David Archuleta: Christmas is a Season of Giving!

David Archuleta: Christmas is a Season of Giving!

David Archuleta is getting into the reason for the season!

The 19-year-old musician stopped to chat with Latina magazine about his love for the holidays, not being really ready for a girlfriend right now and what he’ll be singing at New Year’s Eve Live. Check it:

On what Christmas means to him: “It’s a season of giving — that’s for sure. And what I love about it is that people are in a different mindset. They think about other people more. I love that! There are a lot of holidays, but Christmas is about remembering Christ’s birth and the season of giving. I also love all the great holiday songs. People just feel good this time of year and I love it!”

On if he’ll be kissing anyone under the mistletoe: “Um, nobody—no one for me. [Laughs] Um, you know what, it’s not just the career I’m focused on I guess. It’s just a matter of — I haven’t gone too into thinking about it. It’s not like, ‘I need a relationship!’ You know, the time will come. I’ll know when I’m ready and right now it’s just not the time yet. It’s when you find that person that you feel comfortable around.”

On his song, “Elevator”: “It’s a fun song about a dream I had. It was kind of like Inception in a way. There were these elevators and all these different floors and stuff. And I was trying to decide what floor to get off on. I think [the dream] was kind of symbolic of my life — not knowing which way to go or the right floor to get off on.”

WOULD YOU KISS David under the mistletoe?

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  • soffi

    Always so sweet!!!! Love him!!

  • http://nickwardDM @nickwardDM

    oh,this is way I love david archie:)

  • lct

    You bet I would kiss David under the misteltoe! It’s not because of lack of interest from girls – he’s just so busy and on the road giving and sharing his talent!

  • nancy

    Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss! (If he would let me)

  • Trish

    He always has his heart in the right place. Very sweet.

  • caitlin

    A kiss from David would be a Christmas gift that would last a lifetime!

  • bella

    Um? Is this a trick question? HECK YES I’d kiss him.

  • http://twitter.com/ingridsheena Ingrid

    Definitely YES! xD

  • Tracy

    Definitely YES, he is the most sweetest guy ever. Just thinking of those lips of his….I don’t think I would be standing afterwards though haha

  • Victoria


>>>>>>> staging1