Hailee Steinfeld 'Honored' By Hunger Games Role Suggestion

Hailee Steinfeld 'Honored' By Hunger Games Role Suggestion

If you’ve read Suzanne Collins‘ “The Hunger Games,” you might have pictured several young actresses in the role of Katniss Everdeen.

But did Hailee Steinfeld cross your mind? It’s crossed MTV‘s.

Hailee, 14, shared with the outlet about even being mentioned for the role, “That’s definitely an honor. I didn’t even realize that people were mentioning my name. And, again, it’s every actor’s dream to be recognized for something that they love to do, and to get recognized for that is pretty amazing. I thank the people out there who think that. That would definitely be an honor.”

But has she read the books? Yep! “I read the first one—I was in the middle of the second one, and I kind of felt like—I kind of have to read it every time I have a spare moment—and I kind of felt like I was missing something. So I’m rereading the first one just so I can make sure that I get everything. But they’re kind of an incredible book series,” Hailee added.

WHO DO YOU PICTURE as Katniss Everdeen?

Hailee Steinfeld for ‘The Hunger Games’
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  • http://www.twitter.com/theKevinLong Kevin

    Nothing against her as an actress and I don’t want to go into getting every physical detail of Katniss perfect but this girl simply is far too baby-faced and innocent looking to play the hardened Katniss. Maybe I’m wrong but she would seem more fitting for Prim rather than Katniss

  • Ginny

    Sorry,nothing against her,but I would prefer Danielle Campbell for this role

  • http://www.twitter.com/theKevinLong Kevin


    Oh dear God no! Can we please avoid Disney casting for The Hunger Games. It’s way to politically and violently thematic to cast sugar sweet Disney kids.

  • Katty


    Vanessa Hudgens!

  • Katty

    First of all, she is 14. Katniss is not 14 and she cannot portray Katniss’s depth of character. Katniss needs to be smart, sometimes ruthless, caring, confused, street smark young woman, not a mediocre 14 year old. Sorry.

    Vanessa has had the training (via Sucker Punch) the age bracket, and not to mention the skintone/hair color needed for Katniss. She also can portray Katniss correctly. She has a lot of depth of and actress and is looking to prove herself and this is just the role to do it!

  • http://www.twitter.com/theKevinLong Kevin

    I can promise you now that Hudgens will NEVER get this role. Lionsgate are looking to cast ‘unknowns’ similar to Twilight and Harry Potter. Hudgens is far too much a media blitz to get cast.

  • amtfan

    in that photo you posted, she kinda looks like nicole anderson in the face :)

  • katy

    i think unknowns should be cast as all of the characters with the exception of the Capitol citizens. I feel it would take away from the integrity of the story to have to think of the characters as the actor first and Katniss or Peeta second…

  • http://TWITter.com/whosjennma jenn

    Lyndsy M. Fonseca needs to be Katniss.
    My lordy, Lyndsy All the way!

  • Katty


    Calm down, I understand, by Hudgens deserves a chance. She could be perfect for it.

  • nelson

    Katty how can you say she cant portray katniss’s depth as a character lol

    everyone is saying she could be nominated for a damn oscar and has already got nominated for SAG Award

    Vanessa did high school freaking musical lol

    Hallie held her own against 3 Oscar nominees in true grit

  • ashley

    @Katty: you’re delusional

  • Rawr

    I’m sorry but the people saying Vanessa Hudgens for Katniss is not gonna happen. I just hope they pick people who will do the characters justice.

  • Carla

    Yes I think she would be good.
    When filming begins she’ll be at least 15 I’m guessing which is old enough. Also, she seems really mature for her age. Katniss is described as being young looking for her age so I think Hailee would be perfect. :)

    If you haven’t read the books, READ THEM. You won’t regret it.
    Not the next Twilight.

  • Dannie

    KAYA SCODELARIO for Katniss please!!! But she’s OK too.

  • Laura

    Kaya would be amazing!

  • ellie

    Not her please!!! I think unknowns should play at least the main characters.

  • lu

    she would suit more for Prim or Rue if she was younger. I still think Kaya Scodelario would be a better Katniss.

  • lerner

    Christian Serratos for Katniss and Jeremy Sumpter.

  • ilove

    She’s perfect for the role!

  • kaye

    Kaya Scodelario for Katniss. That’s my pick.

  • elcamino


    But she would also be 30 in the Mockingjay filming.

  • http://twitter.com/hercalledrain effy

    Kaya Scodelario always and firever as Katniss!!!

  • http://twitter.com/hercalledrain effy

    *forever i mean LOL KAYA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovelovelove


    I was thinking Jeremy Sumpter too! Lol. I think it was because his name’s Peeta and he played Peter Pan… :P

    I think Hailee would be a good Katniss, I guess. There’s a picture of Katniss on the book and she doesn’t look that tough or anything. :)

  • Reese

    I think she’s perfect for the role. She could grow into the role (instead of looking too old by the 3rd movie) and she is an amazing actress! I just say True Grit and was blown away.

  • starinacasket

    i saw true grit this afternoon and about half an hour into the movie i just felt like this girl should be katniss, and i had never even heard of her before! she is 14, but the style of true grit just had the hunger games feel to it. seriously, she has dark brown hair in a braid, hunting clothes and boots (though she carries a knife and a gun rather than a bow and arrow), a badass attitude and scowl, and she even scales an effing tree! she shared amazing scenes with jeff bridges and matt damon, and still stole the scene! i think she’d be a great choice for katniss everdeen.

  • mmmkr

    Well, have you seen True Grit? Because I just saw and I think she would be amazing for the role. She’s not like she is in her interview.

  • ashley

    Follow the official Hunger Games movie twitter page! http://twitter.com/thehungergames

  • http://mandefilmcritic mandefilmcritic

    Newcomer Haley Farris (IMDB) has the right age, maturity level for the role, toughness,small stature, grey/green eyes, and voice performance skills needed for the role of Katniss.

  • Chris Smith

    Danielle Chuchran for Katniss. Read the comments from the loader before going all criticial on the video.


  • Nicki

    Although I agree that some Disney stars are good at portraying roles with depth, I believe that fairly unrecognized actors/actresses should reconsidered for this movie. Anyone from twilight, Harry potter, Disney, or other often recognized franchises would be influencing a stereotype of the persons performance in the hunger games. I, personally, want kaya scodelario as Katniss and hunter Parrish as Peeta.

  • Nicki

    @Dannie: Yes I love the idea as kaya for Katniss! She was given a script so fingers crossed that she names it!!!!!!!

  • Chan



  • Danie

    MM shes okay but shes too big in size for katniss, in my opinion, shes got a womanly figure and i always imagined katniss thin. in my opinion, it should either be nicola peltz or jodelle ferland or willa holland. they all have the right eye color and figure and hair.

  • Katya


    “Katniss needs to be smart, sometimes ruthless, caring, confused, street smark young woman”

    Uh, have you not seen True Grit? I can’t believe you think Hudgens has any of those characteristics simply based on her age. Truly, you are delusional.

  • Sophie

    Hailee would be PERFECT!!!! She looks old for her age and fit the role of Katniss! She was kick ass in true grit so she can totally pull of the the hunting, hardcore side of Katniss!! SHE IS THE BEST CHOICE!!

  • Look her up!!!

    caitlin stasey!!!! omg people please look her up, she was in tommorow when the war began, if you look at the photos of her from then, then you can not say she wont be the perfect katniss, has the body and the face!! shes perfect and shes real bad ass in the movie tommorow when the war began shes only 20 which isnt that bad since katniss is 17 (i think she is) this girl is only 14!!! you cant have someone young play an older part!!