Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Beautifuls

Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Beautifuls

Vanessa Hudgens chats away on her phone as she picks up a few last minute gifts at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening (December 23).

Word around the web is that the 22-year-old actress was seen with former boyfriend Zac Efron at Bloomingdales as well. Crossing our fingers!

Vanessa was spotted out yesterday with lil sis Stella working on her physique at her local gym.

UPDATE: More pics added of Vanessa heading back to her parent’s home after lunching at Burbank Fireplace and BBQ.

30+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: AKM Images, GSI Media
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  • armyofkitties

    OMG OMG i just know they’re not over yet!! THEY ARE MEANT TO BE!

  • Ayzi

    she must be laughing with zac on the phone about all of us even believing in those rumours!!

  • suzy

    flawless queen.

  • b

    OMG I hope it’s Zac on the phone!

  • roxana

    beautiful! i hope she’s talking to Zac, love her smile.


    her smile <3

  • Lauren lipkin

    Why do u guys assume shes on the phone with Zac? She has other friends u know? Sometimes I want to punch some of u fans in the face with the ” I hope she’s talking to Zsc crap. “



  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so Gorgeous and Beautiful.


    She looks very lovely and those shoes are so adorable

  • abby14

    They were seen at a mall together Jared!

  • blah

    @Ayzi: actually.. they confirmed they were broken up. so be quiet. :)

  • jk

    She’s stunning!

  • lola

    that’s true:)

  • Vanessa/Zanessa Freak

    yup I knew they weren’t over and thank God I was in denial I bet she was on the phone saying to Zac “babe can you believe they thought we broke up? Lol” I yarn to never believe in gossip sites that always confirm their news by “sources” and now JJJ is crossing their fingers that hopefully there is still a Zanessa which should be cuz now I ‘m getting a feeling that they weren’t even broken up to begin with, Vanessa looks amazing and effortlessly beautiful by the way

  • roxana

    why is my comment not showing? i didnt write anything bad-i love Vanessa.

  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so Lovely and Gorgeous Love the Huge Smile on her Face. I Hope Vanessa’s Has a Very Merry Christmas.

  • roxana

    ok my bad..i had my email typed wrong oopss no wonder i couldnt see my comment. Nessa looks so freaking pretty! i love that SMILE :)

  • sunny

    Since they have broken up, this is the most gleefull looking candids we have had of her since her Hawaii days filming. She was awfully happy then too. Something tells me she’s doing right by herself whether or not people want her back with the ex.

  • Jollykt

    Maybe she’s talking with Zac :xxxxxxxxxxx
    THE REAL SMILE for Zac <3

  • Bradley Bobst

    Love her.

  • roxana

    thank you Jared for believing again and for being such a good supporter,,,Merry Xmas :)

  • ROX!

    sHE Is sO hAPPy AnD PrEttY !!!! i LoVe hEr!!

  • Pit

    I hope she goes to a Christmas party afterwards – she looks beautiful for shopping! Love her hair and the big smile on her face.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever.

    Love Love Vanessa she is so Fabulous and Gorgeous Can’t wait to see her New Movie in 2011.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever.

    @Bradley Bobst:

    No to be mean But can we please not turn this into a Talk about Vanessa’s Love Life Please,

  • annie1st

    lovely princess ^____^

  • ladysdsandiego

    oh how i love that smile!!

  • Anibal

    her smile <3

  • Anne

    She looks absolutely amazing! Glad to see that beautiful smile is back :)

  • taty

    @ vanessa/zanessa freak
    hahaha i lov ur comment

  • Katie

    santa, zanessa is my only wish this year




    you can tell she’s talking to zac <3 !!
    what a happy christmas !!



    most beautiful smile ever

  • ladysdsandiego

    same here

  • Pit

    I think she was talking to Mr. Wong – her Attorney. There was a judges ruling this afternoon in LA against that Johnny Viera – the producer Vanessa has been in court against. She won her counter suit against him but today the Judge ordered him to pay her additional Attorney and Court Costs. Good job Mr. Wong

  • oOMollyOo

    love her smile

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever


    I read that about I’m so Happy For her.

  • ZanessaLover

    I reallly hope they will get back together. They are MEANT for eachother. Seriously !!! Plz get back zanessa. <33

  • annie1st

    she look so cool and mature, love that, she seem felt amused by something he he

  • connie

    cuutie, im sure they are still together

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    .. Whether she’s talking to Zachary or not I just love seeing that beautiful smile of hers. Hello beautiful. :)

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever.


    I read that what Amazing news for Vanessa so Pound of her.

  • sky1o

    Thank GOD!!!she look so happy,,,hope to see pics them together it would be more lovely Christmas for me…GOD BLESS ALWAYS to Zac and Vanessa.

  • menna

    move on vanessa! find someone else zac!


    lol you…

  • shelly

    i love her smile :) she’s soo pretty!!

  • sky10

    THANK GOD!!!she look so Happy..hope to see pics them together that would be more lovely Christmas for….GOD BLESS always to Zac and Vanessa.

  • ilove

    I thought they broke up?