Vanessa Hudgens Has Faith at the Gym

Vanessa Hudgens Has Faith at the Gym

Vanessa Hudgens wears a Faith cap while heading to a gym with younger sister Stella on Wednesday (December 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress tried to cover her face when she saw the paparazzi!

Earlier in the day, Van and Stella bumped into Ashley Tisdale while eating breakfast at Studio City Cafe.

Vanessa‘s ex-boyfriend Zac Efron meanwhile grabbed a sandwich at Subway the same day.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa and Stella Hudgens going to a gym…

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Photos: Flynet
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  • Katty

    First of all, we don’t know if it is ex. Second of all, STOP MENTIONING THE OTHER IN THEIR POSTS. Stop trying to get hits! But, sadly, this tactic you have is working!

    JJr is seriously annoying me.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but apparently they (Z and V) were seen at the mall today. I hope it’s true. We still don’t know what their status is exactly. What I do know is that if they were completely broken up, there would have been a statement saying so. I have hope.

    I hope the holidays bring them joy!

  • http://lipkin19 lauren

    lol on how vanessa and zac r taking over just jared jr post

  • Erica S.

    Im seeing so many secret messages. A cap that says “faith”….really? Doens’t that make you wonder?

  • sky10

    She is so gorgeous and beautiful.

  • Diamond

    She looks amazing, And I ♥ how she always puts in time for her fam that’s always so great, and I cannot wait for Beastly, Suckerpunch, and Journey 2 ! Oh and the news about zac seems so UNIMPORTANT TO ME!..Anyways God Bless V !

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa is so sexy and Hot in these pictures Love what she is wearing.

  • Anibal

    Vanessa ss the best <3

  • xoxo

    So pretty!

  • xoxo

    Well, apparently Zac and Vanessa are spotted in the same mall today, and are together in a shop, so I guess they haven’t really broken up yet JJJ..

  • mike

    shes so hard working shes been at the gym this time to love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty


    Yes, if this is true, I want pictures. I do not believe they will get them, but apparently they were seen at Bloomingdales.

  • Rah

    Sorry, I don’t want to be rude but… last time I checked Zac and Vanessa were two different people and if it’s true that they broke up I don’t see the whole point of linking them together in every post.

  • pop86

    Nice to see Vanessa and Stella

  • Monique

    @xoxo: They’re apparently still friends, so why can’t friends go shopping together? It doesn’t mean they’re dating.

  • annie1st

    nice to see her relax, and look normal and natural, love to see her without make up, her face so fresh, and after this situation, i dont want vanessa get back together with zac, or so called close friend that will be weird….i hope the best for my princess, at least stay away from him for a few month nessa, bless your heart ^____^

  • misstrindade

    not wanting to get your hopes up or anything! but I am pretty sure that vanessa is wearing zacs pants! you know, just saying!

  • misstrindade

    @annie1st: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…that was so cuteee! I too want just the best for her, our princess please! lol

    and you’r right,if she’s better off without zac! so be it

  • Skylar

    @misstrindade: I think you’re right….. OMG! :)

  • xoxo

    @Monique: I never said friends can’t go out together, but they neither denied or confirmed the rumor, so I don’t think Jared should keep saying they’re ex..

  • muse

    Vanessa looks really happy. I know you cant really tell with just a photo, but her smile looks real and full of happiness.
    I wish JJr would stop posting of such unsure comments. Whether they are still together or not, the solid belief of their seperation is sad.

    Next year is going to be an amazing year for her and we will only see her grow and flourish as an actress. She continues to work on projects to become better, which I respect even more of her.

  • http://luvender21 luvender21

    omg baby v!!!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    Zanessa is soo popular these days on every site for allegedly breaking up without either saying it’s true, and how sites get their “sources” and never say where they are from, very very practical of them, but sites are actually pushing this “break up” into our faces if you read about Vanessa Zac’s name is there and if you read about Zac there’s Vanessa’s name it’s very annoying she looks great always admired her consistency in going to the gym people like me who do have time to go, don’t go lol go figure but then again I admire everything about her and how she brings herself generally she will always be someone to look up to always :)

  • kelly


    I know justjaredjr. and Just Jared used to support vanessa and zac now all they care about is the popularity and the amount of Hit’s there gettin and haven’t you noticed that in every post since they supposedly broke up have been using the words e-xboyfriend or zac has taken the breakup really well and a bunch of crap like that How would they know how there truly feeling

  • kelly

    @ Skylar not wantin to burst your bubble or anything but i don’t think Zac would wear sweat pant’s by the brand PINK from Victoria Secret’s

  • Skylar

    STOP saying they are exes, everybody is really starting to doubt that rumor now.
    It was never even proven to begin with.
    Not to mention, people are taking sides against the other, which is just AWFUL. :(
    I never thought there would be a war of fans between Zac and Vanessa,

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa is Totally Sexy and Hot Totally Love Her and Supporter her all the way.

  • yets

    i wonder why i dint feel pain in my heart last night,
    now i know they still together.
    5 years is really hard to forget.
    Hello Zanessa!!!!!!!!!

  • Skylar

    @xoxo: EXACTLY! -virtual hug-

  • misstrindade

    @Skylar: naaaah,nevermind! “university pink” ???? dont think so,loool!but hey,they were seen in the mall together!
    i am pretty sure this is a just a rumor and if not their break up will not last,this is their first real break up,of course they are going to go back together!zac’s just going through a phase,it is called: “being hormonal” ! boys are so rudimentary,lol!

  • Caroline

    i love my nessibu :)

    Publish jared, pleaaase.

  • kelly

    Maybe in the third picture nessa was texting zac ♥ well we can only hope anyway’s does anyone know if they were really at the mall together ?

  • nickj

    omg hopefuly this is real! apparently zac and vanessa were seen at the mall today!!!! this guy on facebook texted it. but look at the time, here in la is barely 7 10 but on the pic is 7:41 pm …….weirddddd but the girl was probably from a different place

  • xoxo

    @Skylar: Glad that you agree..-Hugs back-

  • sunny

    Just because they are shopping together doesn’t mean dating. Zac could be looking for a new pair of heels. I’m sure her shopping advice is still greatly appreciated. Girl’s got style (I mean V)>

  • kelly

    @ sunny: yeah true but it’s better than no contact what so ever

  • nickj

    @sunny: yeah it doesnt mean they’re immediately dating again. maybe just a friend to friend thing. or probably missed each other again ? ……you never knowww

  • jess!


  • kelly

    @nickj: Yeah but atleast there still on speaking terms

  • Skylar

    @misstrindade: Oh haha, whoops. hahah! I know! It just seems like it’s really not true though lol. :)

  • kelly

    @sunny: I really do believe they were at the mall together today but i still wish we had some photos so JJJ would stop calling them exes

  • kelly

    Does anyone have any pictures of them at the mall ?

  • misstrindade

    @Skylar: I know! Its just too weird! and I know zac and vanessa are really private people,but if they did break up, they would have said something by now! they are leaving us here hanging,and we(fans)have been like this for daysssss! lol,i am getting mad at them,to be honest!but i think its just a rumor,a reallyyyyy well-organized rumor,lol

  • amelia25

    Go Vanessa!

  • misstrindade

    @amelia25: go go go gooooooo vanessa! lol <3

  • Bradley Bobst

    Love Vanessa and Truly Supporter her.

  • Jazmin

    Glad she’s spending time with family <3 she looks good….I see a smile under that cap :)

    Like Vanessa said they are good! Together or not I’m glad they are friends.

  • kelly

    aww she look’s so beautiful and happy could it have to with zac
    maybe ;) afterall he is coming home today with that being said this
    has got to be my favourite picture of her today
    she has such a pretty smile that brightens up my day anyway’s even with all that went down today this post was deffinetly the hilight of my day :)

  • jess!


  • jess!
  • jess!