Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Beautifuls

Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Beautifuls

Vanessa Hudgens chats away on her phone as she picks up a few last minute gifts at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening (December 23).

Word around the web is that the 22-year-old actress was seen with former boyfriend Zac Efron at Bloomingdales as well. Crossing our fingers!

Vanessa was spotted out yesterday with lil sis Stella working on her physique at her local gym.

UPDATE: More pics added of Vanessa heading back to her parent’s home after lunching at Burbank Fireplace and BBQ.

30+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: AKM Images, GSI Media
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  • menna


    you’re right….what do I care… let them be happy, get married, and have kids. That’s your guys’ perfect dream for them, right?

  • lslsharon


  • 3niefronhudgie

    My god
    her smile make me so happy!
    I LOVE U BABY V!!!

    And yes..i’m crossing my fingers!

  • nickj

    lol i love how everyone is assuming shes talking to zac ! but we never know ;) yay ! ZANESSA forever ! :) hehehe i love them, i sound so lonely but whatever ! hahaha

  • Katty


    Thanks for the news. I was wondering how that was going.

    She may be talking to Zac, we don’t know, but together or not, they were not each other’s entire universe, they had lives outside of each other. Do I think(wish!) it is Zac? Yes. Do I hope it is Zac? Yes. Do I think they are broken up? No. However, we need to remember that whether or not WE are in love with them being together does not mean they SHOULD be together. Honestly, though, I think they do love each other and respect each other and should be together because I believe they relate and understand each other very well. Hopefully over the holidays they remember (if they need to, I don’t think they were ever broken up) how much they loved not only each other, but being around each other and how well they fit together.

    Happy holidays to all!

  • mike

    Love the girl she is so beautiful !!!

  • bobo

    her smile make my day

  • jessica


  • yets

    just so happy to see her smile like that.

  • maria

    I love the sparkle in her eyes here……she looks gorgeous!!

  • Lame

    She looks happy. Good for her.

  • annie1st

    wow, new pic, i can see the whole outfit, and she look cool! rock n roll baby wohooo

  • Pit

    thanks JJ for adding the additional pixs tonight. It looks like the paps followed her around to several stops today – poor thing. I like her boots – compared to the heels she normally wears those are probably like “flats” to her!! Her coat is cute also. I was thinking seeing her in a coat and boots that she better pack those for North Carolina. It can be really cold there in January and February…..she may even have a little snow to deal with. It is a good thing the studio and the tanks they will be using are heated!! I hope she enjoys her holidays because she has more filming to start back on the second week of January.

  • SheShe

    they probably met up at that mall so he could give her all her shit back

  • Angie

    Her smile is back! I miss her happy self loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee you Vanessa!

  • Angie

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Vanessa and you fans from all over!

  • Vera

    Sign that they still love each oter…

  • Vera

    sign that they still love each other…

  • Diamond

    She looks gorgeous!! Im happy she’s happy and i luv her great smile! And why do ppl assume she is talkn to zac she can be tlkn to any1 family friends buisness partners anything not zac all the damn time!!! Anyways merry christmas eve, christmas, and new year V and everyone ! :) <3

  • Bradley Bobst

    Gorgeous and beautiful.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    Vanessa is so beautiful and Gorgeous in these Candids Hope she has a great Christmas.

  • _Unknown_

    Love her Smile <33

  • kelly

    Come on people you are all making it seem like vanessa is OBSESSED with the guy there’s a difference between…
    Love & a complete PYSCHO

  • musicgirl

    the most beautiful woman in the world..<3

  • Emma

    Oh my gosh! Yet another sick story/rumour whatever.. “Vanessa wanted to date other people before locking in for life with Zac” Really?! o.O

  • Carla

    WHO cares if she’s dating Zac or not.

  • annie1st

    thats a rumour to save zac ass, coz there’s so many people blame him for this situation, huh crazzy world, after the cheating rumour on him

  • kelly

    @Emma: I know what a bunch of crap but hopefully this is not gonna corrupt people’s mind’s and start more controversy

  • annie1st

    and after poor vanessa, people will gonna say poor zac, lol,

  • annie1st

    and so now, vanessa who dump zac, after all the speculation that zac dump her lol

  • kelly

    @annie1st: I know everyone alway’s blame’s Zac with out hearing the truth to these rumors

  • kelly

    @annie1st: I sure would love to see everyone’s faces now after reading that

  • annie1st

    i feel sorry for vanessa, im glad she stay away from internet, good to be off

  • kelly

    @annie1st: Yeah i think everyone one should stay away from the internet awhile at least till all these rumors clear up

  • annie1st

    coz media has play their game, to make war between vanessa fans and zac fans, so clever

  • annie1st

    coz media has played their game, to make war between vanessa fans and zac fans, so clever

  • kelly

    @annie1st: Yeah because there jelous that no matter what they pull they get through and became stronger than ever

  • Jazmin

    I’m happy to see the Vanessa smile. She’s happy and that’s all that counts….with or without Zac.

    2011 is getting closer and I just can’t wait.

  • lai

    i wish it was Zac,
    Merry Christmas to all!!!
    Love really give us smile in our face.

  • nathalia

    how nice to see your smile again
    its luster
    vanessa is beautiful

  • Mac

    First off,she has a beautiful smile n her outfit *and hair* is lookin pretty good! I’m glad she’s looking happy! Love you Vanessa!
    Well,on the phone could be The Tizz,her sister,mom,dad,grandmother,rep,Zac,Jesse McCartney*lol,,*,Brittany, i think u get the idea. Her life doesn’t revolve around the Efron kid *my name 4 him* She is an independent woman! And maybe,if they truly have brokenup/are takin a break,it’s a good thing! They haven’t been with other people to see what it is they really want or need. You wouldn’t want a few years down the road to hear that they’re cheating or if they come to get married are getting divorced because they’ve found a kind of love they’ve never known. So they should go out there,apart,and experience it all so that if it is fate that they should be together then they can settle knowing that there’s noonelse they’d rather be with + they’ve got careers they need to build,they’re not A-listers yet!wishing them the best *n i am a zanessa fan,n i hope they’re 2getha in the end! KTZLF!*

  • zac efron

    she looks beautiful :)
    and of course Zanessa still together!

  • beatriz

    i love her
    and of course Zanessa still together!

  • Meghan

    @Lauren lipkin: I agree with you. Why do some Vanessa fans have to bring Zac into every single post? I can’t believe the amount of comments she gets anyways, she’s way over-rated. I adore her hair though & she is pretty.


    If that rumor Vanessa wanted to date others were true we would have seen her with someone by now that is just to create more media hype or like one of you said save Zacs behind. She has not been seen getting chummy with anyone or being around any men just her female friends. At least Vanessas people and friends would never advice her to date others or play the field or stay single to make herself more popular and desireable to the fans they are wiser than that. Vanessa is just enjoying her holidays before she has to go to North Carolina and resume filming. She has a great family and a great life I am sure she appreciates the fan support.

  • Karen

    You people wear me down. I don’t know how it is that you all read so much but end up being so one-sided with your conclusions. Can’t you see how the media is manipulating all this. One day it makes it look like it is Zac’s “fault” and then when they outraged against him is at a fevered pitch then suddenly they swing it to the other side and make it seem it is Vanessa’s “fault”. Again, why does it have to be anyone’s fault? That is so childish and closed-minded. NOBODY said they actually broke up. The only thing that came out was that they were on a break—which could have many meanings.

    Perhaps they simply had a fight. I’m sure they have had some major fights in 5 years, don’t you think, and this one someone overheard it and finked on them to E! News who took the opportunity to go wild. However, since when they first reported it they even said they expected them to get back together then that kind of says to me that they already knew it was simply a fight that people have. The “informer” may have even said it was a knock-down, drag-out fight but it was one of those that would blow over, etc. But since E! reported it and reps were pressed to say something then they said they were taking a break—which pretty much says they were taking a “cooling off” break.

    Less than TWO WEEKS before this we saw them in Hawaii—Zac traveled 4000 miles to be with her for Thanksgiving and they both “forsook” family to be with each other. We saw them kissing and hugging and got reports of their affectionate and romantic dinner inside the restaurant. So, just about 10 day later we are to believe they suddenly decided they had outgrown each other or was tired of each other? How stupid.

    Everyone who has even brought up the Taylor thing say there is nothing there between them. So, I ask, why even bring it up. WHY? Because the media is playing everybody. Zac gets home after finishing filming and what do we have? Within hours he is spotted with shopping with Vanessa. I don’t care IF you are going to be friends after a breakup and maybe hang out with each other, does anyone except ME think it is still unlikely that two people who have just announced they are taking a break would go out shopping together? I mean even if you wanted to hang out and be friends do you think within hours of getting home from being away for 10 weeks you’d run off and go SHOPPING with your ex? Plus, don’t you think it strange they would be in a place where hundreds of people could see them together? They sure don’t seem to be able to have all that big of a “break”. That just confirms when that Vanessa wasn’t “pretending” when she said they were “we’re good” and gave the thumbs up. IF he was a cad, I seriously doubt we would get “we’re good” and then also hear about them shopping together a few days later…

  • Emma

    @Karen: thank you

  • http://deleted saniya

    so well said

  • iris

    that coat is beautiful.. does anyone here know where its from?

  • Kickingyoutothecurb

    I doubt shes on the phone with Zac because no matter how Zanessa in love I am right now… come on… ironic much?