Tiffany Giardina: 'I'm Not Crazy' Video!

Tiffany Giardina: 'I'm Not Crazy' Video!

Tiffany Giardina zones out during chemistry class to stare at her high school crush in the new video for “I’m Not Crazy.”

The 17-year-old singer shot the video in NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday and it’s already on Radio Disney, waiting for your request!

You can call 1-877-870-5678 or log onto to request it!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Tiffany’s new video?

Tiffany Giardina – “I’m Not Crazy” Music Video
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  • Toasteddisxcobisxkit

    This video is by far the best video i have seen in about 2 full years. the message in the video is so clear and beautiful, and i think young gierls can relly relat to what tiffany is saying about getting plastic surgery. Shes trying to say that if your dont like the shape of your nose, or the shape of your breasts, you can get a good price for plastic surgery now that the economy is broken. I back her up 100% you are not crazy for want to change yourself, and i can help any teen who wants to make changes. you just have to be 12 and older, and have a signature from a cousin, or close friend, and we will help you. our website is or your can call our hotline 1-800-changeitnow

  • Ginny

    WTH was that first comment ?
    anyway,the music is a kind cool and the boy is hot

  • sierra

    her act is really (not) good.I feel resentful to see her body language

  • sierra

    @Toasteddisxcobisxkit: .I feel eresentful to see her body language

  • jenn

    love TG! her best video yet! she is so gorgeous, and she has really come such a long way since she started, so proud of you girl!

  • Jackie

    Great job Tiffany !

  • zacheffron4ever

    On a postive note !!!!

    Gia, you are making your own way, and we fans appreciate u and your music and the fact that u are a GREAT ROLE MODEL !!!
    You have always been moving straight ahead and never negative..
    me and my friends cant’ wait to see what the New Year will be like for you as a growing artist !

  • Jenna A

    wowza. she’s really mature and her voice sounds great! awesome video. keep it up gurl

  • kimberly

    love this video, it’s so funny ahaha. & the song is too catchy, i’m obsessed with it!