as two weeks ago and will continue to hang out, since they are best friends.”

    Zac and Vanessa began dating in 2005 while filming High School Musical, and were spotted hugging and kissing just recently.

    “They realize that they both can trust each other, and there will be a bond between them forever,” our source tells us. “Career demands, distance and to enjoy being single are the main reasons for the break up. I’d be shocked if they don’t get back together someday.”


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Shock of the year.. I still have hope for them though. Every time I see pictures of them together, I actually see happiness and love.. Zanessa is forever in my books.

  • muse

    As long as its not confirmed by either Zac or Vanessa, then Im still holding onto hope. I think this pic was before.
    Yes two weeks ago they were seen happy, but none of us know what really happened, so we can only hope and pray that the “its just a break” rumour is true and we see these two beautiful people back in each others arms very soon. :)

  • abby14

    @muse: the break rumour isn’t a rumor. Its a fact. His rep confirmed they aren’t broken up……….just taking a break.

  • Pit

    looks like he is enjoying the single life!! I think they had already agreed to the “break” before this picture and the one over the weekend where his Dad was with him in a restaurant in New Orleans. We know Vanessa was “chilling” in Hawaii watching dolphins swim. Zac was out in the Big Easy.

  • abby14

    @Pit: “looks like he’s enjoying the single life” HOW THE HECK CAN YOU TELL THAT BY ONE PIC? He’s posing with fans therefore of course he’s going to smile for the pic. You can’t tell he’s enjoying the single life just by a pic taken with a fan, you just can’t.

  • Pit

    well there were pics with fans last week from Louisiana and he did seem unhappy – in these he is smiling broadly. Just an observation.

  • Pit

    well there were several pics of him with fans last week from Louisiana and he did seem unhappy – in these he is smiling broadly. Just an observation.

  • beatriz

    i’m so sad :l
    zanessa is the best couple just i cant belive it!!
    and zac is hot

  • Sina(its cold in germany xD)

    He doesnt seem too happy but zacs never been that obvious smiley person in public pocs. I still have faiththey obviously had tht vreak for a lil longer than 2 weeks and i think they are prob already reconnecting ever since. 5 yrs is a long time and they arent gonna throw it away. Every relationship has its break :) lets be faithful!!

  • abby14

    @Sina(its cold in germany xD): I agree you don’t grown apart over night and it for sure shouldn’t take you 5 years to realize you’ve grown apart.

  • Ella

    So sad.. I thought, they’re already engaged?! :\
    But Zac looks happy with these pictures.. Maybe, it’s a mutual break-up. I know and I believe that they will still get back together! Just give them space and everything will be okay.. ;)

  • claudia

    i dont know if i will ever be able to eat or sleep today.

  • CrazeeKiwi

    :( anybody else notice in the hawaii kiss video that while they were cuddling when V had her arms around his waist he seemed unhappy… Do u think it was cos of the pappz or that things werent good btwn them cos ness didnt seem happy either. But in saying that both Z and V arent always smiley smiley infront of pappz. Thoughts? Am i just over analysing??

  • abby14

    @CrazeeKiwi: hard to say seeing as when that video was taken he was standing there waiting for their car with his back to Vanessa, then she came up behind him and put her arms around his waist. Kinda hard to say he was happy or unhappy because it was just kinda them standing there. But remember he did then turn and kiss her.

  • Lawrence

    Zac and Kellan!, love it.

  • AddictedtoV

    ZANESSA is forever! it was “FATE” and written in the “STARS”.

  • londonlemming

    Why are you all analysing if they broke up or not? This Zanessa fans at there worse. Not only are you all acting like it is the end of the world,you are all reading far too much in to something that in reality has NOTHING to do with you or anyone else. Have a little respect people,and let Zac and Vanessa sort themselves out,the more you all comment on it the more people will run the story,and the more it could possibly hurt Zac and Vanessa by having it all continuously talked about.

    My advice? Get over yourselves and but out of relationship that has nothing to do with you and concentrate on your own lives.

  • Liveinlove
  • CrazeeKiwi

    @abby14 u make a good point. In a previous post u said, actually u quoted from i think HL that “zac and vanessa have officially called it quits” then in a post after that u said that Zac’s rep said that they’re “taking a break”. Where’d u find out this statement??

  • mike

    Zac did a mistake if you ask me but hope whey will get back soon

  • londonlemming

    @CrazeeKiwi: Zac’s publicist has been quoted from a phone call which she supposedly had with a member of a forum. There has up to now been NO official statement nor do I think there is going to be one anytime soon as they are both very private people who strive not to talk about there personal life.

  • andrea

    @abby14: Totally agree !

  • kyle

    Together or not, i’m still a fan of both.


    they should marry.. maybe they ‘broke up’ , because they didnt came anywhere with their relatioship, after 4-5 years :)
    yep, its definetly the shock of the year! :( :(
    hope its not truue.. :’(

  • Skylar

    @londonlemming: That’s what I was thinking. It really is not official. I think that if they want us to know the truth they’ll tell us in time.
    It’s vanessa’s birthday today anyway, well see if anything happens. :)
    As a true fan, I don’t believe anything until they say so themselves.

  • maria

    Listen, break or split. Makes no difference. They are not together right now, and only time will tell if they are meant to be. Sometimes couples have great love for each other, but it’s at the wrong time in their lives. That’s what I think this is. Zac does not want to think about commitment or marriage, and he has said so many times. I don’t know how Vanessa feels about the subject, but if they need space, then that’s what is best.

    The sad thing is, sometimes you NEVER find a great love like this again, once you let it go. Careful what you wish for, Zac. The drama over single Zac and his love life is about to begin. If he thought he lived in a fishbowl before, just wait.

  • erika

    know something, deep down something tells me this is not over, I think they have overcome and they will have to demonstrate why it is one of the best couples in the world, we just listen to what others say, this source said this or that but do not really know what they think zac and vanessa, why should not stop tene hope that they will return, I know I will

  • lauren

    i just saw that thing from or whatever its called.
    i think time will tell, i think they will get back together but this break or whatever you call it is prolly good for them, i personally dont know what friend of theirs will go to some site and say oh i think they will get back together their ment to be, hopefully over this xmas break for them they can talk it out or whatever

    ugg yesterday on twitter was annoying.

  • pop86

    I seriously doubt any friend of Zac and Vanessa would talk with Hollywood Life. This is a difficult time for them and what they don’t need is fan analyzing every detail. I do believe they are taking a break to reevaluate their relationship and sometimes couples need to do that figure how what to they really want. I wish Zac and Vanessa the very best in their career and personal lives and will always be a fan/supporter of both.

  • Chanon

    @AddictedtoV: AMEN. I’d be so shocked if they didn’t get back together sooner or later. :(

  • Ak

    @Maria: There you go again insinuating that Zac was the one to end the relationship. How do you know? It could very well have been a mutual decision or Vanessa making the break to focus on her career. We’ll probably never know the whole truth because they are both very private people. So stop your accusations over something you know nothing about.

  • ZANE

    im still in denial that Zanessa is over!

  • isaac

    e ainda fica rindo, essa desgraça
    morra com um pau socado no meio do seu cu -n
    hj é aniversario da vanessa 8(


    V deserves someone better, someone that miss her.

  • edyta

    zanessa forever <3

  • maria

    @Ak: It doesn’t matter one way or the other who ended the relationship. But if you look at recent Zac interviews, particularly GQ, he talks about being single and how his friends think he should be “bathing in *****”. He said it wasn’t his style, but that’s because he was still with Vanessa. We have never heard Vanessa rationalize her relationship, or talk about whether she should be single or not. It’s not an attack on Zac (God forbid); it’s just an observation. But I stand by my words….life is not always greener on the other side. Space is obviously what they feel they need right now, and they know what’s best.

    Why don’t you say what you think without attacking others, and I’ll say what I think? No need for finger pointing. I feel sad for them; they had something very special.

  • rebecca

    how can he be so happy jus like a few days after he broke up with his gf Vanessa who he has been dating for over 5 YEARS. they better get back together after seeing this, i feel sorry for V as its her bday and he is out enjoying himself with his mates. Zanessa were perfect for each other. :( still upset

  • ZANE

    if they are meant for each other, love will bring them back together in the future

  • just me

    why is he that HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT! <3

  • curiosity

    If this is hard for us to accept just imagine how much harder it is for them both. I’m truly sad for both and my heart is breaking but I only wish them both the best. Hope that they stay friends.

    I look at this pix of Zac…yes, he might be smiling but I’m sure inside he’s dying and same with Vanessa, we will see pix of her hopefully sooner than later…she will be smiling but again it does not mean she’s not dying inside. Both shared 5 wonderful year and that won’t disappear overnight if not ever….both have memories that may or will last a lifetime. They’re each other’s first in a lot of things I really don’t think those will ever be forgettable.

  • susan1

    since this morning I”m really upset about the news i can’t take it at the moment.

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