Zac Efron: 'Good Friends' with Taylor Schilling

Zac Efron: 'Good Friends' with Taylor Schilling

Zac Efron seems to be doing just as well as former girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

According to sources from EOnline, not only has the 23-year-old actor been hanging out with Kellan Lutz, but a lot with costar Taylor Schilling too.

The sources say, “They joke around, eat together sometimes, run lines. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Zac was recently spotted out with Kellan at the New Orleans Saints game late last week.

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  • lolelole


  • lol

    desperate for hits

    she left nola over a week ago

  • lauren

    taylor looks like his mom,
    gross. ha

  • Dragon

    lol lol lol at @lolelole!! Eh, maybe Zac’s just friends w/ her? or on the rebound?

  • Caitlin

    EOnline is only trying to keep up with the rumor they are starting. Who are their sources? I learned in Journalism class that if sources aren’t named, it’s their own opinion not real people who are involved opinions..So I would like to know who are their sources..

  • lauren

    @ caitlin,
    so this source is making it up?

  • inji

    lmfaooooo obviously they’re gonna be acting like that with eachother – they’re costars for flip sake. the media needs to stop taking things out of proportion.

  • vfan

    They also said the same thing about Vanessa ”getting along” with her co-star Josh. It’s all bull, the media just wants to create drama like always.

    ZV, live in love <3

  • 3niefronhudgie

    and JJJ ALWAYS SAYS: “E ONLINE sources”
    please… when u talk with the true?
    Zac is not this way…
    not is a Womanizer
    WITH YOUR RUMORS you created a false image of them (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens)


    (Sorry but i don’t speak a GOOD english xD…i speak Spanish)

  • mike

    this woman is to old for him

  • elizabeth

    If he turns into a Hollywood playboy, I will lose ALL respect for Zac Efron. I thought he was different and better than that. Time will tell.

  • lola

    c’mon people this stupid rumors are to destroy zanessa!!!!!
    they still together

    E!!! liess a lot!
    WHO are the sources¿?
    the reps of zac and ness said do not believe everything to the media!

  • Emma Efron

    She could be his new girl or it’s a rumor, she looks 30.

  • lola

    I agree with you GIRLS!

  • lola

    c’mon he break up with ness to go with her!!!!
    c’mon people zac and ness deating FIVE YEARS!!!!!!
    and for me still together

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Woooooo!!! Bang other chicks Zac! Live the life you sexy man you!

  • iRis

    oh em gee.
    ahaha laughing my ass of now.
    what the hell are u doing Jared?!
    They have nothing conformmed yet!
    And if they did.. They both would totally not go on to another person. ;[
    come onnnn
    And zac with a blondie? ( no offence)
    But he already told us, he likes brunettes with mixed blood.
    soo uurgp

  • Caitlin

    I’m not saying that..I’m saying it could be made up by EOnline..I’m not sure..

    Plus I agree..No reps of Vanessa or Zac has confirmed anything yet..This happens every year..Jared, what happened to you? You used to love these guys and never gave up on them..Now you believe everyone else when there has been no confirmation..What don’t you go out there and try to find your own ‘sources’ and I mean REAL sources with NAMES..Just saying..If I was in the business, I would..or I would let them have their privacy and wait until THEY say something..

    And costars are supposed to hang out..It’s to get chemistry going on for the movies..The said this about Alex and Vanessa..They said this about Zac and Amanda. Zac and Nikki..even Zac and Brittany..

    Another thing, isn’t it funny that this rumor came out after the rumor that they were going to host XFactor was denied..They just need new things because they thing their relationship is boring..

    That’s what Zac said in an interview once..I don’t know exactly what the quote was that gossip sites try to make their relationship less boring because to them it is boring but it’s real. That’s the way it is. It’s a real relationship..I know that this isn’t the EXACT interview quote but it’s close to it..

    So lets all relax and wait until Zac or Vanessa say something about it..Zac finishes filming today..Let’s see what happens..


    zac returns to Nessa !!!!!!! please !!!!!!

  • mel

    and miley cyrus? they say they were together in the New Orleans Saints vs St. Louis Rams game this weekend in New Orleans. but declined photos

  • Chanon

    GROSSSSS. That lady needs a reality check! She could be his mom! I’m pretty sure this is bullshit. ;p

  • Katty

    First of all, this is a stupid article to run on this site. Of course Zac gets along with his costars, he always has. He is a charismatic, nice, handsome guy, people like him and like to hang around him. They eat together? OMG! The whole freakin’ cast eats together! They run lines? They’re supposed to! We had pictures of V eating with Alex during Beastly and people suspected they were cheating, and low and behold, she is with Diana Algon (last name?) Cast mates are supposed to be friends, it makes the movie better because you can usually tell if the actors hated eachother during filming, it just doesn’t look right on screen, kind of stuff and awkward.
    These ‘sources’ have been saying a lot lately, huh? I agree with those who have said Eonline is trying to save themselves. First they break that Z and V are done, then realize that after a week without a statement from either reps, they messed up. Zac and V may not be 100 percent right now bc of the distance, which is normal, but that does not mean they are done. I have heard that someone at the party overheard V saying that her and Zac are definitely still together, just going through some problems due to distance and work pressures, nothing out of the ordinary for celeb couples.
    Also, if they are saying these things about Zac and Taylor, they can say the exacy same for Josh and Vanessa. We have seen in pictures and videos the smiles on and off camera, along with the comrodarie (sp? sorry) they share. They are friends, you can tell. I bet they hang out, eat together, and joke around!
    JJr+JJ you have changed. You have turned into those other sites that run on speculation and just want hits. I’m ashamed.
    Zac is not the type of man to cheat. If he were too friendly with Taylor, he probably would not have been making out with V two weeks ago.
    The sources are causing a whole bunch of mess and should be ashamed of themselves for potentionally ruining peoples lives who just want to be left alone and do the work they love.

  • http://@Casey_Morales Casey

    Really?! Another rumor by E!?! Gosh when will they give up already?! Nobody is believing their Zac and Vanessa lies, so why are they still on with it?! The people from E! really need to grow up! >:(

  • joanne

    This “rumor” is so stupid. People don’t even believe any of this B.S.
    Eonline is trying to stir up stupid rumors about zac and his co-star and it’s pretty sick. . Of course they’re good friends, they’ve been working together on this movie. It’s sad that they are trying to drag Taylor into this mess. They are nothing more than working co-stars. STOP THIS SH*T!!!

  • musicgirl

    JJR why are you even posting this crap??

  • http://@Casey_Morales Casey

    Really?! Another rumor by E!?! Gosh when will they give up already?! Nobody is believing their Zac and Vanessa lies, so why are they still on with it?! Gosh whe will this stop?! >:( :(

  • lola

    I agree with you girl!!!

  • ehryle

    ONLY PUBLICITIST for there movie!!!!!! what a heck!!!

  • shannon :)

    I wish we knew if they are really broken up or not, so we can know if we can believe all the side rumors.
    People don’t even know if they definitely broke up yet, and know they’re saying they’re dating other people, or getting close to them, or “newly single” like YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!

  • Jessica:)

    I agree with you 100%! You stated exactly what I was thinking. I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  • Nicki313

    Like always, some of you are taking this to far. It only says their hanging out, he’s not dating her. Thats what you do with yoour co-stars to get to know them, since in the movie she is his love interest.

  • pop86

    There is no “inside source”. E news is just trying to created rumor trying to get Zac response since he working and don’t have for petty gossip.

  • pop86

    Jared, since you did your site because a puppet for E-News

  • Monique

    Firstly, this is obviously being blown out of proportion. This is what ALL co-stars do when they’re on set together. It’s ridiculous that they should be linked romantically just because they goof around and rehearse their lines together. Zac did the same with Amanda Crew and Nikki Blonsky, but now all of a sudden Taylor Schilling is interesting to the press because of Z & V’s break up. I would bet my money that they are only friends, seeing as she’s three years older, not his type, and lives all the way across the country in New York. The press and these “sources” take whatever they can to make hollywood life more interesting, and why in this case? Well, there’s nothing interesting about a 5 year relationship coming to a mutual end with “no drama” and “no third party”, that’s why.

    Secondly, I personally feel that Zac and Vanessa have broken up. The kuuipo promise ring is NOT on ANY of her fingers. The gold ring on her thumb is a lattice ring that you can see her skin through. Also, she could have denied break up rumors at her party in Vegas, but she didn’t. I thought her classy statement of “We’re good” concerning their terms was a good way to keep the drama away. No celebrity wants drama on the internet or interspersed between their fans. To end the drama and the misery of her loving fans, she would have definitely denied the rumor if it was in fact false. Z & V’s publicists are ALWAYS quick to dispose of false rumors, and they’ve had 8 days to do so. So why haven’t they? It’s pointless to expect an “explanation” from either Z or V because they obviously would have done it already. Also, it’s not their job to explain the details of their personal lives to the public. They obviously don’t want to talk about it, so we all should respect their privacy. Just because they’re celebrities and we idolize them, that doesn’t mean that they don’t grow apart like everyone else. These things happen. But for all you Zanessa fans, there’s always a definite possibility that they’ll reunite in the future, of course. But you all should know that they’re still best friends and that’s better than them hating each other. It just shows how mature and classy they both are :) You should keep supporting Z & V as separate human beings as opposed to one person (Zanessa). They need time to grow as individuals, and maybe one day they’ll find their way back to each other. But stop saying ‘love is dead’. If love was really dead, they wouldn’t be friends. A friendship between two people is still a powerful and loving relationship.

  • Truth

    Do we know zac personally? How do we know he hasn’t started to date her? Maybe they did get caught in a sticky situation or maybe he wants to and that’s why he and Vanessa broke up. I don’t believe in alot of tabloids either but I do know that he’s extremely flirty with his co-stars. I’ve always had a bad feeling about him in terms of being a one woman man. I thought he always wanted to date others and play the field somewhat. You know, live up to hollywood standards to be like the next Leo Dicaprio. Maybe he wants to change his image and be like a bad boy? This is what I think is happening.

    Personally, If Zac and Vanessa are no longer together, its for the best. I’m tired of Vanessa having to deal with the constant rumors about him clubbing and flirting with women. I think their young and need to experience what its really like out there. Hopefully Vanessa will meet someone who is not going through this phase of “wanting to succeed so much that He (Zac) needs to sex up his image”. Which I hope I’m wrong and hopefully he realize this before its too late whether he gets back with Vanessa or not. I also hope Vanessa will meet someone who is older and mature enough to withstand the pressures of hollywood because so far I see Mr. Zac Efron as being shallow. Hopefully his wild ways will not affect his career in a negative way and be another statistic to fall into the wrong crowd.

  • Haters Suck!

    This is the third time I posted this on JJJ/JJ so sorry if of bothers you I just want to make this point clear.
    I think this whole thing has been really unfair to vanessa. First the news breaks a day before her birthday, then she has to deal with questions at her party, I even read media reports ripping her for even having her birthday party after the reported split and now she has to hear whispers how zac is already hooking up with his new co star(she maybe used to that since he kissed Nikki on MTV and said he found sex scenes with Amanda pleasureable while they were still dating) Again I don’t know what’s true and what’s not true maybe they’re still together maybe they’re not and this is all BS but again I think this whole thing has been really unfair to her since she is the only one who’s had to deal with it to this point while he parties in NO. I hope zac isn’t the douche bag everyone has been telling me he is.

  • vicky

    Disapointing, JJJ, Disapointing of you. Really.

  • celia

    F***** Medias !!
    Prove that zac and nessa Broke up !!!
    JJJ ALWAYS SAYS: “sources says ”
    THEY JUST CO-STAR !!!!!!!!!

  • joceelyynn

    ffffffffucckkk, can’t be true

  • aly

    they were “getting married” in september and it was all over the news/sites but bum we are in december, nothing happened and did they rep confirmed that they were getting married? Maybe i`m wrong but i don`t recall anyone saying that it was false
    And then, when september passed they said that vanessa was going to become jewish which again, never happened and no rep denied the rumor. And there are lot`s of other things that were announced from a “source” but they were never real…
    And know, she was cozzy with josh smth [lazy to search his name] and then shock they broke up and now he`s cozzy with his costar…

    I actually taught that, in fact, they have broke up but know… This article feels like a publicity stunt by enews, which were the one with the “source”, could it be that “source” be the same as the broke up “source”?
    i`m just saying…

  • Jazmin

    @Haters Suck!:


  • amelia25

    Hope Zac and Vanessa can be happy, better if they would do it together.

  • denise

    she is ugly

  • fy

    your ass is ugly

  • pao

    WTH asshole…

  • em

    @Haters Suck!:
    I couldn’t agree more.

  • sunny

    He clearly misses his mother.

  • joceelyynn

    ikr? lol

  • misstrindade




  • aly

    at the way some of you are going i think you`re gonna hate zac really bad if the thing with the costar proves true o.o

    umm, i have a question, does that link from E! works for you? -.- `cause i see the article on the first page but can`t seem to acces it or any articles from E! for that matter…