Selena Gomez Boards Justin Bieber's Tour Bus

Selena Gomez Boards Justin Bieber's Tour Bus

Selena Gomez hops onto pal Justin Bieber‘s tour bus after his concert at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday (December 18) in Miami, Fla.

Looks like these two are becoming quite friendly! Yesterday, Selena, 18, and Justin, 16, were spotted hanging out in South Beach.

Last weekend, JJJ spies spotted Selena in Justin‘s dressing room at Madison Square Garden during Z100′s Jingle Ball. She was also seen on the side of the stage while Justin was performing!

FYI: Below, Justin can be seen carrying a bag containing Pantene Shampoo and Proactiv skin care products.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez boarding Justin Bieber‘s tour bus…

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Kim

    What the hell? I’m confused.

  • Jordan

    Selena’s a groupie!

  • mmbop

    Oh Selena..

    I never thought I’d say this, but this is the first I’m genuinely disappointed in you. Seriously, what are you doing with him?

  • Sahina

    more than friends??? who knows….

  • Siley

    i wonder what they were doing there…

  • kara

    she follows him everywhere he goes, she’s starting to seem obsessed and it’s hilarious. good to know your own career isn’t significant enough so you have to take his on.

  • joanne

    selena is dating her “brother”. too bad she needs to be chaperoned with him

  • dude

    @kara: follows him everywhere. yeah, miami is a great international city didn’t know it literally means its everywhere. okay. *shrug* i suppose it is similar to justin flying to dallas to spend american thanksgiving w/ selena & her fam.

  • dude

    Cute friendship, but lets end it there. Selena you can do better than that “kid”.

  • jk

    OH I hate what he is wearing

    I want to believe they’re reeeeally good friends

  • lane

    wth yall??? so what if she’s hanging in his tour bus? so what only guys are aloud to hang in his tour bus??? lmao Justin always has a bunch of his ‘peeps’ around him but u dont see them every day with him because theyre not important as sel. What is she suppose to say um no justin I can’t hang with u, ppl might be watching. -_-

  • selly

    I think,more than friend.oh selly please dont:( I hate justin:@

  • ma

    she can do so much better


    i hope they’re just friends..

  • Mellz

    Come on!they are just friends..hes like brothers to her,
    Its ok to spend a day off with buds while she have time..
    About te hug,come on! Sel hugs EVERYBODY everyTIME!
    Lol..What sel doing with that kid?! They know each other more than
    3years now..not just now hmm..

  • hanni

    Selena is a groupie.. and why can’t people accept that two people can hang out without dating? Justin would never date Selena. His type is Katy Perry-esque girls (curvy bodies, voluptuous body, a women’s body, beautiful luscious lips, shiny hair, big eyes, a beauty).

    I guess her hangout out with Justin Bieber is only advancing her in terms of publicity.

  • wtf stop it!! eeeeeeewwwwwwwww

    she was like a sister to justin!! WTF!!

  • hanni

    @jk: Justin and this girl don’t seem like reaaaaaaaaaaaly good friends. They seem like friends, not close. I don’t see them hanging out everyday, they’ve been spotted hanging out three times.

  • Kenzie01

    @hanni: wow how old are you????

  • meiner

    Selena is a cuddly bear …
    they embraced …
    1) fellow actors
    2) Reporter
    3) Good Friends
    4) Fans
    5) whom she has not yet embraced the … me

    I wish her only the best

  • good-one

    Their friendship makes really great sense to me. They have so much in common.

  • meiner

    After all the rumors …
    I think
    the two to make a fun
    with reporter and Gossips-Pages

  • Mika

    It’s true.

    Selena hangs around other celebrities to get more publicity.
    We’ve seen it happen with Nick, Taylor … etc.

  • Mie

    Well, i think it looks like they have a great time together when they hang out. And really people? just because they are much together, dont it mean that they are like together. From my side, i will say i am hanging out with my bestfriend Michael all time almost(: its like if you have it fun together, why not just keep hanging out?. And they are almost at the same age, and its not long ago.. since they both just got “big stars” So they might understand each other better. If there ever be more than friends with them, then just be happy for them, because love is always a great thing. And i wish the best for both(: .. Bad english btw, im from denmark (;

  • meiner

    every relationship is mutually beneficial

  • rae

    SELENA GOMEZ IS A coat tail rider

  • headstrong

    maybe is more than a friendship. who knows. maybe they just want people to speculate.

  • sue

    @rae fail loser!!! get out of here you idiot!!!


    Okay, Selena and Justin may be friends or dating, WHO CARES. I don’t get why all of you begin calling Selena a coat tail rider. Have you honestly thought about the fact that Selena has been in this business for way more years than Justin…and Justin’s popularity is ALREADY decreasing. Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to be using her? We know Selena is going to become more successful, because she is known for all the shows and movies she’s done. Justin became famous for his voice and looks, which will change. Besides, why can’t they hang out?

  • sue

    @hanni can you be more retarded? just shut up and stop too embarrasing yourself!!! oh and keep telling to you that selena is not gorgeus if that makes you feel less ugy and pathetic….. sooo good luck hahaha

  • lulu

    are you all thick?! of course she’s dating him!! not being funny, but:

    1) it’s selena. C’mon, she’s making her way around Hollywood- Nick, David, Taylor, Cory and now Justin? And that’s all within 2 years!

    2) They spent Thanksgiving together, ate Pancakes and went to a beach.

    3) Remember earlier this year with Nick? Going on his tour bus? They were dating!

    Sorry, but I think she’s a bit slutty. She has this sweet innocent act but it’s clear it’s so she can be the next Miley, which ain’t gonna happen.

  • dina

    omg shut upo peopl it doe snto mean anythign, they are just liek brother and isster an that si it and just very good friends

  • yo

    rae is right! haha. selena always hangs out with the it boy

  • buzz

    Selena is way too good for Bieber. Looks like a harmless flirtation for me. Maybe some fun–nuthin’ serious. Girl will probabaly break Bieber’s heart.

  • yo

    justins too much for her, she’s annoying as hell!

  • tisdale

    so is greyson chance or cody simpson next

  • none

    Sounds like Selena is going to lose her virginity to the J man. First he was linked to Jennifer Stone then Miley Cyrus then Demi Lovato and now Selena. This guy is a player and is going to bone another Disney star.

  • daniella!!

    @headstrong: Why would they want people to speculate though? Hmm at the beginning i thought, yea they’re just friends hangin out but now…i think they may be going out. Like if Justin Bieber was my best guy friend i wouldn’t be going on his tour bus?! That’s a little too much

  • Kanani

    Why is it that everytime two celebrities (guy & girl) are seen hanging out, they HAVE to be “dating”? I have a best guy friend and we’re always hanging out together and we aren’t into eachother at all. He actually has a girlfriend and I’m friends with her too. Its possible for guy and girl celebrities to be best friends too. I don’t see why people act as if guys and girls can’t be just friends, especially when it comes to famous people. Oh well.

  • daniella!!

    They’re both very nice preformers. However it’s just very strange how she goes from Taylor Lautner who’s a man to justin bieber who’s still just a kid, having fun. Not that that’s a bad thing but still strange. I guess if they’re happy…..then whatever.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Selena Gomez is a pedophile sexual predator LOL

    @none: If you think she hasn’t “lost” her virginity a long time ago, you’re delusional.

  • Chloe

    They are friends and Selena is supporting Bieber! Don’t say she’s following him everywhere because it’s NOT true!
    Bieber was the one who spent Thanksgiving with Selena’s family in TEXAS! And also he was in Wizards Of Waverly Place rehearsals & taping because he’s a good friend too. Maria (Selena TV’s mom) tweeted about him last month!

  • dona7dmr

    Why are some of you guys saying that she’s doing it for publicity she’s already famous..Gosh!!

  • none

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: According to Selena she is suppose to be saving herself for marriage. Justin is trying to get her to give it to him. There isn’t a Disney girl that little boy hasn’t beded.

  • headstrong


    if you say you aren’t dating someone only brings more attention and people start to speculate.

  • Neve

    they’re totally banging

  • Joshua

    Bad taste.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @none: according to Britney Spears, she was saving herself for marriage too. Then we found out she actually lost her virginity at 14.

  • itsmeagain

    LOL! Listen to all the Jealous all the bitter, jealous Belibers! FYI: Selena didn’t need snot nose Bieber to help her win Two Emmys. And she definitely did need them to sell out concerts at the Roxy and in London. And I find it gross that a 16 year old, who could pass for a 12 year old. Is into older dirty cougars like Kim Kardashian. The good thing about medio core teen throbs like Justin is they don’t last long in the spot light. I am willing to bet that Bieber Fever will be gone by the Time he hit’s 20. But then his audience will be in this teens and they’ll realize how crazy they were falling for such a non-talented , stuck up brat.

  • Renee

    If Selena is dating him I’ll lose all my respect for her.

>>>>>>> staging1