Ashley Greene Keeps Quiet about Joe Jonas Relationship

Ashley Greene Keeps Quiet about Joe Jonas Relationship

Ashley Greene keeps close to boyfriend Joe Jonas as they go for a late night dinner in NYC on Thursday night (December 16).

Ash, 23, recently opened to Cosmo mag about keeping her lips zipped up on her relationship with Joe.

She shared, “When you talk to the media, it adds pressure to a relationship. People see pictures of hear part of a quote, and suddenly you’re in love with someone before you even like them. Then when you decide you do want to be with them, you have to worry that if you break up it will be all over the place. So it’s better just to stay quiet.”

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kaye

    Not talking about the relationship is great. Not seeing it constantly would even be better.

  • someone

    so going on Lopez talking about joe and dating him the whole interview isnt really talking about…ok then -_-

  • Bard

    Give Kaye a prize. Best Comment I’ve seen in months. And what’s with the hawk eyes Ashley’s giving joe. If she had I knife I feel like she might stab him.

  • gia

    love them!

  • gia

    they look stoned in the main picture…probably gonna have seizure from all those papz camera :(

  • sMiley290gurl

    seriously…she’s kind of beautiful…n he is..well…ugly..y ashley?! she can do better than him…

  • zoe

    WOW, ashley, way to stay quiet about joe by talking to a magazine. -__-

  • anonymous

    they haven’t seen each other and we haven’t got any pics of them in almost three weeks
    it’s not their fault that the media can’t stop talking about them

  • penélope

    @kaye: We haven’t had candid pics of Ash in over two weeks, so your comment is irrelevant. That being said I really wish Joe would gtfo.

  • Ella

    They both looked awkward in the pictures.. Great job on taking pictures, paps! NOT. :\
    Love you Joseph! <3

  • moio

    It is so ugly that Joe …
    Ashley deserves better

  • zoe

    aahahh, awesome comment @kaye

  • K

    @kaye: Then why did you comment.. it’s ignorant people like you..

  • ma

    he looks ugly here

  • lulu

    So why does she follow him around like a puppy dog and state on George Lopez that he’s her boyfriend. Is she stupid?!

  • Sahina

    lol at both of their facial expressions!

  • cam


    I agreee!

  • lauren6

    yeh i agree with kaye aswell…im so sick of seen them together..yeah we get it your together..your in love…blah blah blah

    she wants to keep it private but yeah they flaunt it everywhere..i do get that the paparazzi are always going to find them…but hasn’t joe kinda become less papped a lately…i wonder if they stage photos?
    apparently, jake gyllenhaal did..who knows

  • LoveLeeR

    @kaye: haha well said ! ^

  • michelle

    @sMiley290gurl: hi hater



  • michelle

    @lauren6: their FAMOUS . they cant control shit when it comes to fame or pazps. if your so sick of them then why keep coming on their post.

  • gia

    Demi fans has attacked yet another Joe and Ashley post



  • ness

    they both have gotten uglier

  • Becky

    couple of things wrong.
    1. she has nothing to promote, she only went on Lopez to talk about this fauxmance.
    2. the photos are enough coverage and the amount of photograph sets are quite frankly…way too much!!


  • Phoebe

    @Becky: She has nothing to promote ? You mean apart from the six movies she has lined up for 2011 ? Oh and that little movie called Breaking Dawn ? Get a reality check and stop whining about people’s private lives.

  • Lauren

    Can u guys STOP being mean to Joe & Ashley


    @Becky: i love joe but i can’t stand ashley she is a famewhore there is nothing romantic or serious about their relationship her brother said so himself they will breakup REAL SOON

  • twilightmom

    They are moving in together. Heard it on Ryan Seacrests’ show this morning. {o:

  • michelle

    @Becky : you can have a opionin but telling somone to die is wrong.

  • lulu

    @michelle: lol! she doesn’t mean she wants them to die, just the couple to split up, as in the couple should “die” away. Just exaggeration :) x x x


    she had no right to go on lopez and announce that she is joe’s non;girlfriend and then brag about joe, that’s rude she had no authority


    @lulu: yep she is. and guess who she was referring to when she said i could never date a celeb my friends hated? that was joe? and shes not on team jonas, cause she hates them. if i were you ash, i’d keep ur bigmouth shut.

  • melissa

    if its better to not talk about your relationship than why even try to bring it up?

  • Shakey

    Why do I got the feeling that she learned this from Joe and Demi’s releationship?

  • Bradley Bobst

    Joe and Ashley are the Perfect Couple ever.

  • Kiyoko

    i think Ashley is just dating him for pr for the up coming movie Breaking dawn. Once those movies are out she’ll dump him

  • Lame


  • http://@jemi_jovato1992 Jemi Lovers

    I dont care what she said!
    she’s a loser!

  • Jemi Lovers

    i hate jashley 4ever!!!