David Archuleta: 'Joy To The World' with Mormon Tabernacle Choir

David Archuleta: 'Joy To The World' with Mormon Tabernacle Choir

David Archuleta sings “Joy To The World” with his full heart as he performs with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their upcoming PBS Special.

The 19-year-old singer tweeted his excitement, “Really excited to perform the next few days with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their Christmas Special. Anxious for tonight. Got though the first night of performing with the choir at the conference center. What an amazing place to perform!”

David added, “Had such an incredible experience this weekend performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their PBS Christmas Special!”

Check out “Joy To The World” and “Angels From The Realms of Glory” inside!

David Archuleta feat. Mormon Tabernacle Choir – “Joy To The World”

David Archuleta feat. Mormon Tabernacle Choir – “Angels From The Realms of Glory”
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  • violet4ever

    So happy for David. And I look forward to the DVD an broadcast in 2011.

  • sarah

    The best vocals I have ever heard for a long time. Wow!!

  • Sammie

    What an honor for young David to perform live in front of over 80000 people in the past 4 days, he was amazing! He looked and sounded wonderful.

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    Awesome cover David! :)

  • alana

    He is truly amazing!

  • http://www.thedavidchronicles.com Marlie7

    If there was ever a doubt as to David’s capability, may it ever be put to rest. This is the most versatile, talented singer in the industry today – Crush, Contigo en la Distancia, Elevator, Angels, Don’t Let Go, Silent Night, Stand By Me, Apologize, Ave Marie, Works for Me – every different genre you can think of….David can sing it.

  • lct

    What incredible talent to go from pop and jeans to almost opera like sound and a tux. That’s versatality in it’s best form!

  • lct

    Check out on You tube David singing Los Pastores a Belen in Spanish but incredible!

  • Kiley

    Love seeing Archie sing with that choir behind him and accompanied by full orchestra. His voice is just so beautiful.

  • Kiley

    Get Archie’s Christmas album, “Christmas from the Heart”. It is on sale at iTunes and is the best Christmas album evah!

  • sv18

    can’t wait for the DVD!!

  • masbonita

    LOve it !!! Thanks david, great way to share the spirit!

  • rose

    This truly is where David shines the brightest. Imagine him singing love songs, songs of hope, the great “oldies”, with this kind of accompaniment. Some day SOON I hope they realize it. At least he needs to try it and we’ll see how that album sells.

  • rose

    PS I’m getting goosebumps and the song isn’t even playing anymore.

  • Lawrence

    I don’t think David can get any cuter!, he’s a amazing singer!.

  • bitherwack

    The Church couldn’t have done a worse job with the tickets if it had tried. Thousands of ticketed people were turned away while rumors of non ticketed people in ‘overflow’ entering in their stead were rampant.

    Once inside, the program was an all out glitzfest. Not much about ‘the reason for the season’. It was mostly about how this famous person will be singing blah, blah, blah. If you were expecting a devotional, you were rudely disappointed. This is the kind of thing that makes people wonder whether Mormons are Christians. American Idolatry.

    Give me the King’s College Lessons and Carols any day.

  • http://FOD sharon

    I have still not come down from the “high” that David and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir gave to me with their performance in Utah! I was introduced to Michael York for the first time and became a fan . He has such a distinctive, beautiful voice.

    David was just outstanding in every way!! I have never heard him sing with so much love and happiness in his heart. He caressed each note that he sang …to perfection. His voice was powerful and tender all at the same time. He truly is a “gift” !! I don’t know how your improve on perfection…but David truly took it to another beautiful level. I will always remember his sparkly eyes, clear brilliant voice and happy, exuberant heart. It was a performance that topped the American Idol Finale X 10!!! It was epic!!! David was just glorious!

  • nancy

    David is the best young singer/songwriter of today. He is a true artist and a vocal genius in so many genres. His fans love him not only for his talent but for his pure heart and moral values. His new album The Other Side of Down is amazing and deserves more recognition and radio play!