Vanessa Hudgens is 'Good' with Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens is 'Good' with Zac Efron

A week after announcing her split with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens is insisting the two are good.

The 22-year-old actress told People at her birthday party at Pure Nightclub in Vegas, “We’re good,” with a thumbs up.

Inside the party, Vanessa and her gal pals enjoyed the bash. According to Haute Living, “Hudgens was then escorted inside to the club’s iconic main stage, quickly becoming the center of attention as the deejay announced her arrival to the crowd. Shortly after arriving to her luxe VIP table, the actress was presented with a 3-foot-tall red velvet birthday cake. Surprised and excited, she blew out her candles in front of the packed house as they cheered her on.”

The site added, “Directly following the cake presentation, the girls (which included Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow) drew the white drapes, closing off from the public for maximum privacy. While inside the enclosed VIP area, the girls sipped on cocktails, Champagne, Red Bull and even took shots to get the party started.”

What a party!

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • NiNi

    they are good … well some news i guess !!! its okay to be a private person and we should respect that … btw. she looked stunning as hell, i loved her shoes ;)

  • mishyb

    “They’re good” could mean anything… and I’m really trying to respect the privacy of their relationship but girl give us something.
    She was a DIME in that dress though.

  • Garfield_fan

    If I’m not mistaken, she did not announce the spilt, and neither did Zac. EOnline announced the break-up, citing they got this info via a ‘source’.

  • lalabub28

    sorry just jared but she was asked if they were still talking and this is where this comment has come from. she walked away after giving this comment. both zac, vanessa or their reps have not confirmed or denied if they RUMOR of them breaking up so maybe you should get your facts right. please. follow the links for the stories backing up my comment|rss2clean|latest-originals

  • lalabub28
  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/XloveZANESSA xLOVEzanessa

    surely, you can see that she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life and if they did break up, i HIGHLY DOUBT, she’ll tell the public first.

    btwww; i never got the interview question.
    Was the question she implying

    How are you & Zac doing? (cause that’s obvious. I mean, your not going to say, were doing shit.)

    Or did she question something else. dadadla.

    and people overlook the fact, that famous people do lie. But not like intentionality.

  • mishyb

    @lalabub28 I agree both Zac and Vanessa and their Reps have not confirmed or denied if they RUMOR of them breaking up. Jared please post something not from a SOURCE.
    @xLOVEzanessa And I suppose saying “we’re good” could of simply been a way of saying “**** off.” Or the truth that they are “good”. HAHA.

  • Em

    uhhh yea she never announced the alleged split

  • pao

    wow!! Well everyone knows they don’t talk about their private life… Sooo we have to wait!! :/

  • Mariam

    We are good meaning to say they are very very good,you remember that words before,they say that they are split ,the same words she say ,I think that’s from allure magazine last 2009,right!!!!!!!!sooooooooo guy get over it this RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still Zanessa is alive.

  • muse

    Although I really respect their private lives and admire them so much for that, its killing me not knowing exactly whats going on. I wish them both the best and love them both. I just hope they’re happy…with each other. ;)
    If the rumour is true, then at least we got to see their love grow and bloom for five beautiful years. :D

  • billy

    Just looking at the photos from last night, and although Vanessa looks insanely HOT…she also looks much skinnier than usual. Not saying she was big before these pics, just saying I hope shes ok and remaining healthy and fit. Would hate to see anything bad happen to our shinning star. :)

    Lets hope Zanessa is still alive :D

  • lilia

    I dont think they broken up i think it a rumor just list the first one that went around when they did that teen choice award back awaile ago and they had said that they broke up becuz they had got lost going to some after party and stuff like that but i guess we just have to wait and see

  • lalabub28

    i feel the same way but feel like a Hippocratic.. :/ oh well i just want it confirmed true or NOT :)

  • Vfan

    I love vanessa and wish her all th best. she deserves to be happy. hope she is. go V!!!

    i also wish people would get their facts right. zac and vanessa dated for FIVE years. why is that so hard to get right? hope they’re more than ‘good’. but we’ll have to wait and see. lvoe them both.

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    I just wish her all the best,And people have to realise that they were a very private couple to begin with,so there is a slim chance that she would come out and say”fuck i hate him for breaking my heart” or anything like that

  • IRISH (:


  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    And for me watching them all this years,i would say she was the one that invested her heart in that relationship,Zac look more like he is pretending(maybe that was his way of showing love)but he said some hurtful words in his interviews.And all that romentic crap he talked about…

  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    She is so gorgeous and its unfair,bt i will forgive her for since even thou she just broke up with her boyfreind she had stregnth and courage to be all smiley like nothing is wrong.DEFINATLY GIRL POWER.

  • Olivia

    I hope they haven’t but I’m pretty sure they have broken up cause I thought zac would have been there celebrating her birthday if they hadn’t.

  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    And where are Brittnessa pic’s,i just love their friendship and the fact that their fans are amazing and mature BRITNESSA AL THE WAY.let just forget about the”were r good” since even jjj doesnt know what it meant.and all this speculation maybe she just said it because they broke up on mutual terms.and ME CANT WAIT FOR ALL HER MOVIES LOVE HER AND BRITTY

  • Samantha

    I thought Ashley didn’t drink..

  • Nikki

    I have spent the last twenty minutes looking at phoots to see if she is wearing her kuppio (not sure of spelling)…really hope they are still together, why couldnt this be the one time they actually say something about their relationship, dont they know us fans are freaking out!

  • Nicole

    Even though I’m a solid Zanessa fan, I could tell that they really have broken up. I could try and keep telling myself that they haven’t and proceed to point out that the sources are unreliable, but it’s time to face the truth. I don’t want to live in denial and I’m hoping other Zanessa fans do too. It may seem as though I’m giving up on them and not proving myself as a true fan and believer of theirs but really, I just think we should just accept it and be happy for them even if they went their separate ways.
    Medias have already confirmed it, you could say that the source is unreliable, internet and media are unreliable but doesn’t it seem fishy when many internet sites and celebrity news on tv say the same things?
    Plus, a week has already passed. Not even a rep of theirs denied the rumor.
    And last, I know Zac is busy filming but he didn’t come to Vanessa’s birthday. Usually, even though he’s busy (he always is), he’d still come. But this time, he didn’t. Doesn’t that seem off?
    It still hurts me but we just have to let them be happy with their decisions.

  • mishyb

    @Nicole you indeed speak some truth even if Zac was filming he could of .. perhaps asked for time off you know? But maybe his filming schedule was so hectic he couldn’t hop on a plane to make an appearance. I know I sound like I am holding onto every bit of hope for them(which I am) but I can also see that it is weird a rep hasn’t denied the rumors that’s for sure. So perhaps they are over… for now or forever. I still will support them individually.
    PLUS I REMEMBER a 10 YEAR REUNION TO WATCH HSM MOVIES IS COMING UP FOR THE WILDCAT GANG(was stated in an inteview waaay back)… (well for like 2013) Reunite you two in time!

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous and i LOVED zanessa

  • nadine

    Well she isn’t wearing her Kuuipo.
    So I think they actually broke up–
    But you’re loooking good V :)


    If you are scheduled to film and they did film both Saturday and Sunday those hours can be up to 14 hours in one day so he cannot just take off and leave unless he is not scheduled she had said in the video she had planned it for just her and her girls so they could both be there. No one asked her if they were broke up so she could not react or tell anyone. I am sure if it is a rumor they are both pissed off at the media and don’t care to play the media game.

  • jason


  • stella

    its like not as if Britt’s boyfriend or Ashley’s boyfriend scott was. So maybe it was just a girls weeekend.

  • …lalala…

    I’m just saying… they were always incredibly private about their relationship and personal life when they were together… why would that change at all after they break up? Of course they aren’t going to go out and make statements. People can think what they want to think!

    Of course I loved them together but it’s not like anyone could have changed them breaking up if they did.

  • mike

    its good to see she had fun

  • Katty

    The party was not on V’s actual birthday, obviously, and no other men where there, just the girls, so Zac not being there is not a huge things. She said so herself in a few intereviews that this was a girls weekend for her and her girlfriends she had had planned for months.
    Zac is busy filming a movie. He cannot merely ask for time off without seeming unprofessional and we all know how professional he is. A movie has a schedule, one they like to keep too unless they simply cannot make a shot, and Zac is good, he wants to do well and do it right, so they are probably pretty close to on schedule. He probably could not get off even if he had asked, which he wouldn’t. Last year, he didn’t work on her birthday, therefore it was feesible he was there, actually, he planned it.
    I believe they are on this ‘break’ because it will be a busy year for them seperately. She has movies coming out, he will be filming a lot, but they still feel something greatly for one another, and do not want to let go or flash it off to the media so they are keeping it to themselves. If they were broken up, there would have been a statement by now. If they were still one hundred percent together, there would have been a statement by now. And, until we do know what is going on, this is what I am going to believe.
    V looked hott at her party and like she had a bunch of fun which is what one should suspect for a girl of her age and personality. I love ya, V!

  • kyle

    Champagne and Red Bull? that will cause them a major hang-over. Ha ha. At least, Vanessa gets to hang-out with her girlfriends. She deserves to have fun since she’s been working hard lately.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    People magazine confirmed the split.. They don’t post information until it’s confirmed. And if they do, they usually clearly state it may just be a rumor.. I was just as shocked as you all to hear it. But people grow apart. They both are attractive and talented, it won’t take them long to find new love interests. Some will last longer than others but that’s ok. I’m scared to see everyone lash out when they do start dating others. I don’t think any of you will accept it or be nice. Luckily Zac and Vanessa don’t read nor care about the comments made. I wouldn’t be all that surprised is Vanessa hooked up with her latest costar in Hawaii. They did look pretty chummy!

  • alana

    @Olivia: ZAC is still working on finishing the movie… I heard they’re finishing tomorrow; do you think they would let him gowhen there’s only a couple days left of shooting…?

  • alana

    @mishyb: I agree

  • misstrindade

    she’s gorgeous and fuck zac efron

  • alana

    @Katty: Now can you please explain that to everyone please? B/c thats the most rational explanation I have heard alllllllllll week…

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @Katty: I agree with you 100% and it isn’t our business to say whether or not they are together or not we’re not better than any gossip site when we make false accusations.

  • pop86

    Glad she had a good time with the girls.

  • bambiii

    i guess the journalist asked this question ( how they are) connected to the split, so it was rather like this :
    how are you and zac doing ( meaning: right now,after the split)
    and then she said we’re good.
    vanessa is not stupid,she knows that this question wasn’t just about how they are right now feeling,like busy or whatever,she knows that this was linked to the break up.
    the journalist wanted to know how they handle this and vanessa knows that.
    so i UNFORTUNATELY believe in it , although it’s SO SAD :(

  • Anibal

    Nessa deserves it!

  • kami

    vanessa “announced the split” from zac? she broke up with him? i didn’t know that? never read that anywhere.

  • lauren

    can all of you juts please just the hell up,
    seriously, guy are anayzling when she said ”were good”. her and zac are good as in everything is fine between them since the break. also we dont need to hear from her or zac’s rep, so stop with that shit too, it’s annoying, U GUYS DONT NEED TO HEAR FROM THEM, CLEARLY ITS BEEN ALL OVER THE FUCKING NEWS AND WEBSITES. SO HONESTLY WHO KNOWS.

  • Amy Mead

    If you read the People article it also states “a source”. No one has actually said who this source is. They also state that EOnline was the first to report this. I think they were just jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else. Until I hear something from one of them or their reps I will have faith. He was just down in Hawaii a few weeks ago and everything appeared fine.

  • anne

    she looks gorgeous!!

  • anne


  • anne


  • Chanon

    She never said anything about them being “over.” All she said was, “We’re good.” That could mean anything! Like were still together good or we’re now just friends good. Well, whatever! I’ll support Zanessa and them separately forever! :D