Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Miami Mates

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Miami Mates

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take a walk together on Saturday morning (December 18) in Miami, Fla.

The two singers shared a smile and some laughs on their way to a hotel in South Beach.

Justin, 16, is in town to perform tonight at the American Airlines Area!

“Waking up in Miami is a beautiful thing. have a feeling the show tonight is gonna be crazy,” he tweeted.

These pics probably won’t stop those dating rumors but Selena, 18, already addressed them saying their previous outing together was “all innocent.”

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  • Quyen

    They say they’re not dating but I think they are….

  • MileyPawnsselena


  • Adriana

    I don’t think they make a good couple, but they look cute in these pictures. At least he is as tall as her now.

  • mara

    me too

  • mmbop

    Why are you doing this Sel.. :(

    You are too good for him.

  • Lindsay

    they are sooo dating

  • http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu226/khwanrat1234/miley%20cyrus/2myaxd2jpg.gif headstrong


  • lane

    Cute!!! I think there Just ‘close’ friends ;) lol but I think it b cute if they dated.

  • bigdreamer

    shes too old for him but they would make a cute couple…….

  • Ema

    I really don’t think they’re dating. I think they are just good friends. You really have to believe Selena when she says that they are NOT dating.

  • itsmeagain

    startin to see them as a couple. But Sel’s too good 4 him.

  • WhoCares

    I honestly do not know what she would see in him to date him. He sounds like a 12 year old girl and looks kind of like one too. She can most certainly do better then some guy who as soon as his voice changes won’t even be remembered.

  • andy

    Selena you can do sooo much better!! And I still don’t believe they are dating… I think they are just good friends!

  • Emma

    They are so CUTE!o.O
    idk if they are dating, but they are adorable anyways^^

  • Havik


    This couple pisses me off. She’s the hottest girl in the world, she can do so much better than Justin’s punk @$$. I love her, but to see her with him is just…. I’m speechless…… They’re obviously dating and I hate it.

    EPIC RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hanni

    @mmbop: They’re not dating.

    He’s a player and probably thinks she’s not attractive enough for him or his type.

  • hanni

    @Havik: She’s no where near the hottest girl on the planet.

  • hanni

    @andy: They’re not dating.

  • lauren6

    there dating…you can tell..this is how it was with nick jonas…a few photos here and there..watching him on his tour dates…..then they spilt up
    but i don’t know how she can date him..with him been 16 an her 18…unless hes realllly mature for his age

  • Emma

    Oh, and please: leave Justin Bieber alone!they can decide themselfes who they want to date and who is good for them!!!!!!

  • ani

    I really like her shirt!

  • he is jealous

    hahahaha Justin is so jelaous cause Jasmine V boyfriend is in Miami, so he had to call Selena and invited her to Miami..hahaha…
    so jeloaus Justin right/??

  • EM

    You all are so mean. And wrong.

    Selena isn’t too good for Justin, not at all.
    Justin is sweet, caring, and a great guy. You can’t judge him like that when you don’t even know him. Be mature.

  • Yu lee

    Hey Guys, If Selena says last time they just had an “innocent pancake”, then you had better “Beliebe” her. Justin called her a “real sweetheart”.

    I wonder what was so sweet, was he tasting the pancake or her heart?

  • kayjoey

    they’re obviously dating…why else would she go allll the way to miami with him when she’ll have to be back in LA for filming this week. she’s a smart girl….dating him would do the perfect thing for her career….more press, more sales, her name out there just as much as his…

  • Pam

    Either this blogsite got a new “editor” or JustJared has gotten rid of rude and unfriendly JustJill. The entry construction is much better. Transitions between paragraph are more defined. Dare I say more professional than what we normally see around here. Good to see a hint of improvement, that’s for sure. At least the regular readers will learn some basic English lessons.

    Anywho, regarding this pairing. Perfect timing with the demise of Za-Nessa, it’s good to know the kiddies will have a couple to waste their time ogling over and use their ever nosy time to decipher every move.

    Welcome to an ever crazy world of “ships” Sele-tin!! May you last until you both couldn’t use each other anymore!

  • keri

    they are so cute together.

  • http://takemehome Daisy

    Selena Gomez Is Fake. She went Out with Nick Jonas When He was Real Big and She tired Going out with Joe, and She went out with Taylor Lunter Now Justin Bieber come on selena hes mine you need to go back on barney


    They are definitely dating! He’s in town to perform aaaaand…she’s there why? “Good friends” don’t do that.

  • http://takemehome Daisy

    If there Going out Selena Gomez is to fake for him. But i still Love Justin Bieber, But she went out with everybody. She’s T

  • http://takemehome MzBiebs

    If There Going Out i’ll still be mad But if they are its super cute cause there so small n cute

  • nickj

    ehh i dont think theyre dating, idk. even when nelena were on they looked more like they were dating idk. Also idk I have guy friends and we laugh like crazy but no one says “were dating” lol. oh wait theres a big difference theyre celebrities and were no one lol

  • Miia

    They’re not dating. At least, I hope not.

  • http://yahoo.com haylie

    i dont like selena gomez

  • tiara

    If they were dating they would make a cute couple.

  • Cappa

    Justin is suppose to be dating Hailie Scott eminem’s daughter.

  • mendomamir

    even if their dating its their life… she doesnt need to confirm it to us… seriously

  • Noe

    so cute :)

  • David_Rawr

    She can do so much better

  • http://nickwardDM @nickwardDM

    He is UGLY

  • http://twitter.com/MrPrezFlyWithMe Nicoleeee

    Seriously Selena is too good for Biebs! Too me Biebs is just a playa though! Now Selena with Nick Jonas that would be better! Team Nelena!

  • merii12

    i dont think theyre dating im 18 too and to be honest id never date a 16 year old guy unless hes very mature i dont know them personally lol but idk who knows? u can see they always have a great time together… only time can says if theyre dating or not

  • Aba

    He’s like the same age as her TV younger brother, Jake T Austin.

  • Gaby

    i believe Selena when she says shes not dating Justin cause really she is two years older than him and theyre just really good friends. i cant really see Selena dating Justin i think its just weird cause she thinks of him as a brother and he thinks of her like a sister.

  • julie

    JUSTIN BIEBER can do better than that

  • Nai

    I believe in Selena. If she says that she and Bieber weren’t dating.then so be it! I’m a Nelena fan. And it doesn’t mean that i don’t like JB. He’s not just being himself. I mean, he shud date girls his age. And not look for someone above him. I believe in Selena. And that gives me hope.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i don’t know if they’re dating or not but i don’t think an 16 year old boy should be dating an 18 year old girl, that is a little crazy.

  • Rhino


    They aren’t.
    People can’t seem to cope with that fact for some reason.

  • anaya

    i don’t think selena would date a person who she keeps calling “kid”

  • http://twitter.com/ItsCaroBelieber Caroline Parker

    This is so much better than Jasmine and Justin i Really think Selena and Justin it’s so much better

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